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Stenciled to Style Raven+Lily’s Flagship Store



Back in March, we headed out to Austin, Texas for a paint out and fundraiser for our friends at Raven + Lily, at their flagship store. Thanks to the amazing and generous volunteers who helped us during the paint out that the store now looks beyond stunning with its beautifully stenciled floors and walls. Here's sharing a few pictures of the elegant and tastefully decorated store that exudes its unique, eclectic and worldly charm. 



For those of you who don’t know much about Raven + Lily yet, it was founded by Kirsten Dickerson and Sophia Lin, who share a close friendship and passion for ethical design and fashion. This company was created as a platform to utilize those passions to alleviate poverty among marginalized women. They currently help employ women from Ethiopia, India, Cambodia, Kenya and USA to make beautiful products. Raven + Lily is committed to providing products that are made by hand, fairly traded and eco-friendly.



Royal Design Studio offers a designer stencil collection that is inspired from Raven+Lily’s chic design aesthetic. And like all of Raven + Lily products, this stencil collection also has a positive impact on the lives of marginalized women and children around the globe. 20% of the net sales of this stencil collection is donated to Raven + Lily's charity of choice: the Tirzah International initiatives in Africa. All the stencils used for this storefront in Texas are picked from the beautiful Raven+Lily Stencil collection!




We also customized a Modello mural filled with tribal patterns and an inspiring nature setting for their studio in addition to the stenciled showroom floor, and custom stenciled wall treatments all over the store. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Raven+Lily at the opening of their first physical location and for their awesome work of empowering women across the globe through design! Be sure to check out Raven + Lily's website and online shop for beautiful jewelry, accessories, apparel and for more info on their work!

A Design Dilemma Floored by Stencils!

Imagine this - you have older wood floors with a few stains and you'd love a cost-effective, beautiful way to fix them. Painting and stenciling with Royal Design Studio stencils could be the solution! Portland artist and illustrator Peggy Jackson ran into this very issue recently with her dining room floors. After visiting her local Oregon Chalk Paint® decorative paint stockist, The Purple Pear, she was totally charmed by the creative possibilities that stencils and Chalk Paint® together provide.
Wood Floor with Stains - Painting and Stencil to the Rescue! | Royal Design Studio
Peggy was facing a dining room floor dilemma. "My dogs had soiled my original area rug over time and the pattern in the rug disguised the stains. I wasn't even aware of them until I moved the carpet!" she shares.  Peggy decided to paint and stencil an "area rug" right on the wood floor in order to cover-up the stains. She chose our Kimono Allover Stencil from the Allover Japanese Stencils Collection. "I wanted a stencil pattern that looked like a carpet and also one that could color individual components separately," she explains. The color palette she chose included Scandinavian PinkOld White and Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint®.
Giving an outdated floor stylish stencil style | Royal Design Studio
Painting and Stenciling a Wood Floor | Updating Old Wood Floors
Stenciled Floor Rug | Kimono Allover Stencil
Peggy first taped out the area and painted an inner rectangle in Scandinavian Pink Chalk Paint®. She positioned the Kimono Allover Stencil to cover the area and stenciled the allover pattern with Old White. She then highlighted every other flowered motif in Duck Egg Blue.  Finally, she painted the surrounding border in Old White and since she was having her floors refinished, she had the floor contractor seal her work with four coats of a water-based topcoat. 
Painting and Stenciling Fixes a Design Dilemma | Floor Solutions | Royal Design Studio

We especially love how the painted and stenciled floor rug centered perfectly under the dining room table - it literally transforms the room! "It was a fabulous solution and so easy to take care of! Stencils are key in design because you can choose your own patterns and alter the colors to fit your lifestyle," Peggy says. She also shares that she has received many compliments on the project from her friends and she will be tackling her basement floor next. Peggy has been so inspired by the combination of stencils and Chalk Paint®, that she created a new series of mixed media paintings for her Etsy Shop, PeggitysGarden. Thank you, Peggy, for graciously sharing your stenciled floor project with us. It's always wonderful for us to see our stencil patterns used in such creative ways! If you, too, have had a similar design dilemma with a stencil fix, let us know about it at!

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Stenciling a Linoleum Floor in A Home Full of Color

How to stencil an old linoleum floor with paint and the Lisboa Tile stencil from Royal Design Studio 

Most people plan to save up for the installation of beautiful tile or wood when they buy a home with linoleum floors -- but who wants to live with something passé while saving? So what do you do when you're faced with an ugly outdated linoleum floor and your pocketbook won't allow for a replacement? We have the answer! Painting and stenciling can be a terrific temporary or permanent fix for old and outdated floors-and it's super cost-effective too! In fact, our friend Shavonda of A Home Full of Color took on that very project with glorious results. So glorious, in fact, that her floors will soon be featured in not one, but two, national magazines. Let's take a sneak peek!

Stenciling a linoleum tile floor with the Lisboa Tile Stencil 

Shavonda was looking for a fix. "We had worked so hard to make the rest of the space pretty and the builder basic lino sheeting was a total buzz kill.  What I didn't have was the thousands of dollars it was going to cost to completely redo the floors so I turned to DIY to help me give them a face lift." She cleaned her floors thoroughly and followed with a great primer, which she feels is key for a durably painted floor.

