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Stenciling Stylish DIY Window Treatments

Stenciled Window Treatment Ideas | Royal Design Studio 

Window treatments compliment every room in the house by adding color and pattern to what would be a blank window. Custom drapes, curtains and valances can be quite pricey and so creating your own DIY window treatments with stencils from Royal Design Studio and an inexpensive swath of fabric is an excellent alternative. You can also choose your favorite colors and patterns which may not be the case with specific fabric patterns.  So whether you'd like a more laid back look or a glam elegant design, we have stenciled window treatment inspirations for you that will add super style to your home without blowing the budget.

Stenciled Cornice Board with modern Hollywood Squares Stencil | Contemporary Stenciled Window Treatment Idea | Royal Design Studio


Designer Laurie March of HGTV's The House Counselor wanted a bold yet clean graphic pattern for this contemporary kitchen. She also wanted to provide privacy without losing all of the great light the window brings. She did both by creating a DIY stenciled window cornice with the Hollywood Squares Stencil from our Allover Modern Stencils Collection. Looks SO good, doesn't it? Get the full details of her project in her Stenciled Window Treatment tutorial.

Use Stencils to Add Pattern to Fabric, Window Drapes and Curtains | Royal Design Studio 

An Ornamental Panel Stencil (OrnPan173) and an Ornamental Center Stencil (OrnCen195) from our sister stencil company, Modello® Designs Stencils, helped artist Jeff Raum create fab stenciled panels for a client's window treatment! They compliment the curtain panels perfectly, don't you think? The elegant color scheme and stencil patterns created a very sophisticated look for less.

Stencil Custom Curtains with Royal Design Studio Stencils 

The Classic Shell Motif Stencil stenciled on the cornice board adds traditional elegance to this space. The Classic Motif Stencils Collection has patterns that add a timeless touch to wall, furniture, and fabric stenciling projects for a classic look that is always in style.


Artist Debbie Hayes designed a "minimalist" cornice board for her living room. After her husband built it, she painted the cornice with French Linen Chalk Paint® decorative paint the same color as her walls. Upon drying, she used the Fabric Damask Stencil as a raised, embossed pattern with layers of tiny beads in a gel medium. She then added Swarovski crystals and antique chandelier crystals to drop down from the treatment. The gorgeous designer window treatment strikes the right balance between femininity and masculinity.

So, whether you're going for colorful curtains or soft, sedate window treatments, stencils and paint allow you to transform plain fabrics and textiles with pattern and color! What will you stencil today?

More fantastic stenciled fabric ideas coming your way!

NEW Designer Stencil Collection: Raven + Lily Stencil

Our newest Designer Stencil Collection is a creative collaboration between Royal Design Studio and Raven + Lily, a socially conscious lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering women through design. Each of their designer jewelry pieces, accessories and clothing items beautifully reflects an elegant global-chic style, but most importantly, creates sustainable employment opportunities for marginalized women in countries such as Africa, India, Cambodia, and the U.S. As a longtime fan of both their mission AND their gorgeous products, I am thrilled that we have the ability to introduce their designs to our market while also contributing to their Mission. Our contribution: 20% off all net sales from this stencil collection will  be donated to the Tirzah International initiatives in Africa. Tirzah partners with local groups to address poverty, education, trafficking, HIV/AIDS and violence against women and girls.

New Tribal African stencil for a Global Glam look on stenciled walls and furniture | Royal Design Studio

Tribal Stencil 

This initial stencil collection introduces Raven + Lily's unique blend of tribal and native design flavored with a decidedly modern vibe. We've sourced patterns from past product collections along with designs from the upcoming Spring 2014 releases, which effortlessly combine Romantic African motifs with a Mid-Century Modern design aesthetic.

The African Tribal Stencil is an edgy, geometric striped pattern that can be repeated simply as a dramatic border or stenciled as an allover pattern. It comes in a large size for stenciling walls and can be repeated horizontally or vertically, depending on the look you want! It's also available in  a smaller-scale version, Tribal Furniture Stencil, that can add just the right global-boho touch to a funky furniture piece, scarf, pillows, or even a large lampshade. We love it painted in a chic and classic black + cream color scheme or tone-on-tone neutral palette, but we can imagine it looking fabulous also in brighter colors, or even with multiple colors work in for added interest.


