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Make it Modern with Stencils! DIY Bloggers Show You How


Scallops, Cheetah spots, Herringbone Shuffle and Rockin Roses, what is common among them all? Not only are they our best selling stencil patterns, but are also a part of our beautiful Modern Stencils Collection! These patterns are designed to give a fresh new look to all your stencil projects, including feature walls, furniture, floors and even fabrics.

We are about to share some fun projects by talented DIY bloggers who used our Modern Stencil patterns to transform their projects and spaces from boring and drab to fab! If you like what you see below, be sure to take advantage of the 20% OFF offered exclusively on this collection through June 22nd, 2014! Use promo code MOD20 at checkout!



With a little DIY know how Kara Pasley, an interior designer, window display artist, and a set decorator, gave this bathroom wall the look of beautiful iridescent tiles using our Moroccan Scallops Stencil. Kara told us that this project did not take her any more than six hours. Fast and fabulous, isn’t it? Our blog post, Making a Splash with the Moroccan Scallops Stencil, shows you a step by step tutorial on how you too can get the look. Also, hop onto Kara’s blog to see several of her latest fun interior projects.



Tiffany of Living Savvy fell in love with our Contempo Trellis Stencil pattern to give her entryway a bold new look! This is a large scale stencil pattern that works perfectly when looking to cover larger areas quickly. “Be sure to know exactly which walls you will be stenciling”, suggests Tiffany. This will help you chose a suitable stencil pattern and a color scheme more easily. Learn more about this project from Tiffany’s blog post: How-to Stencil on Textured Walls.



When it came time to pick a design for their own mid-century furniture makeover, ‘modern’ was the key word for Carrie and John Waller of Dream Green DIY. They chose the Herringbone Pattern Wall Stencil to pretty up this old dresser. It always amazes us how even just a small pop of stenciling can add so much interest to a DIY project! Don’t you think this dresser looks stunning? Check out their blog post A Modern Mid-Century Makeover to see how the original dresser looked and how Carrie turned it around with stencils.



Our Modern Stencil patterns can not only make walls and furniture pieces look stunning, but they can also be used to pretty up various pieces of fabric around the house. Jen of Tatertots and Jello did exactly that by using our Chain Link Stencil to give her napkin pillows a fun and easy upgrade so as to match her new kitchen décor. Learn more about how she did it on her blog post Stenciled Napkin Pillows DIY.



Speaking of fabrics, see how easily our Cheetah Spots Wall Stencil helped Kristin of The Hunted Interior take her home's chic, contemporary style to glittery, glam holiday sizzle. She used our stencil to give a unique and dramatic upgrade to the Ritva Drapery Panels from IKEA. Her blog post, DIY Spotted Drapery, has more images of the gorgeous space that Kristin has put together.

In another project, Pam of Simple Details used this same stencil to create an unexpected sassy foyer. Pam had always loved a particular wallpaper which was not only pricey but cumbersome to apply. She says, “I'm all about getting a high-end look for less and not having to remove wallpaper if I can avoid it!” Pam’s blog post Foyer Reveal shows how easily she was able to achieve all of the above and more using our Cheetah Spots stencil.



Our Modern Stencils Collection would be quite incomplete without one of our most popular and versatile stencil patterns - the beautiful Rockin Roses Damask Stencil. This stencil has been used to decorate dressers, ceilings, walls, countertops, dressing rooms and several other spaces by our customers and DIY bloggers. One such talented blogger, Chelsea of Two Twenty One, used this gorgeous pattern to simply accentuate her file cabinet. The Stenciled File Cabinet post on her blog shows a tutorial on how her boring old file cabinet is made pretty with this gorgeous stencil.



This modern stencil collection is filled with several such fabulous designs to help you get a chic and modern look for your projects. Haven’t these fun stencil DIYs inspired you to create something beautiful around the house yourself?! Well then wait no more, use promo code MOD20 right now and get a 20% discount on our entire Modern Stencils Collection through June 22nd, 2014. If you are seeking more inspiration, you can visit the Royal Design Studio Pinterest Page, which is full of such cool stencil projects! And if you have a question or a comment, feel free to leave it in our comments section here. We would love to hear from you!

Freshen up your Furniture with Stencils!


