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Tone on Tone Finishes for Elegantly Stenciled Decor

Painted in Similar Tones and Finishes Stencils make for Elegant Decor | Royal Design Studio  

Stenciled monochromatic tone on tone finishes create the perfect subtle and sophisticated texture for interiors. It’s a soft treatment resulting in elegant wall patterns that will take any room from bland to beautiful in the chicest way possible.

Stenciled Tone on Tone Finishes Make for Elegant Decor | Segreto Finishes Project | Royal Design Studio Stencil 

Segreto Finishes are masters at creating neutral spaces that wow! Owner Leslie Sinclair and her team created a custom wallpaper look with the Large Entwined Trellis Stencil painted with metallics for a soft shimmer. We love how light and bright this feels, as everything seems to be reflecting off those silver touches! It's such an easy way to create a luxe look for less!

Soft tone on tone finishes for elegant wall patterns by Caroline Lizaragga 

Hospitality and commercial projects also benefit from subtle finishes. Decorative artist Caroline Lizarraga was inspired by the antique damask walls of Florentine palazzos and used -- fittingly -- the Florentine Damask Stencil in a restaurant's private dining room. It was the perfect warm, background finish for the owner's art collection.

Allover Brocade Stencil from Royal Design Studio painted in a soft, rosy tone on tone finish 

China-based artist David Hsueh of Bella Vista Studio is a long-time fan of Royal Design Studio Stencils and uses the patterns in almost all of his projects. He used the Allover Brocade Stencil in graceful honey beige tones for a formal living room. What a beautiful way to make a space feel grand and intimate at the same time!

Inspiration for subtle, neutral wall stencil patterns | Fortuny Stencil by Royal Design Studio 

Designer and artist Rachael Goddard of Paint/Design/Décor is known for her bright and bold projects but she is also comfortable with quiet, classic stenciled wall finishes like this one, for a client's nursery. The Fortuny Stencil is inspired by the famed Fortuny silks and when combined with graphite and grey, creates a decidedly contemporary fabric wall finish. So lovely!

Slight variations in color and sheen paired with your chosen stencil pattern is the key to designing a space that balances serenity and your creativity. We hope you've enjoyed these tasteful stencil ideas for creating a home with a calm and fresh aesthetic!

How will you incorporate soft and subtle stenciled finishes in your home?

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Welcome Morocco into Your Home with the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil!

Moroccan stencil ideas for stylish home decor 

Invite the exotic land of Marrakesh and its alluring patterns of Morocco into your home with Royal Design Studio’s Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil! This is just one from our amazing Moroccan stencil collection designed by our very own, Melanie Royals. Melanie gets her inspiration from her amazing painting retreats to Marrakesh each year (By the way, only a few spots are left for May 2014!). This particular pattern's lavish style is so popular in interior design and we can definitely see why!  


Stencil ideas for allover floral patterns with Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil 

The Chez Ali Stencil pattern is one of our favorite floral Moroccan stencils because it simply enchants the walls and floors of our creative customers! It’s the perfect element of embellished charm if you’re looking to add a little extra detail into your modern home décor. 


Kitchen stenciling ideas with the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil from Royal Design Studio 

The rich culture in Moroccan style is all about fluid lines and contrasting colors. Our Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil has an infinite amount of ways to create decorative color schemes that are sure to compliment any home decor! Have fun with its shapes that mimic Morocco’s famous royal arches and its classic keyhole doorways. 


Moroccan stencil ideas for a stylish dining room 

Although Moroccan patterns are traditionally painted in warm, welcoming colors, the Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil clearly looks just as beautiful in cooler tones. 


Stenciled floor allover patterns with Moroccan Stencils from Royal Design Studio 

Painting a Moroccan floor design is also an interesting way to enhance the feel of a room. Check out the punch of color from those vibrant pinks and oranges! It's refreshing to see such an intricate pattern stenciled on the floor, rather than the expected wall. What a pleasant surprise to greet your feet!


Where will you welcome Moroccan design into your home?


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Stenciled Patterns Give Guest Rooms the "Royal" Treatment

Stenciled Pattern Ideas for Guest Rooms

Stencils are an easy DIY project to update your guestroom.

It’s time to spruce up your guest rooms for the holiday season. Sure you have your holiday bed linens and throws, but this year really make the room feel special with a gorgeous DIY wall stencil makeover. After their weary winter traveling, when they finally enter your new decadent bedroom, they will feel like they’ve been given the Royal treatment!

