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Stencil Spotlight: The Versatile Nova Trellis Stencil

Stencil Spotlight: The Versatile Nova Trellis Stencil
Today, we shine the Stencil Spotlight on a diamond-inspired trellis pattern that is a gem for stenciled feature walls and wallpaper looks alike. A little bit harlequin, a little bit geometric, and a little bit tribal, the Nova Trellis Stencil offers a LOT of versatility in a fast and easy stencil pattern. A design that is a breeze to stencil, the Nova Trellis could be the perfect pattern for your next weekend stencil project-large or small. But, the proof is in the painting. Read on for three great stencil project ideas, and tips for getting them done fast... Nova Trellis Stencil creates lovely dining room feature wall | Royal Design Studio

Instant Architecture!

Like many condos, this one features an open-space floor plan that was sorely lacking in architectural details. A very minimal recessed wall area was all that was defining this petite dining space between the kitchen and living areas. Enter the Nova Trellis stencil in a sharp-looking black on white color scheme to accent, delineate, and define the space with a fab Feature Wall Stencil Project  that accents the dining table and sets the stage for entertaining or intimate dinners for two.

A simple stenciled feature wall of this size could easily be done in a few hours. The open pattern of the Nova Trellis design allows you to cover a lot of area quickly. You can make quick work of this type of project when you use a larger 1 1/2" Stencil Brush along with the creamy, opaque coverage you can get with our Stencil Creme Paint in Flat Black. Check out basic stencil instructions for using Stencil Cremes here.
PRO Stencil Tip! When stenciling a feature wall with a symmetrical pattern be sure to find the CENTER of the space vertically and begin your pattern along that line. That will allow your stencil design to finish in the same way at each side edge.

Create an allover wallpaper effect with the Nova Trellis Stencil from Royal Design Studio

Roll on a Custom Wallpaper Effect

One of the biggest advantages of stenciling versus wallpaper is that with stencils YOU get to make all the design and color selections yourself, rather that choosing the best fit from limited manufacturer options. For this stenciled wallpaper look in a master bath project, Mandi, of the amazing Vintage Revivals blog, said she chose the Nova Trellis stencil pattern because, "I love it [...] it is ethnic and modern and clean all rolled into one happy package!"

Mandi used a 3/8" nap roller for the neutral, tone-on-tone stenciling here. The trick, as always, is to offload a LOT of excess paint from the roller onto paper towels each time you load it. This will prevent that dreaded paint seepage under the stencil, and is ESPECIALLY important when working over textured walls.
While many people assume that stenciling a bathroom will be a quick and easy project (it's small, right?!), bathrooms can present some "special" challenges as you have to work around fixtures (like that toilet) and there will be lots of corners to contend with. A fairly open and simple pattern like the Nova Trellis Stencil will be an asset for bathroom stenciling because it will be fairly easy to work through corners and in awkward areas.
Pro Stencil Tip! When stenciling corners, remember that you can only press the stencil flat on one wall at a time. Leave the stencil hanging loose from the adjoining wall as you stencil into the corner, then shift the tape to fix the stencil to the adjoining wall and let it hang free from the previous one as you move through the corner.
Royal Design Studio's Nova Trellis Stencil is the perfect pattern for a nursery or young child's room. 

Stencil it Sweetly for a Modern Nursery

With stenciling, the color choices are ALL yours!! Here, the graphic trellis pattern shows its softer side in a sweet white on blue color scheme. This feature wall stencil project was done by the talented designer Laurie March, from HGTV's The House Counselor for a little boy's nursery that can easily transition into the perfect bedroom for a young child.
Even if you are a renter, you can still adopt this stenciled feature wall idea by stenciling on something moveable or reusable and affixing it to the wall behind a crib or changing table. Use a thin piece of painted plywood, or even an inexpensive drop cloth, as seen in this Indian Paisley Wall Stencil project.
Are you inspired now to find the perfect space for a Nova Trellis Stencil Project??
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    Opposites Attract! Black and White Stenciling

     Black and White DIY Stencil Projects for classy and timeless home decor. 

    Sure, black and white is classic, but pair it with our stencil patterns and it is far from stuffy! In fact depending on the pattern, this timeless element can be bold, sophisticated, clean, vintage or modern. Here are a few of our favorite high contrast stencil projects that are both expressive and beautiful.

