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How to Stencil a Concrete Floor in 10 Easy Steps

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Stenciling concrete is an inexpensive way to add style to an otherwise utilitarian floor. A stenciled concrete floor can also help you hide imperfections and wear and tear. And not to worry: Stenciling on concrete is actually quite easy! You just need the right paint for concrete, some patience, and a good pair of knee pads! Watch the video and follow the instructions below to see how you can transform your concrete floor in 10 easy steps. View full article →

DIY Stencil Tutorial: Paint a Linen Fabric Wall Finish

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Wall Stencils and a unique wall finish is all you need to decorate with color, pattern, AND texture. In this DIY décor tutorial, we show you how to do the technique of dragging, or stria, which creates fabric-like texture to an otherwise smooth wall. Watch the video and follow the step-by -step instructions below to see how you can transform your accent wall into something that looks AND feels beautiful. View full article →

How to Stencil Metallic Moroccan Camel Wallpaper Patterns

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - 
Are you ready for a stencil adventure? Take the road less traveled with your wall by including the bohemian look of our Camel Safari Wall Stencil! We designed this stencils with kid’s rooms in mind, but love how it can also take on an Arabian Nights in rich metallic colors. Watch the video and follow the step by step instructions below to see how you can quickly create a metallic wallpaper look in your home using the rich, dreamy colors of our Metallic Royal Stencil Cremes collection. View full article →

The Sweetest Stencil Embossing with Joint Compound in 9 Easy Steps

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - A little bird told us that you’re looking to transform your nursery or little girl’s bedroom into a charming nest! A sweet way to decorate this space is to paint an accent wall with our Swan Serenade Wall Stencil. Inspired by Swedish design and the lyrical beauty of the classic Swan Lake, this allover pattern is shines when painted in pinks and creams. We took this sweet style one step further with a raised stencil pattern.
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How to Stencil a Mexican Talavera Tile Table

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - You don’t have to go south of the border to bring home a colorful Mexican Talavera tile table with a fun, folk art flair! We show you how to create your own with zero tile-laying experience required. You can certainly recreate the look with the help of stencils and bold and bright paint colors. We created our Talavera tile table on an old kitchen table and you can easily find this same type of table yourself at thrift stores or garage sales, making this a low cost project with a LOT of style.
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Stencil Tutorial: Reverse Stenciling and Gilding on Glass

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - In this stencil tutorial we share how easy it is to create a verre églomisé finish on glass using our Clear Royal Stencil Size. Verre églomisé is a French term that literally translates to "glass gilded" and refers to the process where the reverse side of glass is gilded with gold or other metal leaf. Our Clear Royal Stencil Size is designed to make this technique easy to achieve with stencils. Learn how to recreate this elegant look on glass tabletops, or for glass cabinet doors and even framed art pieces.

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Make It Metallic: How to Stencil an Easy Accent Wall

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Our Lotus Paradise Floral Wall Stencil brings the Art Nouveau look to your home with a flowing flower and vine design. For this stenciled wall, we use our Royal Stencil Cremes to highlight this retro inspired design with shimmering metallic color. Royal Stencil Cremes cover quickly, especially over dark colors and dry almost instantly. Stenciling with these rich metallic colors on a dark navy wall instantly gives this design the gift of glam – and we were so excited with how it turned out that we made a video tutorial just for you! View full article →

Stencil Embossing Tutorial with Wall Art Letters

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Learn how to create wall art that you’ll LOVE using customizable and paintable Chunky Letter Wall Art Wood Shapes. Always reaching for new stenciling heights, we used a stencil embossing technique to raise our French Love Letters Furniture Stencil and really make the script POP! Reminiscent of Philadelphia’s iconic “LOVE” sculpture, this stencil project gives you a taste of pop art with a pop of pattern. View full article →

Craft Stencil Tutorial: Cute Wall Art Letters for Kids

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Nurseries are one of the most fun rooms to decorate because they are places where you can feel free to bring in lots of stimulating colors and patterns. Our Chunky Letter Wall Art Wood Shapes are the perfect way to do just that by alternating different stencil patterns and bright paint colors onto each letter. To keep it all coordinated, we used a tone-on-tone painting technique by stenciling coordinating metallic Royal Stencil Cremes on matte colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. View full article →

Stencil Tutorial: Encaustic Tile Wall Decor

How to Stencil VIDEO Tutorial: Patterned and Painted Encaustic Tile Wall DecorHow to Stencil Video Tutorial - The pretty patterned look of Encaustic cement tiles is trending all over design blogs and Pinterest! This DIY tutorial shows you how to get the look yourself using tile stencil patterns and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from Royal Design Studio. Real Encaustic cement tiles have a unique look because the patterns are inlaid into the surface using molds and different colors of clay rather than being glazed on the surface. Now you can recreate the look yourself for walls, furniture and floors with ease. View full article →
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