After applying two coats of a beautiful mint paint color, she started stenciling with our Lisboa Tile Stencil in white as she wanted a more delicate pattern for the room to "soften" the kitchen. She rolled the paint through the stencil and since the stencils are flexible, she found it easy to bend and maneuver around obstacles and to get really close to all the edges of the room.  She recommends top coating with multiple coats of a water-based polyurethane to protect the work.  Be sure to visit both her posts, Painting a Linoleum Floor and DIY Painted and Stenciled Floor for full step-by-step stenciling instructions!

Refurbish an old linoleum tile floor with paint and a pretty tile stencil. Lisboa Tile from Royal Design Studio

The results are so lovely! Do you want to know how easy stenciling can be? Shavonda was a complete stencil newbie and had never stenciled anything before! She says, "I knew Royal Design Studio wasn't only going to be a good place for a quality stencil, but would also be a great place for how-tos and tips to help me get the project done right." She's right - we're here to help and inspire!

Here's a few more stencil ideas to floor you!

We all love to decorate our kitchens - we spend a lot of time in the heart of our homes and when throwing a get-together, it's the most popular spot for most of our guests to mingle. We hope this post has inspired YOU to take your floors from eyesore to eye-catching in an economical way. We'd love to hear your ideas in the comments and see your project pictures!!

THREE Royal Design Studio Features in Studios Magazine!!

Studio Magazine Features Several Moroccan Stencils! 

We're still smiling from ear to ear as we read all THREE Royal Design Studio features in the Winter 2014 Issue of Studios Magazine! When our friend, editor Linda Blinn, reached out to us this year, we jumped at the chance to once again be a part of her inspiring publication. Alongside "exploring the creative lives of artists & makers", Studios Magazine shares wonderful organizational tips for artists. If you haven't had the chance to become familiar yet, pick up a copy of Studios Magazine online or at Barnes and Noble and get the deets on some fun studio projects - like our Stenciled Moroccan Canvas Art How-To, for example.

Acanthus Trellis Stencil in Peinture Studios | Royal Design Studio 

And feast your eyes on the open floor-plan of Peinture Studios, a unique store and workshop curated by Deborah Waltz. We LOVE seeing our Ancanthus Trellis Stencil dancing across her vast concrete floors, adding just the right amount of character and detail.


Moroccan Murals at Peacock Pavilions | Royal Design StudioThe Moroccan Stencils painted by Royal Design Studio's group of traveling artists, aka "Peacock Painters" will forever make our hearts flutter, but these photos of past trips to Marrakesh look especially gorgeous on the pages of Studio Magazine. From floor to ceiling, 100% passion goes in to our work, so we couldn't be more pleased to see others enjoying it! Linda Blinn also shares the origin of our annual stenciling adventures with Maryam Montague so beautifully. Interested in going on an life-changing painting retreat? Email us! We have a trip in September 2014 to Venice, Italy and are already taking reservations for trips to Morocco in 2015! 


Many thanks to Studios Magazine, we appreciate all the kind words and can't wait to see what you come up with next! 


Don't forget to take a look at Royal Design Studio's feature from the Fall 2012 issue as well!

Opposites Attract! Black and White Stenciling

 Black and White DIY Stencil Projects for classy and timeless home decor. 

Sure, black and white is classic, but pair it with our stencil patterns and it is far from stuffy! In fact depending on the pattern, this timeless element can be bold, sophisticated, clean, vintage or modern. Here are a few of our favorite high contrast stencil projects that are both expressive and beautiful.

Black and white wall stencil ideas | Royal Design Studio


Make a small room feel sophisticated with black and white walls as seen in the examples above. Add gold or silver accents to complete this classy space for an overall regal interior. Our Nova Trellis Stencil (left) and Moorish Trellis Wall Stencil (right) share a perfect balance between light and dark, don't you think?

 Black and White DIY Furniture Inspiration | Royal Design Studio

Black and white paint and patterns highlight the unique details commonly found in an older piece of furniture. Our Classic Damask Stencil (right) on this buffet table enhances its overall vintage mood. For just a little of this high contrast look, try stenciling a black and white pattern, like our Eastern Lattice Moroccan Stencil on just the cabinet doors above. The mostly white look creates a very clean look, without sacrificing any style.

Stencil Ideas for a Black and White Floor | Royal Design Studio


This is our best example of how the same color combination can create its own atmosphere when using different patterns. Mesmerize your entryway with our Modern Chevron Wall Stencil (right) on the floor or stencil an intricate floor cloth (left) to serve as a beautiful area rug. See how we achieved this gorgeous effect in just a few simple steps: Chalk Paint™ Stenciled Floor Cloth.
Whether you're planning a major makeover or just looking to spruce-up your space, consider black and white stencils throughout your home. Additional color is simply unnecessary.
Where would a black and white stencil project look best in your home?
For more high contrast ideas, check out these powerfully stenciled stories:

Young House Love Tackles a Floor with Stencils!