    Black and white wall stencil ideas | Royal Design Studio


    Make a small room feel sophisticated with black and white walls as seen in the examples above. Add gold or silver accents to complete this classy space for an overall regal interior. Our Nova Trellis Stencil (left) and Moorish Trellis Wall Stencil (right) share a perfect balance between light and dark, don't you think?

     Black and White DIY Furniture Inspiration | Royal Design Studio

    Black and white paint and patterns highlight the unique details commonly found in an older piece of furniture. Our Classic Damask Stencil (right) on this buffet table enhances its overall vintage mood. For just a little of this high contrast look, try stenciling a black and white pattern, like our Eastern Lattice Moroccan Stencil on just the cabinet doors above. The mostly white look creates a very clean look, without sacrificing any style.

    Stencil Ideas for a Black and White Floor | Royal Design Studio


    This is our best example of how the same color combination can create its own atmosphere when using different patterns. Mesmerize your entryway with our Modern Chevron Wall Stencil (right) on the floor or stencil an intricate floor cloth (left) to serve as a beautiful area rug. See how we achieved this gorgeous effect in just a few simple steps: Chalk Paint™ Stenciled Floor Cloth.
    Whether you're planning a major makeover or just looking to spruce-up your space, consider black and white stencils throughout your home. Additional color is simply unnecessary.
    Where would a black and white stencil project look best in your home?
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    Bee-utiful Stenciled Bedroom Accent Wall with the French Bee Trellis!

    Beautiful Stenciled Wall with the French Bee Trellis Stencil | Royal Design Studio 


    Master bedrooms come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so how to design your own relaxing space? Jamie Lundstrom of So Much Better with Age faced that dilemma, including incorporating both her and husband's design tastes into the mix. Her solution? A Royal Design Studio Stencil that added a touch of drama and shimmer to the bedroom and resulted in an elegant design they both loved. Let's check in with Jamie as she shares her easy and fast stencil ideas to decorate a bedroom.

    French Bee Trellis Wall Stencil | Royal Design Studio 

    Jamie knew she wanted a wallpaper look, but the thought of installation and future removal didn't appeal to her. "Removing wallpaper again is a job I’d pass on any day of the week! So when I came across Royal Design Studio, I was amazed how much stencils can look like a wallpaper treatment." She finally chose the French Bee Trellis Stencil from the Allover Damask Stencil Collection. She explains, "The hardest part was choosing which stencil I wanted as there was so many good ones!" To complete her planned wallpaper treatment, she also chose the Antique Gold Stencil Creme and 1.5" Stencil Brush.


    Stenciling Materials & Process | French Bee Trellis Stencil from Royal Design Studio 
    Jamie found her first stenciling project easy and in fact, completed her stenciled feature wall in 2.5 hours. She felt the products made all the difference. "I highly suggest buying the stencil creme paint with the stencil.  If I had used a regular type of craft or latex paint, It would not have these gorgeous results! With the dry brushing technique, you need very little paint. A little pot will do!" Please be sure to see Jamie's bee-utiful stenciled wall project post for all her tips and design details!
    Stenciled Feature Wall Inspiration | French Bee Trellis from Royal Design Studio 
    Such lovely results!  We adore how the stenciled feature wall sets the tone for the whole room and pulls in all design details effortlessly. It really IS that fast and easy for a stencil to transform a space!  Many thanks to Jamie for sharing her project with us. Be sure to catch more projects and tips on our Facebook fan page and Pinterest boards
    What bee-utiful project do you want to stencil next?
    Need inspiration for other areas of your home? Follow the links to get great decorating and stencil design ideas!

    Do It Yourself Magazine Gets Ziggy With It!