Stenciled Feature Wall with Hollywood Squares Stencil from Royal Design Studio


As a quick and easy alternative to wallpaper, Royal Design Studio stencils can completely change the overall feel of a room with even the slightest touch of a brush. Show-stopping feature walls, like the examples above and below will surely wow your guests! 

Updated Guest Room with Stencil Patterns from Royal Design Studio


From the geometric pattern of our Hollywood Squares Stencil to the elegant Chez Sheik Moroccan Stencil, our versatile stencil collection caters to your personal style. Make it your own by choosing your favorite colors for a custom look.


Large Moorish Trellis Stencil for Guest Room Makeover


For example, take a look at the these two beautiful rooms featuring our Large Moorish Stencil. Just by using a different base coat, the stencil pattern takes on a completely new life, telling a story of it's own. And we are just dying over the glamorous results!


Stencil Ideas for Guest Room Feature Wall


Spoil your guests a little with a special haven for the holidays. They will sure to be extra thankful for your thoughtfulness and the warm, welcoming feeling you’ve provided!

Which stencil will you use to give your guests the Royal treatment?


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Royal Design Studio's Zebra Stripes Zig-zag Through House Beautiful Feature

House Beautiful Features Zebra Stripes Allover Stencil


We had already stopped to gawk at Danielle Armstrong’s adorable NYC apartment featured on House Beautiful’s blog when we spotted Royal Design Studio’s Zebra Stripes Allover Stencil! What a pleasant surprise to see our pattern painted on this very talented interior designer’s kitchen wall! 


Royal Design Studio Stencil Feature in House Beautiful Kitchen


Our fun yet classic animal print stencil is clearly the perfect match for Danielle of Tilton Fenwick who describes her interior style as colorful, traditional and whimsical during her interview with House Beautiful. She also reminds us that "decorating should be fun", which we are totally on board with!


House Beautiful showcases Zebra Stencil Pattern by Royal Design Studio


Speaking of fun, Danielle painted the Zebra Stripes Allover Stencil pattern in this playful shade of blue over a creamy neutral base, creating a sense of light and openness. These airy colors visually expand an otherwise smaller studio space.


All in all, Danielle's place is a sparkling little gem and we feel honored to play such a significant role in her home decor!


On a side note, we're expanding our animal print stencil collection!! Which wild patterns would you like to see in your home?


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    Warm Up to Stencils with a Cozy Fireplace

    Stenciling Ideas for a Fabulous Fireplace Surround
    Decorate your fireplace or mantle with stencils to make it fabulous!

    With summer long gone, temps are dropping fast and it's almost time to get that fire going! But who wants to cuddle up next to a dull fireplace?  If your mantle is suffering from a lack of style, Royal Design Studio has some fabulous DIY stencil ideas that will update the heart of your home in no time.

     Stenciled Feature Wall Behind Fireplace Mantle


    Because we naturally crave an inviting, glowing fireplace to keep us warm during the chillier months, this unique part of the room should stand out on its own. We love the idea of an allover pattern feature wall behind a mantle, like the Silk Road Suzani Stencil in this case, adding a little texture and movement to an otherwise solid painted wall pictured above. Below, we have our Flourish Allover Stencil that brings out a Tuscan countryside feel. 


    Stencil a beautiful pattern behind your mantle for a fireplace makeover

    Another great way to breathe new life into your fireplace is by creating a faux-tile effect with Royal Design Studio stencils, like the stenciling below, our Honeycomb Stencil is the perfect alternative to a geometric tile pattern - and so much more affordable! This customizable solution also gives you the freedom to choose any color and design your hearth desires!


    Get this tile look with stencils from Royal Design Studio
    medallion motif provides an amazing focal point above your mantle. Whether it's classic, ornate, or modern, a medallion accent will bring a sense of regal taste into your living room. It's always the details that matter, right?
    Make your mantle a focal point with medallion stencil patterns
    How would you incorporate stencils into your fireplace makeover? We'd love to hear which technique is your favorite!

    This is part of a series of Sprucing your Home Décor for the Holidays. Below are the links to the other inspirations:

    Contempo Trellis Craze is Contagious

    Contempo Trellis Stencil from Royal Design Studio


    Always on the lookout for the hottest interior design trends, we’re thrilled to see Royal Design Studio’s Contempo Trellis Stencil causing a big commotion in modern home décor! With clean lines and a rhythmic design, this is the perfect allover pattern for any surface, whether it be your wall, floor or ceiling. 

