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Wonderful Wall Motif Stencil Ideas


Stencils are the chameleons of the design world - they easily adapt to any decor style, color scheme and pattern placement. One of the most versatile ways to use a stencil is as a Wall Motif. A Wall Motif is a singular stencil treatment that can be organically placed in any pattern designation and is adaptable to any surface. Create stencil art with single accents or stenciled randomly across a wall to create an allover stencil pattern - the beauty is that you decide the pattern placement and finish! Royal Design Studio has a Wall Art & Motif Stencils Collection as well as many other stencils that would work perfectly as well. Let's take a look at a few inspiring projects with wall motifs!


Random Motif Stencil Placement on Feature Wall | Wall Motif Ideas by Royal Design Studio
Victoria Lace Doily Stencil | Wall Motif Stencil Ideas
A stenciled spot motif stencil finish is perfect for feature accent walls, furniture, flooring, fabrics and more!  You can repeat to create an allover pattern stencil design and if creating a random design, you can cluster the pattern as well as stencil a single design in another - all on the same wall! 
Allover Stenciled Wall Motif Ideas | Royal Design Studio
Wall Motif Ideas by Royal Design Studio
Stenciling with Multiple Colors | Stenciled Wall Motif Ideas

The patterns also look great stenciled in different paint colors using our stencil brushes and stencil cremes as well as combining it with decorative paint treatments! We share a great tip for using either pieces of tape or stenciled proofs on paper to lay out your wall motif stencil design on the wall starting to stencil in the Stencil How To: Create a Drop Shadow Effect for a Crowning Touch. If you cut the tape the same size as the stencil, you can easily fine tune the placement of your pattern before you start, ensuring stencil success!


Stenciled Wall Motif Ideas | Royal Design Studio
Stenciled Focal Points on Furniture | Stencil Motif Ideas
Wall and Furniture Stencil Motifs | Royal Design Studio Stencil Ideas


Whether using a one layer or multi-layered design, a stencil offers multiple pattern possibilities to create creative yet structured custom wallpaper looks or as a strong singular focal point. Even if using a pattern from the Allover Damask Stencils Collection, you can use one of the single designs within the repeat pattern to create a random motif as well. All the stencils are multi-purpose and enable anyone to become highly skilled at adapting the patterns to fit the right project time and again. We hope we've inspired your creativity today. Be sure to send in those amazing stencil projects to us!


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Stencil Yourself a Tres Chic Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a dime a dozen, right? Not so fast! A gorgeous stenciled coffee table is an easy way to add unexpected panache with color and pattern. It's also one of the best ways to pair fashion with function in your living room. With an almost seemingly endless array of coffee table options, you can create your own one-of-a-kind piece with stencils from Royal Design Studio!  Sarah from Offbeat + Inspired had this same inspiration when she decided upon transforming a garage sale find for her living room - and she shows you exactly how to get creative coffee table style with stencils!

Sarah found this nondescript table at a local garage sale. After trudging it home, she found that it was hard to decide in which room it would fit in perfectly. To make matters worse, she wasn't fully pleased with any of the paint finishes she kept trying on it. Once she spied the Small French Floral Damask Stencil from the Allover Damask Stencils Collection though, it was all over. She says of the table, "Frankly, it’s uninteresting and doesn’t have a whole lot of character...I knew this design would make my coffee table anything except boring".

Sarah first started by painting the piece with Paris Gray Chalk Paint® on the legs and Old White Chalk Paint® on the table top. Then, using a stencil brush with the Smoked Oyster Stencil Creme, she stenciled in the damask pattern. With this method, she was able to avoid paint bleeds.  "I’ve not had much stenciling experience, but I have made a mess before when the paint bled or the stencils didn’t seem to line up correctly. Thankfully, I didn’t have any of those issues this time around. My strongest recommendation, however, has to be the stencil brush. If you are going to do any kind of stenciling, buy one of these  so you can avoid the headaches I’ve experienced from using other brushes." Thanks, Sarah! Please be sure to visit her incredible stenciled coffee table tutorial.

After distressing the painting and stenciling, she finished off her coffee table with Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax followed with a light coat of Soft Dark Wax. The coffee table now oozes sophistication and is a unique piece that personalizes and adds character to the living room. Sarah loves her table -- not bad for the table's Plain Jane beginnings! Tell us, are you now inspired to makeover that drab furniture piece you haven't known what to do with?