     DIY Magazine Features Get Ziggy With It Wall Stencil | Royal Design Studio 
    Ever get ziggy with it?! Well Better Homes and Gardens' Do It Yourself Magazine definitely does! A feature article from their latest issue shares Royal Design Studio's Get Ziggy With It Stencil in a budget-friendly living room update. Their super-fun DIY tips show us how to create trendy home decor without "breaking the bank"!
     DIY Magazine Features Get Ziggy With It Stencil | Royal Design Studio 
    Do It Yourself Magazine chose our Get Ziggy With It stencil for a fresh and modern herringbone pattern, which clearly did the trick! By pairing slightly different shades of playful yellow paint, they created this subtle tone on tone effect. We love the suggestion of stenciling only a portion of the wall for an element of surprise and to really make the design your own. Do It Yourself Magazine even offers stenciling ideas on a smaller scale, including this fun, bright accent pillow. Like most of Royal Design Studio's stencil collection, Get Ziggy With It's unique pattern also works beautifully on fabric.  
    We are right there with Do It Yourself Magazine when they ask readers, "Why pay top dollar for trendy decor when you can make it yourself?" Let Royal Design Studio stencils bring out your inner-designer and watch your home decorating dreams unfold! 
    So, which room will be updated with stencils in your home next? 
    For more modern stencil ideas, check out these awesome Herringbone-inspired projects!

      A Breath of Fresh Air from Benjamin Moore

      Benjamin Moore's New Neutral Collection creates calm and beautiful interiors with Royal Design Studio Stencils


      Let's talk color. At this very moment, we are anticipating a world of easy neutrals with just a hint of color, according to Benjamin Moore’s 2014 color forecast. With an emphasis on the harmony found in color combinations, these latest selections create a sense of calm, relaxation, and comfort in the home.

      Whether you tend to lean towards Benjamin Moore's sophisticated gray or the serene blues, there are endless ways to decorate with these subtle hues with any of our stencil patterns from Royal Design Studio. Below are just a few of our favorite ways to stencil your home. 

      Casbah Trellis Moroccan Stencil in Benjamin Moore's soothing Van Deusen Blue paint.

      For example, how soothing is this shade of Van Deusen Blue paired with our Casbah Trellis Stencil? It would make the perfect feature wall in a home office or studio, clearing your thoughts and inspiring creativity. Sit back, relax. Kick your feet up on a rich teal ottoman and let your imagination run wild!

      Benjamin Moore's A Breath of Fresh Air paint color is light and perfect for a stenciled clean and breezy entry way.

      If you’re looking to add just a few subtle accents, consider stenciling a smaller area like this refreshing door design. Greet your guests with the Camel Bone Weave Moroccan Stencil painted in Benjamin Moore’s A Breath of Fresh Air - so fitting for a bright and clean entry way.

      French Floral Damask Stencil is refined but cozy in Benjamin Moore's Flint gray paint.

      Our French Floral Damask with Benjamin Moore’s Flint brings a balance of elegance and comfort to any room. Enjoy the most luxurious down time with these soft gray tones, the perfect blanket and a good read.

      As the year begins to wind down, think calm with smooth texture when drawing inspiration for your home. And remember to keep things fresh and light with Royal Design Studio stencils and Benjamin Moore’s “New Neutrals”!

      Which new neutral stencil style do you like best?


      For more soft and subtle stenciled hues, check out these painted projects:

      Tone on Tone Finishes for Elegantly Stenciled Decor

      Painted in Similar Tones and Finishes Stencils make for Elegant Decor | Royal Design Studio  

      Stenciled monochromatic tone on tone finishes create the perfect subtle and sophisticated texture for interiors. It’s a soft treatment resulting in elegant wall patterns that will take any room from bland to beautiful in the chicest way possible.

      Stenciled Tone on Tone Finishes Make for Elegant Decor | Segreto Finishes Project | Royal Design Studio Stencil 

      Segreto Finishes are masters at creating neutral spaces that wow! Owner Leslie Sinclair and her team created a custom wallpaper look with the Large Entwined Trellis Stencil painted with metallics for a soft shimmer. We love how light and bright this feels, as everything seems to be reflecting off those silver touches! It's such an easy way to create a luxe look for less!

      Soft tone on tone finishes for elegant wall patterns by Caroline Lizaragga 

      Hospitality and commercial projects also benefit from subtle finishes. Decorative artist Caroline Lizarraga was inspired by the antique damask walls of Florentine palazzos and used -- fittingly -- the Florentine Damask Stencil in a restaurant's private dining room. It was the perfect warm, background finish for the owner's art collection.

      Allover Brocade Stencil from Royal Design Studio painted in a soft, rosy tone on tone finish 

      China-based artist David Hsueh of Bella Vista Studio is a long-time fan of Royal Design Studio Stencils and uses the patterns in almost all of his projects. He used the Allover Brocade Stencil in graceful honey beige tones for a formal living room. What a beautiful way to make a space feel grand and intimate at the same time!