Afro-CHIC! Elsebet Tribal Trellis Stencil from the Raven + Lily Stencil collection for Royal Design Studio.

Elsebet Trellis Stencil

The Elsebet Trellis stencil is named for one of the artisan jewelry makers that Raven + Lily provides an employment opportunity for in Ethiopia. She is just one of the many women whose lives are positively impacted by Raven + Lily's mission, and your support of their products. We spied this design printed on one of their jewelry hang tags and thought it would be perfect for both a wall and furniture-sized stencil. The off-centered oval shapes offer the perfect space to randomly insert a surprising spot of color or even some metallic shimmer. Even with its graceful curves, this stencil is also ideal for use in more masculine or Mid Century Modern design environments.


African Plumes tribal-inspired stencil with an Art Deco vibe. From the Raven + Lily Stencil Collection for Royal Design Studio

African Plumes Stencil

One of our personal favorites (and already proving to be VERY popular stencil), the African Plumes stencil with it's delicate details naturally creates a dimensional ombre effect when treated with two colors. We feature it here stenciled with our Metallic Stencil Creme Paints for an elegant shimmery effect that goes on your walls with ease.  The African Plumes stencil has a strong Art Deco feeling to it, and can work well with so many design styles. Paint it in soft tones to highlight its feminine side. Go dark and get dramatic with colors to tap into its masculine appeal! This pattern is also available in sizes perfect for both stenciled walls and furniture/accessories, so it's sure to find a place in your heart-and home.


Tribal Modern wall stencil from the Raven + Lily Stencil Collection for Royal Design Studio



Arrow Stencil

We loved this abstract arrow pattern so much we designed two different wall stencils from the original Raven + Lily inspiration. The Arrow Outline Wall Stencil (shown on the far photo above) features delicate lines of varying size that creates a bit of an optical illusion. Then we simplified and deconstructed the shapes and spun them around to create the simple geometric pattern of the Arrow Print Wall Stencil. You can keep it uncomplicated and stencil it in just a single color, or play with multiple colors as we show above int eh front photo. We just love the soft pink, taupe, and graphite color combination. It's soft and feminine without being frilly!


Awesome feather wall stencil, In Flight, from the new Raven + Lily Stencil Collection for Royal Design Studio 

In Flight Feather Stencil

Finally, we feature the In Flight Feather Stencil. This soft feather pattern appears to float effortlessly across the wall. An interesting combination of both solid and outlined feathers adds additional grace and interest, and provides the perfect opportunity to incorporate two different paint colors if you wish. We also love it embossed with plaster and highlighted with our Metallic Gold Royal Stencil Creme Paints.


So, are you too loving the fresh feel of these new patterns? They are uncomplicated, yet organic; structured, yet liberating. We'd love to hear where and how you imagine using this lovely stencil collection. Look for us to be sharing the stencil techniques that WE used to create these looks in the coming weeks in the How To Stencil area of our website!


Find out more about Raven + Lily and this exclusive design partnership

Easy Gift Idea: Custom Stencil Holiday Table Runners

Easy Gift Idea: Custom Stencil Holiday Table Runners | Royal Design Studio 

Hi Stencil Artists! As the new marketing director of Royal Design Studio, I have to admit that I am a complete newby to the world of stenciling. I am an HGTV addict and love home décor magazines, but I never knew there were these amazing stencil patterns that you can make even cooler with different decorative painting techniques! Instead, I was the frustrated shopper that could never find what I was looking for unless I spent WAY TOO MUCH at the stores. Now, that I see that I have the ability to make various home decor items on my own, I’m thrilled!


When I first saw Melanie’s amazing staircases in our office, I knew that I was going to fix the worn out varnish on my coffee table in my family room by staining a new stencil. But, when October quickly turned into November, my thoughts drifted to my Christmas shopping. See, I normally have a $3,000 budget for the holidays. A lot, huh? Well, it includes everything. From wrapping paper and Christmas cards to festivities, as well as our Christmas tree and of course presents. But this year, my husband and I are being so frugal because in May 2014 we are going to start house hunting. I needed to bring my holiday budget way down and that’s when stenciling gifts came to mind. After all, at the office, we have been talking about how great stenciling is for holiday decorations. So, why not stencil some holiday decorations and give them as gifts!