Photographs by Laura Lee Photography

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Light Up a Lampshade with Stenciling: Flea Market Style


Are you looking for a quick and colorful pick-me-up for a certain spot in your home? Something that won't cost a fortune yet will reward you for a very small investment of your time? Stenciling a drum lampshade is a super easy DIY project you can do to transform a lamp you may already have. Or, if you're the type who's on the hunt for adventure and bargains, consider a trip to your local thrift shop to find the perfect trash to treasure candidate.

That's what Flea Market Style Magazine did. And  with the help of Royal Design Studio, some white spray paint, and our Small Fleur de Lace stencil on a drum shade, they turned a cast-off lamp base into a pretty showpiece.


We stenciled this paper drum shade in our studio in two easy steps!

  1. Use a foam roller to base coat the outside of a paper lampshade with Chalk Pain®t decorative paint in Pure White. This will give you a great surface to work on, especially if the paper shade is dirty or made from a shiny material like this one was.
  2. Starting at the back, run a piece of tape along the seam and begin the stencil pattern there using Peacock Fancy Stencil Creme. Continue to repeat the pattern around the shade using the built in registration marks. When you get back to the seam, remove the tape and place it on the OTHER side to protect the area where you originally began your stenciling.

Set up a nice little vignette with your "new" lamp on a tabletop to "turn on" the style!!



3 Tips for Easy Furniture Updates

There you are driving along in your car when you spot a potential furniture piece on the side of the road. Your heart starts racing, you come to a complete stop, rush out to bring the newly loved piece home, all the while wondering how someone didn't see the potential it had for a wonderful transformation. Now as you look at it in your garage, you're stuck with how exactly to tackle this furniture makeover project. Does this sound familiar? Oh, it happens to all of us! We've rounded up three easy tips to get your creative juices flowing and get that piece on its way to Then and Wow!


Use Stencil Creme paint to update furniture hardware fast!


1) Hardware - You can change the hardware out but what if you can find the right fit and color?  Or, you really like the existing hardware but it just needs a little sprucing up?  Paint it! One of my fave products is Royal Design Studio's Stencil Creme Paints. Not only are they great for stenciling, but they are also fantastic to highlight furniture details and change the color of the hardware. The metallic colors shimmer enticingly, are durable and you can wash out your tools with soap and water. It's a win-win-win.



2) Adding + Subtracting - Take stock of what you need in your home and tackle the piece with these requirements. Want more shelf space? Take out the large bottom drawer and hardware and leave a now-open space to store books easily. Add a backing to an open bookshelf, like The Sagens did below, and create a more custom and structured bookcase.  Making minor adjustments can be an easy DIY project and help create a piece that looks great and works perfectly in your home.



3) Stencils - We all know paint can change a piece overnight. But stencils? Ohhh, stencil patterns can make a world of difference! They can be an unexpected splash of color and design on the back of a bookcase, on the drawers (and inside!) or take an overlooked piece like a blah black TV tray and make it a conversation piece. You can mix and match designs as well as play with scale and color combinations. The creative world is your oyster when it comes to stencil possibilities!


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Stenciled Drop-Down Desk is Drop-Dead Gorgeous


Stenciled DropDown Desk with Lacy Leaves pattern from Royal Design Studio

HGTV knows a little bit about makeovers, and this stenciled drop-down desk in their Jan/Feb 2014 issue features an amazing transformation of just the sort of furniture that you can find at yard sales, thrift stores, and (if you a very lucky) sitting out on a curb somewhere.

They took a boring, "last century" desk and turned it into a fun, colorful piece with just a couple of cans of paint, and a few easy steps!

  1. Clean and remove all hardware and patch all holes.
  2. Paint the interior with a lighter shade of the paint color of your choice.
  3. Paint the exterior of the desk with a darker shade of paint.
  4. Use spray adhesive to adhere a small stencil (like our Lacy Leaves Furniture stencil) to the center of the drawers and stencil with the lighter shade.
  5. Drill new holes for updated crystal knobs.
  6. Enjoy!

We always appreciate when magazines request our stencil patterns and love to see and share them here! Here's a few more magazine posts of stenciled projects to inspire you!



Inspiring Before + After Stenciled Furniture Projects!

