Stencil Ideas

Putting on the Glitz with Metallic Stenciling Ideas

Stencils add SO much design and visual appeal to a space. By pairing them with luscious metallics, you have radiant surfaces that ooze chic stencil style! You can easily mix and match your Royal Design Studio Stencils with metallic Royal Stencil Cremes, metal leaf for gilding, metallic foils and metallic paint to add dazzling metallic effects to your project. Since a stencil allows you customize your preferred pattern with your fave colors, you also have our choice of any eye-catching colors like gold, silver, copper, bronze, pearls and a myriad of other yummy shades in between. We've rounded up some of our favorite ideas from our friends to show you ideas that add a glam touch of luxury to your decor. View full article →

A Mid-Century Furniture Twist with Mod Floral Stencils

One of the "haute-est" looks going is fab mid-century modern furniture transformations. Nothing beats the clean architectural details and aesthetic -- and the look can be be enhanced by using stencils from Royal Design Studio. The recent floral stencil patterns added to our Allover Modern Stencils Collection have a global modern feel and when our friend Danielle from the lovely Finding Silver Pennies blog expressed interest in them, we knew they would be perfect for her mid-century dresser. View full article →

Light Up a Lampshade with Stenciling: Flea Market Style

Are you looking for a quick and colorful pick-me-up for a certain spot in your home? Something that won't cost a fortune yet will reward you for a very small investment of your time? Stenciling a drum lampshade is a super easy DIY project you can do to transform a lamp you may already have. Or, if you're the type who's on the hunt for adventure and bargains, consider a trip to your local thrift shop to find the perfect trash to treasure candidate.
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Pretty in Pink with Stencils!

Think Pink! The color Pink is a great way to add style and panache to your home - it's not just for little girls any more! When paired with stencil patterns from Royal Design Studio, the charming color can take on a sophisticated feel and be perfect for both men and women. Pink is also closely associated with love and romance and it's a playful color that most respond to positively. There is a pink for every design scheme, from soft and subtle to full of verve and pop -- much like the versatile array of stencil patterns available! So get "in the pink" and see what these color-savvy stenciled rooms have in store for you! View full article →

3 Tips for Easy Furniture Updates

There you are driving along in your car when you spot a potential furniture piece on the side of the road. Your heart starts racing, you come to a complete stop, rush out to bring the newly loved piece home, all the while wondering how someone didn't see the potential it had for a wonderful transformation. Now as you look at it in your garage, you're stuck with how exactly to tackle this furniture makeover project. Does this sound familiar? Oh, it happens to all of us! We've rounded up three easy tips to get your creative juices flowing and get that piece on its way to Then and Wow! View full article →

Nursery Decorating Ideas for Chic Stenciled Nurseries

When it comes to nursery decorating ideas, there is an amazing abundance of nursery pins, nursery themes and nursery decor inspiration when designing a space for your wee little one -- and can anything be more fun?? One of the most creative and cost-effective ideas for decorating a nursery is to stencil it - not only can you use any color scheme but there is also a wide variety of stencil pattern styles to choose from. Stencils from Royal Design Studio are also easy to use and perfect for any surface from the walls and ceiling to the fabrics and furniture. In fact, a few of our creative friends designed gorgeous stenciled nurseries and we thought they might inspire you to create the perfect magical space for your bundle of joy! View full article →

Stenciled Drop-Down Desk is Drop-Dead Gorgeous

HGTV knows a little bit about makeovers, and this stenciled drop-down desk in their Jan/Feb issue features an amazing transformation of just the sort of furniture that you can find at yard sales, thrift stores, and (if you a very lucky) sitting out on a curb somewhere. They took a boring, "last century" desk and turned it into a fun, colorful piece with just a couple of cans of paint, and a few easy steps!

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Inspiring Before + After Stenciled Furniture Projects!

Stenciling and painting furniture is a great way to give new life to an older piece and transform its look completely. There's a certain joy to seeing a DIY Painted Furniture project go from a possibly neglected state to being a focal point in your home. The process is a relatively easy one, with products such as Chalk Paint® decorative paint and Stencil Cremes to help makeover anything from chairs to tables to dressers to larger items such as a wardrobe. Royal Design Studio also has an extensive Furniture Stencils Collection that makes it super easy to find the best pattern for your furniture at the right size. You can adapt your furniture re-do to any color scheme that works with your home and it's an ideal weekend project. Let's see a few inspiring before and after stenciled furniture projects by some of our most creative customers and friends! View full article →

Colorful DIY Organizing Ideas with Stencils

The new year is the perfect time to get more organized and freshen up your work/play space. We decided it was tome to create a more colorful office in our graphic design room, and were inspired by our newest stencils in our Modern Stencils Collection to help us do just that! We have some great new "global modern" inspired designs that are sized both for wall and furniture/craft stenciling, and found these to be the perfect fit on some bright magazine boxes and an old corkboard. A little planning and color coordination with our Metallic Stencil Creme paints, and we were on our way! These are very quick and easy DIY stencil projects that you can do in a few hours, so let's get stenciling.... View full article →

Add Fresh Style to a Room with a Stenciled Feature Wall

Featured in the January-February, 2014 issue of the “Fresh Style” magazine, this pretty stenciled feature wall project illustrates how a simple Fabric Damask stencil can transform any boring and drab space into a gorgeous, artistic one of a kind dining room. Fresh Style shows how a wall stencil from Royal Design Studio gives this small dining room the look and feel of a tastefully decorated, spacious art gallery. View full article →