DIY Custom Stenciled Holiday Table Runners | Royal Design Studio

Now, the only thing left was overcoming the intimidation factor. My boss, Melanie Royals, makes everything look stunning and with seemingly little effort. Me? I create marketing campaigns not beautiful decorated crafts! Well, there was only one way to start, right? Jump in head first. So, with less than $30 worth of red and green taffeta and flannel fabric from JoAnn’s, I was able to use the following materials from Royal Design Studio:


Bringing my grand total of 10 gifts to $84.65 + tax or about $10 a person! So, I have my supplies, now it is time to take a deep breath and start stenciling. I purposely did not getting any coaching from Melanie. I simply watched her during her Hometalk for the Holidays on Google+ and copied what she did. I knew I was going to blog about this and I wanted to have the full experience that you had. And guess what? I DID IT! Yep, it was that easy. As Melanie said in the video, the trick is to off load extra paint onto a paper towel. I also lined up the easy-to-use registration marks. And that was it! I ended up with some very professional looking designs that even impressed my husband.


Then I chose to sew my taffetta to some felt for a nice backing to the table runner. This was also my first time sewing. My girlfriend and DIY blogger, Corinne from Practically Martha, and I had a sewing party. She let me use her Husqvana Viking for the project. Have to say, I’m also a big fan of that too. It was so easy to keep my seams straight and it never caught once on 10 table runners. 


Make a great holiday gift with stenciled table runners | Royal Design Studio 

I was ridiculously impressed with myself when I saw the finished product and I can’t wait to surprise my family with their gifts. They won't believe that I did it myself. But to be honest, what I’m most excited about is that it looks like my days of endlessly shopping for the perfect item is coming to an end. Now, I have the confidence that I can make it and it is going to come out great! 


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Next up, coffee table.  Do you have a suggestion on which Royal Design Studio stencil I should use for my coffee table?


Stencil Idea for Coffee Table

Romantic Homes Decks the Halls with Golden Stencils

Romantic Homes features Royal Design Studio's Stenciled Holiday Tablecloth


As December is quickly approaching, Romantic Homes shares one of our fool-proof DIY stencil projects that will inspire you to deck the halls with golden glamour! When that holiday decorating craze sweeps our homes each year, it's easy to get caught up with excessive shopping and spending. But why go through all that trouble when you can make fabulous decor yourself? Set a one-of-a -kind, sparkling table setting that will have your guests talking all year. Royal Design Studio Stencil How-To in Romantic Homes 

By following these simple "How-To" steps, you'll have a flawless reproduction of our tablecloth - with time to spare before the holidays! The show-stopping piece you see here is created with our popular Fleur de Lace Stencil. But feel free to make it your own by choosing a stencil pattern that resonates with your personal style. Apply it to a plain white tablecloth with gold, metallic paint like Royal Design Studio's Bright Gold Stencil Creme and watch as it brings out a warm glow, filling any dining room with soft, glimmering light. 


Romantic Homes features Fleur de Lace Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Some shy away from gold as it can be a little flashy at times, but the holidays will always welcome this metallic neutral, representing elegance and celebration. A stunning piece like this could actually become a fixture in your home, regardless of the season. Refined, luxurious, and timeless
Hopefully this shimmering tablecloth has inspired you to start creating your own glamorous decor, whether it be for the holidays or any day. Which golden stencil project are you planning on at the moment? 
Find more stencil inspiration to get you going with gold, check out:

A Pretty Handy Girl Stencils Stylish Scarves for Holiday Gifts


A Pretty Handy Girl Stencils Stylish Scarves as Holiday Gifts


Handmade gifts for the holidays are the best to give and to receive! We recently had a phenomenal chat about stenciled holiday presents at the Hometalk Google+ Hangout and lots of great DIY gift ideas for the holidays were shared along with some super, snazzy stencil tips.  One of the guests on the hangout was none other than our friend, Brittany, of Pretty Handy Girl.  She shared a stenciled & dyed scarves project that had us swooning over how chic and easy-to-create they were.