Stenciling and painting furniture is a great way to give new life to an older piece and transform its look completely. There's a certain joy to seeing a DIY Painted Furniture project go from a possibly neglected state to being a focal point in your home.  The process is a relatively easy one, with products such as Chalk Paint® decorative paint and Stencil Cremes to help makeover anything from chairs to tables to dressers to larger items such as a wardrobe. Royal Design Studio also has an extensive Furniture Stencils Collection that makes it super easy to find the best pattern for your furniture at the right size.  You can adapt your furniture re-do to any color scheme that works with your home and it's an ideal weekend project. Let's see a few inspiring before and after stenciled furniture projects by some of our most creative customers and friends!


Preparing to Sand, Paint and Stencil a Table Top
Stenciled Table Top Ideas with Royal Design Studio

Jaimee from Craft Interruped is a furniture makeover dynamo and we were so pleased to see this then and wow! transformation. She used the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil from the Allover Moroccan Stencils Collection and our fave part is that she used a third color in the mix. Very inspired! Be sure to check out the stenciled and painted coffee table post on her blog.


Prepping a Dresser for Stenciling
French Poem Stenciled Dresser | Chalk Paint® and Springtime in Paris Stencil

Marian of Miss Mustard Seed expertly transforms thrift store finds and we love seeing all her new "antiques".  We were so pleased to see this très chic dresser styled with our Springtime in Paris Letter Stencil. She showcased her Stenciled French Poem Dresser on her blog and shares that she used Cream Chalk Paint® decorative paint as the base and Paris Grey Chalk Paint® to stencil in the french poem lettering. So lovely!

An IKEA Armoire Gets Stenciled | IKEA Hack with Royal Design Studio Stencils
Transforming an IKEA Armoire with Stencils | Eastern Lattice Moroccan Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Angela Gorini Perrone of Divine Rooms is a decorative artist based in Brooklyn, NY. We recommended her to interior designer Tamara Matthews-Stephenson of Nest by Tamara and together they collaborated on giving a facelift to a plain IKEA armoire. Our Large Eastern Lattice Moroccan Stencil helped refresh the ten-year old wardrobe and Tamara was so pleased, she wrote a blog post on her stenciled armoire. Doesn't the stencil make it?? We love the color they chose, too!


Ideas to Transform Old, Weathered and Distressed Furniture with Paint and Stencils | Royal Design Studio

Beautiful stenciled furniture is always in style - whether it's big OR small! Hannah of Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget had two distressed TV tables that had clearly seen better days. The modern Hollywood Squares stencil fit her style perfectly and after sanding them, she sprayed them with black lacquer and filled in the stencil design with a gold leaf pen. Easy-peasy! She has the play-by-play action on her stenciled TV Tray project over on her blog.

With a fresh coat of paint and your fave stencil pattern, your furniture can get a whole new look without breaking the bank! Be sure to send us your Before + After pics to -- we're always looking for inspired stencil ideas to share! Have a creative day, Stencilistas!

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Herringbone Shuffle Stencil! A Classic Pattern with a Modern Twist

Great wall stencil projects using the Herringbone Shuffle Stencil from Royal Design Studio


A Classic with a Twist!  The historic and yet oh-so-contemporary herringbone pattern was given a unique vibe for the Bonnie Christine Stencil Collection.  The Herringbone Shuffle Stencil combines the geometric rectangular shapes with a fun feel that you can stencil with multiple colors of your choice.  The pattern is ideal for feature walls or as craft and furniture accents -- and many of you thought so, too, as it's become one of the best-selling stencils evah at Royal Design Studio.  We've gathered up some of our favorite projects with the stencil pattern and they may just inspire you to do the Herringbone Shuffle!


Herringbone stencil pattern for walls. Herringbone Shuffle Stencil from Royal Design Studio


This super pretty hallway wall makeover was by Jaimee of Craft Interrupted. She used seven colors with her stencil -- yes, it IS that versatile!  She accented it with an antique frame she found for free (score!) and a bench she re-upholstered. Our hearts were soaring when she said that our stencils have "sparked a fire for design in her heart because it's so exciting to see the changes happening in our house with these stencil projects"! If you're chomping at the bit to snag her look, don't miss her stenciled herringbone hallway post.


Herringbone stencil pattern on furniture. A colorful stenciled storage bench in and entryway


Jessica from Mad in Crafts decided to use her stencil on furniture!  She wanted to change the overall first impression her guests had of her home by updating her foyer. One of her key elements was stenciling a storage bench she bought for $10!  By using five of her fave colors, she created a light and bright space and added needed storage for her family. Win-win!


