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How to Stencil a Lace Wallpaper Pattern

Thinking about wallpapering your kid’s room? Think again! Wallpaper is known to damage walls and limit your creativity to the very few (and expensive!) choices there are. So what’s a better alternative? Wall stencils, of course! Rachel of Shades of Blue Interiors chose our Esperanza Lace Wall Stencil from our large selection of stencils and pretty pink paint. Let’s watch how she used wall stencils to create this lace wallpaper pattern for her daughter’s room in this video tutorial. View full article →

Create Indigo-Inspired Wall Art with Craft Stencils & Wall Art Wood Shapes

Considered tried and true colors in home decor, shades of blue are always popular. Everyone is loving indigo - a bold, bright blue style that has been a timeless design staple in home decor for generations. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create custom wall art that you can paint, stencil, and arrange as you please using our Mini Craft Stencils and Wall Art Wood Shapes. Let's take a look. View full article →

Stencil Decorating DIY: Chez Sheik Stenciled Tabletop

Amanda at Our Storied Home wanted to create a chic dining room that was both kid AND budget-friendly. She loves the idea of using hand-crafted details and vintage finds, so updating an inexpensive estate sale table was on her to-do list. When she came across Royal Design Studio, she knew that Furniture Stencils would be the way to go for dressing this table up and hiding its blemishes. Let’s see how she did it. View full article →

How to Stencil Video: Modern Free Form Feature Wall

See how to stencil a very chic and modern stenciled feature wall with the Pinwheel Wall Art Stencil from our new Christine Joy Designer Stencil Collection. This unique pattern puts the power of design in your hands as you flip and twirl the stencil to create a fabulously original focal point wall in an office, entry, bedroom, or ??? Be sure to check out the video here... View full article →

IKEA Hack: Stencil Stylish Storage with Mini Craft Stencils

The stencils from our Mini Craft Stencils Collection are perfectly sized for crafting creative custom decoration projects large and small. See how to use them along with Frog Tape® Painter's Tape to paint some pretty organization for your desk top. View full article →

Sewing Cabinet with Stencils and Chalk Paint

Are you looking for a weekend DIY project that brings out your crafty side? Stephanie of Quilt Addicts Anonymous found her inspiration after looking through the many stencil patterns available through Royal Design Studio. Let’s see what she did to makeover an old sewing cabinet from Plain Jane to regal Tiffany blue. View full article →

DIY Nursery Wall Decor: Adorable Otomi Stenciled Wood Shapes

Learn how to create DIY sweet nursery wall in Neopolitan ice cream shades using Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, Otomi Stencils, and Triangle Wall Art Wood Shapes from Royal Design Studio. Creating your own custom wall art just got a whole lot easier with the release of our Wall Art Wood Shapes. These mix and match MDF wood tiles are available in a range of shapes and are ideal for combining with our Furniture Stencils and Mini Craft Stencil collections. View full article →

How to Stencil: Moroccan Dreams Wall Art Wood Shapes

See how to create an easy and exotic wall art treatment using pre-cut Wall Art Wood Shapes, a damask stencil embossing technique and layers of Metallic Royal Stencil Creme Paints. This elegant wall art project can be done in less than a day! Best of all, the Wall Art Wood Shapes are removable and can be repainted or rearranged in any number of ways when you are ready to update your look! View full article →

Stencil How-to: Hexagon Wall Art Wood Shapes

We have just introduced our latest, greatest product for adding more painted pattern decor to your walls. Wall Art Wood Shapes are here!! We are thinking up all sorts of fun ways you can use these lightweight, laser-cut MDF shapes for creative decorating projects. Here's just one: A Moroccan-inspired message center that combines stencils, Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, a little imagination and a lot of style..... View full article →

Paint and Stencil a Pretty Dresser is 10 Easy Steps!

The talented DIY blogger Serena from Thrift Diving loves furniture makeovers! She had a thrifted dresser collecting dust in her garage that she finally brought out of hiding. And boy, did it need some help! One of the least expensive ways to makeover furniture is with paint and stencils. Check out her 10 steps to a beautifully painted and stencil dresser. View full article →
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