Stenciled Stylish Scarves as Holiday Gifts | Royal Design Studio

First thing that Brittany did is gather her supplies, which included Rit Dye and both our Small Peacock Fancy Stencil and the Small Printed Indian Paisley Damask Stencil. Both are from our Furniture Stencils Collection and so they are perf for small crafts and projects. Brittany likes to share ideas on how to be thrifty while still making quality gifts and so she suggested purchasing low-cost white scarves and dyeing those as opposed to the more expensive colored scarves available. Great thing about stenciling is that it works well on both surfaces!


Stenciled Scarves with Peacock Fancy Stencil from Royal Design Studio


When stenciling on fabric, it's best to keep the surface as taut and stationary as possible.  In fact, take a look at our Fabric Stenciling Basics for some good key tips.  If using an allover design like Brittany was, the registration marks make it easy peasy to continue your chosen stencil design flawlessly.  Of course, if there are areas on the stencil that you wish to block from the fabric, you can simply tape over them before stenciling!


Painting Details on Stenciled Scarf | Peacock Fancy Stencil from Royal Design Studio


With a stencil design, you can also have artistic freedom! Once the pattern is stenciled, take an artist brush and hand paint another color in a standout area of the stencil design.  Here, Brittany used a shimmery gold metallic to accent the eye of the Peacock Fancy Stencil design while keeping the quill and plumules a soft white.


A Pretty Handy Girl Stencils Stylish Scarves as Holiday Gifts

How fantastic do they look??  It's the perfect gift idea for the fashion-forward in your life and it is genuinely one-of-a-kind.  Please be sure to check Brittany's Stenciled and Dyed Scarves tutorial as she also shares the process for creating an ombre look with the dyes. PLUS! We have a bonus for you... 


Remember that Hometalk Hangout we mentioned with the fab stencil ideas and holiday inspiration?  If you missed it, you can now see the recording and our own Creative Director and stencil guru Melanie Royals showing you a great canvas art project along with a stenciled stocking project from Jesse of Scout & Nimble and Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl showing you more of this very project.  NOT one to miss!  We hope this inspires you to create gifts from the heart and made by your capable hands!  Until next time, Stencilistas!


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A Stenciled Snowscape from Celebrating Everyday Life

 Celebrating Everyday Life Creates a Winter Wonderland with Parlor Lace Stencil 

Jennifer Carroll's online magazine, Celebrating Everyday Life,is always reminding us to appreciate the little things and this December issue, she does this by welcoming us into a world of stenciled-winter bliss! Using the Parlor Lace Stencil from Royal Design Studio, Jennifer creates the most magical table setting, a Winter Wonderland tabletop full of holiday cheer!

Stencil Process to Create a Winter Wonderland | Royal Design Studio  

Believe it or not, there is actually a very simple process behind Jennifer's DIY stenciled table runner project: Beginning with a thin layer of Royal Design Studio's Pearl Oyster Stencil Creme on a stencil brush, she removes any excess paint onto a folded paper towel to avoid smudging and smearing. Then with a soft, circular motion, Jennifer paints over the Parlor Lace Stencil, resulting in the beautiful snowflake effect you see above. The negative spaces really POP, while the earthy tone of the original craft paper table runner compliments the decorative gingerbread houses. The lacy white details capture this festive time of year in the most charming, heartwarming way.  

Celebrating Everyday Life Creates a Winter Wonderland with Parlor Lace Stencil  

Check out Jennifer's amazing magazine spread above - her imaginative stenciling is the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit!  


A Winter Wonderland table setting with Royal Design Studio's Parlor Lace Stencil  

Here's a little note from the artist herself:
"Christmas is a very precious season to me and when planning my first holiday issue, I wanted to convey a sense of that wonder and magic that the holidays stir up inside me. A gingerbread village perfectly captures the essence of that magic - with its tiny frosted windows and roofs, you can practically hear jingle bells and the hooves of 8 tiny reindeer! But when planning this tablescape I knew that what was under the village needed to be equally magical. I wanted a runner of some sort but something even more unusual and special than just a linen cloth - I wanted it to also feel that it had been sprinkled with holiday magic just as the houses had been. As soon as I saw the Parlor Lace stencil, I knew that it would be perfect! It's intricate detailing feels nostalgic but painting it onto craft paper with white paint gives it that icing quality which would be the ideal complement to the village. I shared the stencil design with the baker who made the village for me and she made sure to incorporate some of the stencils designs and patterns into the houses, which unifies the design and makes it extra special to me! Stenciling like this is such an easy way to add personality and charm to your holiday table and best of all the stencil can be used again and again for projects throughout the year and throughout your home! Happy Celebrating!"
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The Hunted Interior Go From Every Day to Holiday with Cheetah Spots Stencil