Sometimes we come across people who absolutely LOVE the look of a stenciled wall, but are skeptical about the time, effort or perhaps even the skill level that they ‘think’ might be required to complete a beautiful featured wall or whole room treatment. Well, we get it. It is not always easy to wade into uncharted waters, which is why we want to draw your attention towards our beautiful Furniture Stencil Collection! The smaller scale of our furniture stencils makes them ideal for even beginners to create beautiful works of art without requiring a huge time commitment. Once you take the furniture stencil plunge though, you will discover for yourself that stenciling is such a creative piece of cake you may become addicted!


Furniture might be the best place to start for stencil-newbies, but even seasoned stencil pros can take a piece of painted furniture to a whole new level. For inspiration, let’s take a look at some simple and even more elaborate ways that some of our very talented Royal Design Studio Stencil Stockists have used our Furniture Stencils paired with Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan to freshen up some old furniture pieces with stenciled style.



Vicki Shoemaker of 3 Oaks Studio and Tami Fandrei of Patina Home and Garden both used our Paris Postage Stamp stencil combined with the Paris Postmark stencil to give a unique vintage look to their furniture/accent pieces. The Scrollallover stencil tops the table on the left. Its gracefully curving, asymmetrical design is as perfect for stenciling tabletops as it is for walls.



Shades of yellow: English Yellow Chalk Paint looks super pretty paired with Pure White Chalk Paint in the photos above. Creative Finishes studio, Carter’s Cottage as well as Patina Home and Garden show how beautifully anyone can revamp a boring old dresser and make it look stunning with this sunny color. All of these pieces feature stencil patterns from our Moroccan Stencil Collection, including the popular Chez Sheik furniture stencil, Arabesque Moroccan stencil, and Moroccan Arches stencil. This highlights how well ethnic inspired stencil patterns can work with many traditional furniture pieces and add an exotic touch to any decorating scheme.


Deborah Walz of Peinture Studios shows how incredibly creative you can get with stencils on her furniture pieces painted with Chalk Paint for both her studio and home! We love how she reimagined a plain piano for spring with the colorful addition of our Barka Flower African Stencil. In her hands even plain old sawhorses are turned into a work of art with a creatively clever patchwork treatment using a wide variety of Royal Design Studio stencils.

The two bottom pictures show the SAME dresser with two different stencil treatments. We don't know HOW she could bear to paint over either one as they are both stunning by themselves. On the left the Small Primitivo Lace Furniture stencil seems to be the perfect pattern for the drawer fronts. On the right she combined the Lisboa Tile stencil with the African Tribal Batik Furniture stencil-an inspired paring that seems perfect together!


Stencils don’t have to always go on wood furniture, though, as Helen Phelps of Patina Home shows us. The Fabric Damask stencil pattern is so pretty on these soft, fluffy pillows stenciled with Chalk Paint®. Chalk Paint is ideal for fabric stenciling too! Simply thin it slightly with water so that it absorbs into the fibers.



Chalk Paint® even works for stenciling on glass! Ole and Inga "reverse stenciled" our Moorish Trellis stencil on glass to provide a decorative touch on a bedside table. Imagine the possibilities with this stencil technique used not just on tabletops but the insides of glass cabinet doors as well. 


OK, so you HAVE to be inspired now to freshen up some furniture around YOUR house, right?? To help you get started, we are offering a 20% discount on our entire Furniture Stencils Collection through June 15th, 2014. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and create something beautiful of your own! And as always, be sure to share your gorgeous stencil projects with us, we would love to see and share YOUR works of art here or on our Royal Design Studio Facebook Page!

Stencil DIYs With the Haute and Trending Otomi Patterns


Globally inspired tribal elements are a huge design trend this year. No matter where you look, clothes, accessories, home furnishings or home décor – you are sure to find these patterns in one form or another. One of these haute and trending global textile patterns is that of the ‘Tenango textiles’ embroidered by the Otomi Indians in Mexico and thereby more popularly known as ‘Otomi textiles’. We also fell in love with the nature inspired, fun and whimsical Otomi patterns and thought how cool would it be to be able to transfer it to almost! We designed the Otomi stencils so that these beautiful patterns could be transferred to your walls, tables or wherever else you wanted instead of limiting its availability to fabrics and textiles.

We tried these stencils on one of our favorite Ikea products – the Ikea Hack. This DIY will let you create something exotic out of a mere $8 table! We also tried stenciling the Otomi pattern on fabric and the outcome was a fabulous looking table runner that would otherwise cost you at least a couple of hundred bucks!



Supplies for the Otomi Ikea Hack DIY:


Step 1: Start with painting the four legs of the Ikea hack with pure white chalk paint using a foam roller. Also, paint the table top with Napoleonic Blue chalk paint.