    We're loving the fact that it's refined enough for a fancy entry way, but can also be a fun feature wall if you throw some upbeat colors into the mix. For example, how great is that emerald green foyer above?! It just pops, especially for a part of the home that is so often overlooked. And then the classic black and white stenciling below creates for a more graphic effect.


    Stenciled foyer with Contempo Trellis Stencil from Royal Design Studio


    Pair this pattern with warm gray and white for a soft, sophisticated look that would work well with any colorful décor. Sticking to a neutral palette will let you incorporate new accent colors throughout the year without the chance of clashing. 

    Floor stencil ideas with Royal Design Studio's Contempo Trellis Stencil


    The Contempo Trellis Stencil leaves lots of room for the imagination! We especially like these specific projects because they demonstrate how this pattern can convey so much personality. Each version of this versatile stencil pattern says something different about the DIY artist behind the brush. This adaptability must be why we are all crazy for the Contempo Trellis Stencil!


    Where would you use the Contempo Trellis Stencil in your home?



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    Grand Damask Stencil Draws Drama into the Dining Room

    Stencil Ideas for Dramatic Dining RoomsLet dramatic dining rooms take center stage with Damask Stencils


    What room has more memories than the hub of all holidays, the Dining Room? This holiday season, set the stage to play out life’s most sentimental memories with our Grand Damask Stencil. Its elegant pattern and graceful lines really brings drama to life.

     Before and After Dining Room Stencil Makeover

    Our friend, Allyson Read Zea from Domestic Superhero, used our Grand Damask Stencil from our Allover Damask Stencil Collection to transform her standard beige dining room into a dramatic work of art. Painting over her deep gray base with the Antique Silver Stencil Creme Paint from Royal Design Studio Stencil Crème collection, she infused the space with modern-day Hollywood glamour.


    Believe it or not, Allyson was actually a little hesitant about stenciling (we hear this a lot!), but by following our basic brush stenciling techniques and how to stencil with allover pattern stencils, she was able to stencil her design with virtually no clean-up. She shares, "I thought for sure I would mess it up, or it would come out terrible...I wish I hadn’t felt this way because it really came out great, and was super simple."

     DIY Stencil Ideas for Updated Dining Room Wall

    She was also delighted that our stencil cremes were easy to use. She was relieved that they resist seepage, cover beautifully and are very easy to use. "The color doesn’t come out even, which I love, and it really picks up the light," she explains. Be sure not to miss her project post on the dining room makeover for the full details!


    Her entire stencil project took four hours! A hip, new space in FOUR hours -- it's so easy to update a dining room with stencils for a drop-dead gorgeous look!

    Stenciled Dramatic Dining Room Feature Wall

    What color combo and pattern would you stencil to bring drama to your dining room?


    This is part of a series of Sprucing your Home Décor for the Holidays. Below are the links to the other inspirations:


    Sending Words of Love and Hope to Newtown

    There is great healing power in love-and through art. Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studios combines both and channels them through her non-profit organization Big Sky Countries, which allows her to travel extensively, creating inspiring donation murals for disadvantaged children worldwide.

    When Nichole, a long time customer of Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs, approached us about contributing stencils to her latest mural effort, we couldn't say yes fast enough. This week, Nichole is completing an empowering donation mural at the Newtown Youth Academy. NYA is the not-for-profit sports & fitness center that provided a media-free safe haven to Newtown families following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last December.  Nichole's work will transform several of the facility’s ‘sterile’ walls into scenes that elicit the spirit of those that come to enjoy the facility’s services and the entire Newtown community:  strong, vibrant, courageous, and healthy. 

    Nichole says, “I was moved by the fact the NYA gave parents a safe place to bring their children to play with friends, free from televisions and news crews… Sharing the same value as Big Sky Countries, I knew I wanted to help the NYA in their journey of cultivating an environment where kids can be kids.”


    Top to bottom: Kristen, Eric, Christine, Lizelly, Melanie, Derek, Danelle, Stacy, Valeria, James, Krista, Katie. Not shown but there in spirit: Maynard, Tony, Anthony, Jerome, and Ernesto

    Nichole asked us to donate the logo and word stencils that she will be incorporating into her mural work. In the spirit of love and support for both Nichole and the Newtown community our team here decided to use those same words to send a special message to the NYA team and all those who rely on their facilities and outreach.

    We are thrilled to be a small part of the healing process for this community that was struck by unimaginable tragedy almost a year ago and are so proud to be involved with Nichole's artistic outreach through Big Sky Countries. Stay tuned for more details and pics from Nichole's Newtown Mural project!

    YOU can help Nichole continue to spread love through art by making a donation to Big Sky Countries here.