The Hunted Interior Goes From Every Day to Holiday with Cheetah Spots Stencil 

Most of us love to decorate for the holidays -- but who has the time for a complete design overhaul?  We need fab decor elements that not only seamlessly transfer from everyday design to holiday design but also enhance the overall look. Luckily, Royal Design Studio Stencils can help do just that!  In fact, we're going to show you how a stenciled fabric project from Kristin of The Hunted Interior helped her take her home's chic, contemporary style to glittery, glam holiday sizzle without skipping a beat. 


Cheetah Spots Stenciled Drapes | Royal Design Studio 

Kristin Jackson is an Interior Designer with a background in Hospitality Design. The girl knows how to put a beautiful space together and exactly what she needs to do it! Being a "sucker for spots", she had an idea for spotted drapes but realized her favorite fabric line was discontinued. She contacted Royal Design Studio and expressed her pattern desire. "I voiced my need for a spectacular spotted stencil and not only did they agree to create one, we were able to play with the spot design and make them a little more animal-like versus ovals," she gushes.  The result? The gorgeous Cheetah Spots Wall Stencil, a wonderful addition to the Allover Ethnic Stencils Collection


The Hunted Interior Stencils Cheetah Spots on Drapes | Royal Design Studio 

Picking up white Ritva Drapery Panels from IKEA, Kristin mixed black acrylic craft colors with textile medium to stencil in the design. Adding textile medium to the acrylic paint not only strengthens the bond with the fabric but also softens the "crunch factor" regular paints can have on fabric. We also recommend our Stencil Creme Paints which are soft, opaque and permanent on many surfaces, including fabrics.  Kristin hung her four stenciled drapery panels which added to the serious "Wow!" factor her home's design already exuded. Don't you just love her style?? Be sure not to miss her DIY Spotted Drapery post! 


Every Day to Holiday with Cheetah Spots Stencil from Royal Design Studio 

Now fast forward to the Holidays! Kristin wanted glamour, sparkle and PLENTY of style. See how easily both the black-and-white color combo of the drapes and the versatile stencil pattern helped her pull it all together effortlessly?  The traditional lines of her furniture and incoming holiday decor play well with the stenciled spotted drapes.  We also adore how the neutral color scheme helps the joyous holiday decor just POP.  If you'd like to see more of her festive magic, click on over to her holiday design feature by Home Depot.
Stencil patterns are the chameleons of the interior design industry. They are versatile and with the right color scheme, can easily adapt to any decor.  Of course, they are also versatile in that you can use them time and again with different color schemes on different surfaces! What's not to love?
What stencil would you pick to create a home that is not only beautiful today but with every changing season? Let us know below!
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Do It Yourself Magazine Gets Ziggy With It!

 DIY Magazine Features Get Ziggy With It Wall Stencil | Royal Design Studio 
Ever get ziggy with it?! Well Better Homes and Gardens' Do It Yourself Magazine definitely does! A feature article from their latest issue shares Royal Design Studio's Get Ziggy With It Stencil in a budget-friendly living room update. Their super-fun DIY tips show us how to create trendy home decor without "breaking the bank"!
 DIY Magazine Features Get Ziggy With It Stencil | Royal Design Studio 
Do It Yourself Magazine chose our Get Ziggy With It stencil for a fresh and modern herringbone pattern, which clearly did the trick! By pairing slightly different shades of playful yellow paint, they created this subtle tone on tone effect. We love the suggestion of stenciling only a portion of the wall for an element of surprise and to really make the design your own. Do It Yourself Magazine even offers stenciling ideas on a smaller scale, including this fun, bright accent pillow. Like most of Royal Design Studio's stencil collection, Get Ziggy With It's unique pattern also works beautifully on fabric.  
We are right there with Do It Yourself Magazine when they ask readers, "Why pay top dollar for trendy decor when you can make it yourself?" Let Royal Design Studio stencils bring out your inner-designer and watch your home decorating dreams unfold! 
So, which room will be updated with stencils in your home next? 
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