Step 2: Place a 1 ½” inch painters tape centered on all four vertical surfaces of the table’s legs. Now, using a stencil brush, paint the edges of the legs with Napoleonic Blue chalk paint to create a border on all four sides.

Step 3: Once the paint is dry, remove the tape and stencil the pure white chalk painted area of the legs with stencil ‘C’ of the Sari Border Stencil Collection. Repeat this for all four sides of all the legs.

Step 4: Similarly, use stencil ‘A’ from the Sari Border Stencil Collection to stencil the edges of the blue table top with the Pure White Chalk paint.

Step 5: Define the center of the table by finding the intersection point of the two diagonal lines of the table top (this will help center the stencil pattern). And finally, use the Pure White chalk paint to stencil the table top with the beautiful Otomi Furniture Stencil!

Ta-da! Easy breezy and gorgeous both at the same time, isn’t it?!



Let’s take a quick look at how easily the Otomi stencil can also make any normal looking table runner or throw into a gorgeous conversational piece. 



Supplies for the Otomi table runner DIY:


Step 1: Tape around the edges of the table runner to give it a defined border and find its center in order to properly center the stencil pattern.

Step 2: To secure the stencil on the fabric and to avoid any potential bleeds, use spray adhesive and place the stencil on the fabric. Now, using a large stencil brush stencil with the Champagne stencil crème we made earlier. 

Step 3: Repeat step 2 for the entire length of the fabric that you are using and once the stencil crème’s have dried off, remove the tape. That's it. Super easy.



We hope the above DIY’s have inspired you to create your own works of stenciled art and we would love to see and share your projects with our community of stencil enthusiasts! So be sure to share what you create with our stencils. 

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Modern and Chic Stenciled Polka Dot Fold Over Clutch DIY


Melissa of Polka Dot Chair shares some of the most adorable DIY projects on her blog. One such tutorial she recently posted was that of a Fold Over DIY Clutch using our fun Polka Party Stencil. This project can be quite easy and fun both at the same time, especially if you have access to a sewing machine.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll need for creating your own chic and fun polka dot clutch.




Royal Design Studios, Medium Polka Party Stencil

Foam roller brush and tray

Paints: Metallic Paint or Royal Design Studio’s Stencil Cremes,

Fabric Painting Medium

Types of Fabrics: 2- 13” x 13” pieces of cream fabric- get lighter than a denim fabric, but heavier than quilting cotton, 2- 13” x 13″ pieces of fabric for the lining, 2- 13” x 13” pieces of fusible fleece, 2- pieces of leather 3” x 13” - something lightweight - I used lambskin, 2- 3”x2” pieces of fabric for zipper tabs

Melissa also recommends using 2 pieces of 13” x 13” shape flex to press onto the inner side of the clutch – she didn’t use these this time but if she was to make this clutch again, she would.

9” metal zipper

Leather Needle

Types of thread: Heavy Duty Thread, Regular Thread

Spray Adhesive


Step 1: Stenciling the fabric.




To stencil the fabric, mix 1 bottle of metallic gold acrylic paint with one bottle of Fabric Painting Medium.

Spray the back of the stencil with repositionable adhesive spray to make sure the stencil doesn’t move while applying the paint. Place the stencil on top of your fabric while ensuring that the two are lined up the way you’d want to see the pattern on the finished product.

Be sure to off-load excess paint from the foam roller before you start stenciling on the fabric. If you want a darker shade, you can layer up the paint in a similar fashion till you like the shade of the polka dots. 

Let both the stenciled fabric pieces dry well and then set the paint with a dry iron. If desired, apply Shape Flex to the wrong side of these two pieces.


Step 2: Attaching the Leather Part and Rounding the Bottom Edges.



Using binding clips, attach a 3” x 13” piece of leather to your stenciled fabric aligning its bottom edge with the stenciled fabric. 

Using a leather needle and a heavy duty thread in your sewing machine (leaving a standard thread in the bobbin), stitch the leather trim piece individually to each side of the stenciled fabric. 



Now using a CD, round the bottom corners of the pouch on both sides of the clutch. 

Repeat the process for the clutch lining fabrics as well (as shown being cut out in the image above).

Apply the fusible fleece to the wrong side of the two clutch lining pieces.