Use a stencil to create a painted headboard! The Herringbone Shuffle Stencil from Royal Design Studio


Abbey from The Cards We Drew zigged instead of zagged and decided to use her Herringbone Shuffle Stencil to create a painted headboard. How creative is that?? She stenciled it for her son's room using four colors (one a metallic) and hung a fab custom monogram she bought for him over it. The colors, furniture choices and pattern created a classy, preppy room that will remain fresh as he grows. Be sure not to miss her stenciled headboard blog post!


Stenciled pegboard project using Herringbone Shuffle stencil from Royal Design Studio


Creating a glam, girly DIY studio shop was a priority for Erin of DIY on the Cheap.  She took one look at the Herringbone Shuffle Stencil and knew that she could create a colorful, fun spot to hang all her brushes and tools.  To create her stenciled workshop pegboard, she used a stencil brush with the Bright Gold Stencil Creme (and three other happy colors).  Erin says, "I love Royal Design Studio stencils because they are really easy to work with. They’re not too flimsy and they’re just the right size. They’re big enough to cover a large surface, but not so big that they’re difficult to manage." Thanks, Erin!


Herrinbone stencil pattern stenciled on a feature wall. Herringbone Shuffle Stencil from Royal Design Studio


Both DIYers and pros have fallen in love with this stencil! Decorative Painter Tom Henman of Pennsylvania had a client who wanted to pull all the colors from the surrounding area into this transition space. Voila! Using the stencil was a perfect solution and Tom shares with us that his client loved it!


Decorative artist Tony Stafki of Walls of Art also used the Herringbone Shuffle Stencil to great success.  He and designer Stephanie Goldfarb of The Divine Living Space collaborated on a fun and happy color scheme for the stenciling of a girl's room -- it adds just the right amount of interest and pattern without being overwhelming. What a super cute space!


Stenciled entryway using Herringbone Shuffle stencil pattern from Royal Design Studio


The lovely Myra from My Blessed Life created a calm and relaxing vibe with the colors she chose to use with the stencil. Good thing because it's an oft-used part of her home: the family's foyer and drop space area! Using a stencil brush and the ceiling filler stencil that comes with the pattern, she stenciled her chosen four colors before completing her stenciled wall with shelving and decor accents.

So, are you ready to do the Herringbone Shuffle?  We're dancing to that groove!  Of course, if you've already used it (or another other stencil!), send in your results to -- we always love to feature creative customers with their exciting new stenciled spaces!


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Opposites Attract! Black and White Stenciling

 Black and White DIY Stencil Projects for classy and timeless home decor. 

Sure, black and white is classic, but pair it with our stencil patterns and it is far from stuffy! In fact depending on the pattern, this timeless element can be bold, sophisticated, clean, vintage or modern. Here are a few of our favorite high contrast stencil projects that are both expressive and beautiful.

Black and white wall stencil ideas | Royal Design Studio


Make a small room feel sophisticated with black and white walls as seen in the examples above. Add gold or silver accents to complete this classy space for an overall regal interior. Our Nova Trellis Stencil (left) and Moorish Trellis Wall Stencil (right) share a perfect balance between light and dark, don't you think?

 Black and White DIY Furniture Inspiration | Royal Design Studio

Black and white paint and patterns highlight the unique details commonly found in an older piece of furniture. Our Classic Damask Stencil (right) on this buffet table enhances its overall vintage mood. For just a little of this high contrast look, try stenciling a black and white pattern, like our Eastern Lattice Moroccan Stencil on just the cabinet doors above. The mostly white look creates a very clean look, without sacrificing any style.

Stencil Ideas for a Black and White Floor | Royal Design Studio


This is our best example of how the same color combination can create its own atmosphere when using different patterns. Mesmerize your entryway with our Modern Chevron Wall Stencil (right) on the floor or stencil an intricate floor cloth (left) to serve as a beautiful area rug. See how we achieved this gorgeous effect in just a few simple steps: Chalk Paint™ Stenciled Floor Cloth.
Whether you're planning a major makeover or just looking to spruce-up your space, consider black and white stencils throughout your home. Additional color is simply unnecessary.
Where would a black and white stencil project look best in your home?
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