 Stenciled Floor Style | Project by Young House Love with Royal Design Studio Stencils 

Our friends John and Sherry of Young House Love made the most of an unfortunate floor situation with Royal Design Studio's Silk Road Suzani Stencil! Let's just say they were less than thrilled their new home's master bath and are planning a full-scale renovation. But in the meantime, they had to get rid of the wall-to-wall carpeting immediately and decided to go with the quick, painless and affordable option of stencils. And we're so happy they did!


Young House Love Shares Stenciled Floor Style | Royal Design Studio 

This power couple tackled their bathroom floor as a tag team and were able to go from drab to fab in just 5 hours!! After choosing two neutral paint colors, John and Sherry started stenciling away with foam rollers and a very thin layer of paint to avoid smudging and/or bleeding. They sped through the process in a single afternoon and even had fun along the way! 


Young House Love Shares Stenciled Floor Style | Royal Design Studio 

Sherry also points out how much easier it is to stencil a floor rather than a wall, "since you’re not fighting gravity". And we really like her advice on establishing a clear "exit route" BEFORE you begin stenciling a floor. Step back, let a few areas dry, then you're free to complete the stenciling process from any point in the room.


Stenciled Floor Inspiration from Young House Love | Royal Design Studio Stencils 

How impressive are the results?! Our Silk Road Suzani Stencil looks like it was made for this unique bathroom/vanity space. Everything flows so nicely with a subtle rhythm in and around each of the rooms' corners. It's been so amazing to watch John and Sherry transform their house into a home and we can't wait to see what they do next!


Where would you stencil a floor in your home?


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    Welcome Morocco into Your Home with the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil!

    Moroccan stencil ideas for stylish home decor 

    Invite the exotic land of Marrakesh and its alluring patterns of Morocco into your home with Royal Design Studio’s Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil! This is just one from our amazing Moroccan stencil collection designed by our very own, Melanie Royals. Melanie gets her inspiration from her amazing painting retreats to Marrakesh each year (By the way, only a few spots are left for May 2014!). This particular pattern's lavish style is so popular in interior design and we can definitely see why!  


    Stencil ideas for allover floral patterns with Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil 

    The Chez Ali Stencil pattern is one of our favorite floral Moroccan stencils because it simply enchants the walls and floors of our creative customers! It’s the perfect element of embellished charm if you’re looking to add a little extra detail into your modern home décor. 


    Kitchen stenciling ideas with the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil from Royal Design Studio 

    The rich culture in Moroccan style is all about fluid lines and contrasting colors. Our Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil has an infinite amount of ways to create decorative color schemes that are sure to compliment any home decor! Have fun with its shapes that mimic Morocco’s famous royal arches and its classic keyhole doorways. 


    Moroccan stencil ideas for a stylish dining room 

    Although Moroccan patterns are traditionally painted in warm, welcoming colors, the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil clearly looks just as beautiful in cooler tones. 


    Stenciled floor allover patterns with Moroccan Stencils from Royal Design Studio 

    Painting a Moroccan floor design is also an interesting way to enhance the feel of a room. Check out the punch of color from those vibrant pinks and oranges! It's refreshing to see such an intricate pattern stenciled on the floor, rather than the expected wall. What a pleasant surprise to greet your feet!


    Where will you welcome Moroccan design into your home?


    See more of our Chez Ali and other Moroccan designs with these great stencil ideas:


    Lace Fashion Trend Hits Homes!

     New Lace Stencil Collection for Trendy Home Decor by Royal Design Studio


    Lace is tip-toeing down the runway and gracing the covers of fashion magazines, so why not bring a little of this lady-like detail into your home? Royal Design Studio makes the case for lace in home décor with our newest lace stencil collection. Featuring lace patterns from demure to dramatic, sweet to sassy, our lace collection offers something for every style and surface in your home.

      Floral Lace Stencils add a feminine touch to home decor


    If you’re looking to add a touch of femininity, without overdoing it, floral lace is the way to go. Inspired by our Skylar’s Lace Floral Stencil, our floral lacy allover stencil patterns can be soft and romantic, but still subtle enough for a classy dining room or bedroom.

     Moroccan Inspired Lace Stencils for Trendy DIY Home Decor




    For something with a little less frill, we are head-over-heels in love with the Primitivo Lace Stencil. This edgier version of lace evokes ethnic vibes and a worldly design that would look great in a laidback living room, home office or bedroom.


    Bird Lace Stencils for Kids' rooms or fun DIY Projects



    When it comes to the little ones, Sweet Tweets are our fav! These adorable sets of birdie stencils with lace accents are guaranteed to brighten any child’s nursery or playroom. We can also see them flying into a cute kitchenette or landing on a fun DIY project – try stenciling a Sweet Tweet or two onto a pillow or tablecloth.

    Whatever interior style your home may be, a touch of stenciled lace may be just what you need to update your home décor! To get you started, we’ve provided some sweet, new stencil ideas using our lace patterns in our recent Stencil How-To’s below:

    So tell us, what lace is your favorite in our new collection?