Step 3: Zip it up



Next, for the zipper, fold the 3” x 2” pieces of the lining fabric into half, parallel to the 2” side. Place the raw edges of the zipper in between this folded lining fabric and pin along its edges. To make it easy to understand, Melissa compares the folded fabric to an alligator who is chomping onto the ends of a zipper. Repeat the same for the other end of the zipper. 

Stitch along the side of the fabric closest to the zipper. Trim the excess fabric to flush with the zipper.



Now, pin the zipper to the outer edge of the stenciled fabric away from the leather edge. Make sure that the right side of the zipper is facing the inner side of the stenciled fabric, the side that will eventually be on the inner side of the finished clutch. Center the zipper on the clutch piece as the length of the zipper will be smaller than the length of the clutch.

The next step would be to pin the fabric lining such that it covers the zipper's fabric. Be sure to make the right side of the lining to face the wrong side of the zipper. Replace the leather needle with a regular needle back in your machine and use a standard thread to stitch the zipper in place.

Repeat for other side of the zipper.


Step 4: Finally, stitch up along the perimeter.



Flip the fabric inside out with the lining facing downwards and press the seams away from the zipper. First, stitch along both sides of the zipper and then unzip it.

Pin the two clutch flaps together with the right sides facing each other (the lining fabric will be outside at this point). Pin the two lining pieces together. Stitch around the perimeter, with a 1/2” seam allowance on all sides.

Once stitched on all sides, turn the clutch inside out through the zipper opening and ta-da! Your fabulous clutch is ready for you to show off!

For a detailed version of the steps, be sure to visit Melissa’s blog post Polka Dot Folded Clutch Tutorial



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DIY Stencil Décor For Your Next Fiesta!


Whenever a stretch of roadway is bedecked with lines of bright and colorful paper cutouts, you can expect to come across a fiesta somewhere nearby. Papel Picado is an enchanting and popular Mexican art form with its roots in the country’s ancient cultures that lends a festive feel to any place.



Traditionally, papel picado is made from folded and scissor snipped geometric pieces of bright and colorful tissue paper. These are glued side by side on a long piece of string measured to needed length. Quick, economical and pretty all at once!

Skilled craftsmen use awls, chisels and special cutting blades to render more intricate designs. Working over a basic pattern, they cut through as many as 50 sheets of tissue paper at a time. The design, often laid out over a delicate window pane background, may include figures such as flowers, foliage, birds, angels, crosses, skeletons and historic figures, as well as words or phrases associated with specific holidays. Borders may be straight, scalloped, zig-zagged or fringed. Each design is a unique and complex work of art requiring a keen ability to envision the use of negative space.

All that sounds really cool and fun, but doesn’t it also sound like a LOT of work requiring finesse and expertise to achieve a desired level of intricacy? It did to us, so we decided to simply do what we do best. Stencil our own papel picado! You can easily make your own papel picado that can look as awesome and intricate with half the effort and time. So are you ready to see how? Let’s jump right in.



Supplies you will need to make your own papel picado:


Step 1: Start by cutting a few square pieces of canvas fabric or art paper. The size of these will depend on the size of the papel picado you want. Once you have deiced on a size, cut the fabric or paper a couple inches bigger so you have enough space to work with. We used fabric for this project.

Step 2: Use spray adhesive to keep your stencil in place on the fabric and make sure at least one edge of the stencil is completely inside of the fabric. Be sure to leave a 1” or ½” border on all sides before you start stenciling.

Step 3: After stenciling with a chalk paint, use painter’s tape to create straight edges on three sides of the circular pattern of the Doily stencil. Again, use chalk paint to paint on the outer edge of the taped area in order to create a defined rectangular or square border on the three sides of the papel picado.

Step 4: Allow the paint to dry and then cut along the edge of the pattern leaving an approx. ¼ inch border. To complete the banner, use hot glue to attach various different colored panels to a long piece of jute twine.

Ta-da! Your own fabulous papel picado is ready to be put up and be complimented! 



Now how about adding your own handmade table napkins using our Talavera Tile Stencils to this very authentic décor. The steps for these are also very simple and quick. Let’s take a look. 



Supplies you will need to make your own Talavera Tile Table napkins:


Lay the napkins over a flat surface and using a stencil adhesive, place the stencil on one of the corners of the napkin. For the stencil itself, use one color of the chalk paint for the bird’s body and another contrasting color of your choice to stencil the accents and details. 



Mix and match the colors to make each of the napkins look different and unique. Voila! Your napkins are ready to go perfectly with your colorful table setting.