      Inspiration for subtle, neutral wall stencil patterns | Fortuny Stencil by Royal Design Studio 

      Designer and artist Rachael Goddard of Paint/Design/Décor is known for her bright and bold projects but she is also comfortable with quiet, classic stenciled wall finishes like this one, for a client's nursery. The Fortuny Stencil is inspired by the famed Fortuny silks and when combined with graphite and grey, creates a decidedly contemporary fabric wall finish. So lovely!

      Slight variations in color and sheen paired with your chosen stencil pattern is the key to designing a space that balances serenity and your creativity. We hope you've enjoyed these tasteful stencil ideas for creating a home with a calm and fresh aesthetic!

      How will you incorporate soft and subtle stenciled finishes in your home?

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      Welcome Morocco into Your Home with the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil!

      Moroccan stencil ideas for stylish home decor 

      Invite the exotic land of Marrakesh and its alluring patterns of Morocco into your home with Royal Design Studio’s Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil! This is just one from our amazing Moroccan stencil collection designed by our very own, Melanie Royals. Melanie gets her inspiration from her amazing painting retreats to Marrakesh each year (By the way, only a few spots are left for May 2014!). This particular pattern's lavish style is so popular in interior design and we can definitely see why!  


      Stencil ideas for allover floral patterns with Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil 

      The Chez Ali Stencil pattern is one of our favorite floral Moroccan stencils because it simply enchants the walls and floors of our creative customers! It’s the perfect element of embellished charm if you’re looking to add a little extra detail into your modern home décor. 


      Kitchen stenciling ideas with the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil from Royal Design Studio 

      The rich culture in Moroccan style is all about fluid lines and contrasting colors. Our Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil has an infinite amount of ways to create decorative color schemes that are sure to compliment any home decor! Have fun with its shapes that mimic Morocco’s famous royal arches and its classic keyhole doorways. 


      Moroccan stencil ideas for a stylish dining room 

      Although Moroccan patterns are traditionally painted in warm, welcoming colors, the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil clearly looks just as beautiful in cooler tones. 


      Stenciled floor allover patterns with Moroccan Stencils from Royal Design Studio 

      Painting a Moroccan floor design is also an interesting way to enhance the feel of a room. Check out the punch of color from those vibrant pinks and oranges! It's refreshing to see such an intricate pattern stenciled on the floor, rather than the expected wall. What a pleasant surprise to greet your feet!


      Where will you welcome Moroccan design into your home?


      See more of our Chez Ali and other Moroccan designs with these great stencil ideas:


      Stenciled Patterns Give Guest Rooms the "Royal" Treatment

      Stenciled Pattern Ideas for Guest Rooms

      Stencils are an easy DIY project to update your guestroom.

      It’s time to spruce up your guest rooms for the holiday season. Sure you have your holiday bed linens and throws, but this year really make the room feel special with a gorgeous DIY wall stencil makeover. After their weary winter traveling, when they finally enter your new decadent bedroom, they will feel like they’ve been given the Royal treatment!

      Stenciled Feature Wall with Hollywood Squares Stencil from Royal Design Studio


      As a quick and easy alternative to wallpaper, Royal Design Studio stencils can completely change the overall feel of a room with even the slightest touch of a brush. Show-stopping feature walls, like the examples above and below will surely wow your guests! 

      Updated Guest Room with Stencil Patterns from Royal Design Studio


      From the geometric pattern of our Hollywood Squares Stencil to the elegant Chez Sheik Moroccan Stencil, our versatile stencil collection caters to your personal style. Make it your own by choosing your favorite colors for a custom look.


      Large Moorish Trellis Stencil for Guest Room Makeover


      For example, take a look at the these two beautiful rooms featuring our Large Moorish Stencil. Just by using a different base coat, the stencil pattern takes on a completely new life, telling a story of it's own. And we are just dying over the glamorous results!


      Stencil Ideas for Guest Room Feature Wall


      Spoil your guests a little with a special haven for the holidays. They will sure to be extra thankful for your thoughtfulness and the warm, welcoming feeling you’ve provided!

      Which stencil will you use to give your guests the Royal treatment?


      This is part of a series of Sprucing your Home Décor for the Holidays. Below are the links to the other inspirations: