Stencil Ideas

A Pillow Buzzing with Stenciled BEE-uty

Susan of Living Rich on Less shared the most adorable springtime DIY project on her blog last month using Royal Design Studio’s Beehive Allover Furniture Stencil. We loved her project so much that we HAD to share it with all of you stencil lovers.

So, let's jump right in. First, the supplies you will need for this project:

Royal Design Studio’s Beehive Allover Furniture Stencil

Royal Stencil Cremes: Bronze Age and Pearl Oyster

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Wonderful Wall Motif Stencil Ideas

Stencils are the chameleons of the design world - they easily adapt to any decor style, color scheme and pattern placement. One of the most versatile ways to use a stencil is as a Wall Motif. A Wall Motif is a singular stencil treatment that can be organically placed in any pattern designation and is adaptable to any surface. Create stencil art with single accents or stenciled randomly across a wall to create an allover stencil pattern - the beauty is that you decide the pattern placement and finish! Royal Design Studio has a Wall Art & Motif Stencils Collection as well as many other stencils that would work perfectly as well. Let's take a look at a few inspiring projects with wall motifs! View full article →

4 Ways to Use Stencil Crèmes for Fun Easter Eggs

Let’s face it – dying eggs has been done. After all, food dye only comes in so many colors! If you are looking for something new this Easter, or if you want to create a beautiful centerpiece for your Easter table, we have four ways to use our Royal Design Stencil Crèmes to make truly beautiful Easter Eggs! View full article →

How to Stencil a Professional Looking Ceiling Detail

Painted detailing around a formal dining room chandelier is, in a word, stunning! But if, like me, you don’t happen to have the cash to commission a professional artist to add one for you, you may be feeling like it’s not possible. Luckily, you can easily recreate the look all by yourself using a stencil, a little bit of paint and a couple of hours during your next free weekend!

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Hometalk Giveaway is Perfect for a Mom and her Princess

Do you remember our cool ‘Girl bedrooms inspired by Disney’s Frozen’ post? Well, it caught the eye of our friends at Hometalk. They are giving away the most delightful items to invigorate your home with color this Spring and invited us to join in the fun! View full article →

How to Stencil a Recessed Furniture Panel: the Easy Way!

Furniture painting can be a super fun and rewarding project, as well as a great opportunity to incorporate a variety of 
stencils from Royal Design Studio. Here in our studio, we love transforming inexpensive thrift store furniture finds into little showpieces for our many patterns.  Furniture panels, such as those found on doors or the sides of furniture, are an obvious place to stencil a small allover pattern, but if the area is recessed, it can be challenging to get the pattern to stencil cleanly into the sides and corners. As we were stenciling this small side table recently with patterns from our latest Indian Stencils Collection, we thought we should share the easy way we stenciled the side panels with our Jali Allover Indian Furniture Stencil.


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A Chic and Welcoming Stenciled Foyer Entry

Creating a warm, beckoning foyer is essential for greeting guests and welcoming them into your home. It's also important to design an inviting entry that makes you happy to be home! Pam from Simple Details recently found herself using one of our stencils to add great presence to her "boring" entrance and we were charmed by how she designed and transformed a small space with big stencil style. Read on! View full article →

3 Easy Stencil Techniques Featuring Our Indian Stencils Collection

Whenever we come out with new stencil patterns, as we recently did when we added some beautiful new stencils to our Indian Stencils Collection, we always have fun putting them to the test with some simple stencil finishes to inspire you. Read on to see 3 easy (and one unusual) ways to use these pretty new designs!  The Annapakshi Indian Damask Stencil is an original stencil pattern based on India's mythological white bird that is believed to live in heaven. It represents purity, prosperity and beauty. We love it so much that we have it available in three sizes. The mystical Annapakshi resembles a peacock, so we decided to interpret the medium-sized version of this new stencil design in regal peacock blues! View full article →

Surprise! A New Free Stencil Gift for You Every Month

Freebies are always so much fun, especially when they are pretty and usable! Did you know that for all of this year, Royal Design Studio is including a beautiful free Stencil of the Month with every order? No matter how small the order, you will find a cute little stencil wrapped up with your shipment with our compliments. What’s best is that the designs change every month and they are inspired by our monthly theme on our daily digital design magazine Paint + Pattern. View full article →

A Design Dilemma Floored by Stencils!

Imagine this - you have older wood floors with a few stains and you'd love a cost-effective, beautiful way to fix them. Painting and stenciling with Royal Design Studio stencils could be the solution! Portland artist and illustrator Peggy Jackson ran into this very issue recently with her dining room floors. After visiting her local Oregon Chalk Paint® decorative paint stockist, The Purple Pear, she was totally charmed by the creative possibilities that stencils and Chalk Paint® together provide. View full article →