We hope you enjoyed the easy tutorials for a fun and colorful fiesta with family and friends. If you are looking for more fabric stenciling DIY ideas, be sure to check out the following links:

 Wish you all a very Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Spring Parties with Stencils!


Now that Spring is officially here, we can turn our attention to the events and gatherings that bring us closer to our family and friends! One of the best party decorating ideas is to use Royal Design Studio stencils to customize nearly every aspect of your decor. Tables, flooring, backdrops and even gifts can be stenciled for that extra handmade touch for your guests. Let's take a look at some ideas from our friends and get ready to boogie on down to fantastic stenciled party decor ideas!


Stenciled Tablecloth for Baby Shower | Royal Design Studio Stencils

Small Moorish Trellis Stencil 

Decorate a Baby Shower with Stencils | Royal Design Studio

Eastern Tile Wall Stencil


Creative customer Regina Garay knows her way around stencils and decorative finishes and when it came time to plan her sister's baby shower, she knew her fave stencils would come in handy.  First, she used the Small Moorish Trellis Stencil to add pattern to the tablecloth for the gift table. "I took a plain Jane tablecloth and with the Bright Gold Stencil Creme and a stencil brush, I quickly stenciled the design. Took me no time at all - and what a difference it made!'.  Next, she created cupcake holders with clear plastic plates and plastic martini cups.  "By flipping the plate over on its back, we positioned various different stencils and spray painted the backs. The effect was a lovely frosted look on the front. It kept the plate a perfectly fine surface to put food on. We glued the martini cups to the bottom of the plates and voila! Instant patterned cupcake stands. All the guests flipped - we made a few Royal Design Studio fans that day!"


Stenciled Flooring for a Wedding | Royal Design Studio

Large Florence Tile Wall Stencil


Know who else is a fan?  Martha Stewart.  She said "I do!" to our stencils when creating an aisle runner for a lovely outdoor wedding ceremony.  The Large Florence Tile Wall Stencil from the Tile Stencils Collection was stenciled onto a creamy linen with ultramarine and cobalt blue acrylic paints. This beautiful stenciled fabric project was also featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.


Stenciled Tablecloth with the Hollywood Squares Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Spring Party Ideas with Stencils

Hollywood Squares Stencil


Heidi of the events blog, Parties for Pennies, also stenciled a tablecloth for a baby shower she was organizing. She loved the contemporary stylings of the Hollywood Squares Stencil from the Allover Modern Stencils Collection and used a sweet lavender color on a $3.99 IKEA twin sheet. "I LOVE how it turned out. That’s exactly what I wanted for the baby shower," Heidi shares. Be sure to see her full Stenciled Tablecloth How-to on her blog!


Stencil Ideas for Parties, Weddings & Events | Royal Design Studio

Step Up Triangles Stencil


Wedding bells were ringing for one of our own here at Royal Design Studio, and she chose the festive and modern Step Up Triangles Stencil for her wedding photo booth backdrop! Doesn't it look fun?? Our little wedding favor for YOU is the complete tutorial on creating this fab DIY Photo Booth Backdrop.


Stenciled Gift Ideas from Royal Design Studio

Small Polka Party Furniture Stencil


Melissa from the Polka Dot Chair suggested using stencils to create unique ways to gift wrap a present, like this gorgeous gold stenciled hatbox above. She used the Antique Gold Stencil Creme and the Small Polka Party Furniture Stencil to great effect! Vary the stencils and colors to create your own stenciled gift wrap, too!


We hope you've enjoyed these inspiring stencil projects to create your own custom party decor and gifts! We'd love to see and feature YOUR stencil ideas, too, so be sure to send them in! If you're looking for even more inspiration, be sure to follow both our Pinterest and Facebook fan page where we share daily pattern and design ideas!


Party On! Here are more Hip & Happy Stencils to Help You Decorate!

Indian Stencils DIY Projects on Paint + Pattern

Last month Paint + Pattern featured art, crafts and architecture from the beautiful country of India, while we at Royal Design Studio launched a new and gorgeous Indian Stencils Collection.

Our talented contributors, Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky and Deb Trombley of India pied-a-terre, used some of these new stencil patterns to share a few amazing DIY’s with our readers. Here is a quick look at their creative ideas that came through the prettiest tables, powder room ceilings, nooks, and doors created by them. 


