Kitchen Stenciling Ideas: 2 DIY Stencil Projects to Try

Posted May 14 2012

Here are two DIY project ideas for stenciling in the kitchen: stencil embossing on cabinetry and a stenciled kitchen backsplash.

stencil embossing on cabinets

Stencil embossing was an easy upgrade for Janis - she stenciled built-in cabinetry using our Micah Classic Panel & Furniture Stencil. She turned her plain cabinets into an elegant furniture style buffet.


Wow! This looks like expensive carved cabinetry! 

Next up

Jeanette completed an amazing kitchen remodel for under $600 and turned a "goof" into gorgeous! The Springtime in Paris stenciled backsplash is definitely the star of the show!

stenciled backsplash with typography

Both of these projects went from humble beginnings to something special. It's truly amazing what our customers are able to make with a little creativity and some elbow grease! Bravo! 

What ideas can you share for stenciling in your kitchen?