How To Stencil

Stencil How-to: Ikat Fabric Effect

Do you want to learn a super fast and easy stencil technique to create a realistic looking Ikat fabric effect on a wall or piece of furniture. Well then, read on my friends! Ikat fabrics (pronounced EE-kat) have been all the trend rage for some time now, elevating this iconic weave to "classic, here to stay" design status. 

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Stencil How-to: Easy Sponge Roller Texture and Stencil Shadow-Shift

Here's a super pretty stencil how-to that is perfect for creating a unique, textured look with an allover damask wall stencil-or any stencil that you want to add a soft, lacy effect to. We combine this sponge stencil technique here with a simple drop shadow or shadow-shift technique that adds more depth and dimension. The sponge roller stencil effect goes very fast but the drop shadow technique requires that you stencil the pattern twice-which takes some extra time, so we recommend limiting this effect to a stenciled feature wall or lovely piece of furniture.

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Stencil How-to: Stamping the Splendor Damask

Stenciling a feature wall or whole room is a GREAT way to add pattern and personality to any space. Here's an easy idea to put an even MORE personal stamp on your next stencil project: create a fun and unique pattern-in-pattern look with the addition of an allover craft stamp.

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Stencil How-to: Faded Silk Suzani Fabric Finish

 Are you looking for a fast, fun, and easy stencil wall finish? This Stencil How-to offers just that-and it provides a totally custom fabric effect that you can easily switch up by trying different color combinations! We have found that Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan is ideal for this finish. This heavy, fast-drying, opaque paint has the perfect amount of body that helps to keep the colors from muddying too much and bleeding excessively under the stencil edge, even when using a healthy amount of paint. 

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Creative Coloring & Antiquing with Stencils

Stenciling with a single color of paint can be fast and easy, but we have an easy way for you to take your wall stencil projects up a notch by adding soft layers of metallic color with our Royal Stencil Creme collection of stencil paints. Each of the stencil layers shown below is beautiful unto itself, and the amount of color layering that you do is a matter of personal taste-and time! Our goal is to show you that layering colors of the Royal Stencil Creme paints is an easy and effective way to build up a subtle but rich look in your stencil projects. View full article →

Stencil How to: Playing Dress Up with Stencils

 Did you love playing "dress up" as a little girl? Well, even BIG girls can play dress up-with stencils! We thought it would be super fun to show you how to combine one of our new wall stencils from the Bari J Stencil Collection, the Sew Fun Dress Form, with some of Bari J.'s actual fabric designs for Art Gallery fabrics. This is a fabulous mixed media wall stencil project that can use things you already have around your studio or craft room-OR have fun shopping for just the right fabrics and notions. No sewing machine required-just lots of creativity!

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Stencil How-to: Patterned Parlor Chairs

 It's two, two, two stencil patterns in one! This stencil tutorial shows you how to use small allover stencils from our Furniture Stencils Collection to dress up our super adorable Bari J Parlor Chair stencil. We are loving the whimsical patterns in our Bari J Stencil Collection, and this two-part chair stencil, with its large chair cushion layer, is perfect for this pattern in pattern stencil technique! We chose bright colors to compliment our "Granny Chic" look, and mixed the colors around on the chairs for lots of a variety. We have found that Behr Premium Plus Ultra paints (Home Depot) are super for stenciling-especially roller stenciling with our Flocked Stencil Rollers! It is a paint/primer in one and covers VERY well, dries quickly, and is heavy bodied. You can purchase small sample pots of the colors you want in a size that is ideal for stencil projects.

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How to Use Metallic Foil for Faux Finishes


how to faux finish painting with metallic foil Learn how to use Metallic Foil for beautiful decorative wall and furniture finishes. Melanie Royals, of Royal Design Studio and Modello Designs,shows you the tools, tips, and techniques for creating a beautiful, multi-color decorative finish with Metallic Foils.

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How to Stencil with Stencil Impressions

how to stencil with embossing stencils Stencil Impressions ™ are a whole new stencil pattern concept from Royal Design Studio. They are designed to allow you to create interesting inlaid pattern effects with reusable mylar stencils. In this video, Melanie Royals shares and overview of different patterns, ideas, and stenciling techniques that can be accomplished with Stencil Impressions stencils.

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Stenciled Tamise Border

Tamise Flakes (pronounced tam-ee-say) are small, broken pieces of metal leaf that are ideal for incorporating into smaller areas such as furniture and moldings and in larger spaces along with larger pieces of book or Schaibin leaf. This step-by-step technique shows you how to create a banded border design with a Tamise finish. Combine our Tamise Metal Flakes with Composition Gold Leaf and a black Patina effect for a unique background for a Reverse Stenciled Border. View full article →