Debbie has a knack with upcycling things that can be easily found around the house,  at small local businesses or from discounted craft markets. To decorate this metal riser she found at a local importer, she used our Small Paisleys Furniture stencil along with various colors of the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The best part about this project is that it is well suited for a beginner as well as a pro. To learn more about how you can create your own metal or wooden stools, see the full DIY post - A Chalk Paint® Project Served Up with Stencils.



In another project, Debbie shares how you can Brighten Up A Bathroom With Ceiling Stenciling. It’s a great DIY project that anyone can easily use to decorate bathroom spaces in their own homes and add some pizzazz. For this project she used our specially customized 3” stencil brush, Pearl Oyster Stencil Crème and the lovely Indian Paisley Damask Stencil from the new India Stencil Collection. 



If you are looking to take up something big and bold, Deb’s two part project of Transforming a Closet space into an Exotic Reading Nook might just be the right one for you. Part 1 of this DIY covers the process of stenciling the wooden bench while Part 2 shows how you can stencil on a silk fabric using Royal Stencil Cremes. She picked an assortment of Indian and Moroccan stencils including the Rani Paisley Damask Stencil and the Taj Tile Border Stencil to complete this project. If you have such extra spaces and corners in your house, check out the full DIY to get ideas as to how you could make best use of those unused areas. 



And just like her, if your house too revels in exotic décor, this Inspired by Saris: A Shimmery DIY Stenciled Door might be a great source of inspiration to decorate plain doors. For this project, Deb used a variety of patterns from our new India Stencil Collection along with various colors of the Royal Stencil Cremes. Be sure to check out the entire post to learn how she got the door to look so pretty and unique!



Last but certainly not the least, we at Royal Design Studio just love the intricate patterns of henna. For the sake of variety and fun, we conjured up a little project in our studio using something besides our stencils. We wanted to play with the beautiful henna patterns of India so we did a DIY Henna-Inspired Shirts with Tee Juice Pens project. It actually turned out to be a great discovery to transform plain T-shirts into something beautiful and exotic! See how easy it is to make simple tee's look great through this DIY. 


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Stenciling Stylish DIY Window Treatments

Stenciled Window Treatment Ideas | Royal Design Studio 

Window treatments compliment every room in the house by adding color and pattern to what would be a blank window. Custom drapes, curtains and valances can be quite pricey and so creating your own DIY window treatments with stencils from Royal Design Studio and an inexpensive swath of fabric is an excellent alternative. You can also choose your favorite colors and patterns which may not be the case with specific fabric patterns.  So whether you'd like a more laid back look or a glam elegant design, we have stenciled window treatment inspirations for you that will add super style to your home without blowing the budget.

Stenciled Cornice Board with modern Hollywood Squares Stencil | Contemporary Stenciled Window Treatment Idea | Royal Design Studio


Designer Laurie March of HGTV's The House Counselor wanted a bold yet clean graphic pattern for this contemporary kitchen. She also wanted to provide privacy without losing all of the great light the window brings. She did both by creating a DIY stenciled window cornice with the Hollywood Squares Stencil from our Allover Modern Stencils Collection. Looks SO good, doesn't it? Get the full details of her project in her Stenciled Window Treatment tutorial.

Use Stencils to Add Pattern to Fabric, Window Drapes and Curtains | Royal Design Studio 

An Ornamental Panel Stencil (OrnPan173) and an Ornamental Center Stencil (OrnCen195) from our sister stencil company, Modello® Designs Stencils, helped artist Jeff Raum create fab stenciled panels for a client's window treatment! They compliment the curtain panels perfectly, don't you think? The elegant color scheme and stencil patterns created a very sophisticated look for less.

Stencil Custom Curtains with Royal Design Studio Stencils 

The Classic Shell Motif Stencil stenciled on the cornice board adds traditional elegance to this space. The Classic Motif Stencils Collection has patterns that add a timeless touch to wall, furniture, and fabric stenciling projects for a classic look that is always in style.


Artist Debbie Hayes designed a "minimalist" cornice board for her living room. After her husband built it, she painted the cornice with French Linen Chalk Paint® decorative paint the same color as her walls. Upon drying, she used the Fabric Damask Stencil as a raised, embossed pattern with layers of tiny beads in a gel medium. She then added Swarovski crystals and antique chandelier crystals to drop down from the treatment. The gorgeous designer window treatment strikes the right balance between femininity and masculinity.

So, whether you're going for colorful curtains or soft, sedate window treatments, stencils and paint allow you to transform plain fabrics and textiles with pattern and color! What will you stencil today?

More fantastic stenciled fabric ideas coming your way!