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DIY Stencil Tutorial: Paint a Linen Fabric Wall Finish

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Wall Stencils and a unique wall finish is all you need to decorate with color, pattern, AND texture. In this DIY décor tutorial, we show you how to do the technique of dragging, or stria, which creates fabric-like texture to an otherwise smooth wall. Watch the video and follow the step-by -step instructions below to see how you can transform your accent wall into something that looks AND feels beautiful. View full article →

How to Stencil Inverted Designs on a Tone on Tone Striped Wall

Today we are sharing how to stencil tone on tone patterned stripes for an elegant finish that only LOOKS super complicated! The trick is to combine just two colors of paint: one flat and one metallic with a simple ornamental stencil pattern. The secret is in the tape! Stenciling with metallic paint or glaze will give you a beautiful, shimmery finish that changes across the wall, depending on how the light hits it. Read on and all will be revealed… View full article →

How to Stencil: Metallic Tribal Wall Finish

Looking for a custom, contemporary stencil finish that is hip, hot, and maybe even a little masculine? Here is an easy tribal stenciled wall treatment that combines warm metallic shades with an uber-cool tribal stencil pattern. We used the new Triangulations Wall Stencil from the Bonnie Christine Stencil Collection to create this fab feature wall look. This versatile design also comes in a smaller scale at the Triangulations Furniture Stencil, and I think this finish would look equally divine on a clean-lined furniture piece, don’t you? View full article →

How to Stencil Metallic Moroccan Camel Wallpaper Patterns

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - 
Are you ready for a stencil adventure? Take the road less traveled with your wall by including the bohemian look of our Camel Safari Wall Stencil! We designed this stencils with kid’s rooms in mind, but love how it can also take on an Arabian Nights in rich metallic colors. Watch the video and follow the step by step instructions below to see how you can quickly create a metallic wallpaper look in your home using the rich, dreamy colors of our Metallic Royal Stencil Cremes collection. View full article →

The Sweetest Stencil Embossing with Joint Compound in 9 Easy Steps

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - A little bird told us that you’re looking to transform your nursery or little girl’s bedroom into a charming nest! A sweet way to decorate this space is to paint an accent wall with our Swan Serenade Wall Stencil. Inspired by Swedish design and the lyrical beauty of the classic Swan Lake, this allover pattern is shines when painted in pinks and creams. We took this sweet style one step further with a raised stencil pattern.
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Soar into Style: How to Stencil Butterfly Wall Art

Our Wall Art Stencil Collection is full of ornamental patterns and motifs that allow you to play around with spacing and color treatments to create original designs that perfectly fit your space. This easy stencil DIY features our Papillion Butterfly Stencil Set to create a graceful wall treatment that is one of a kind. It’s a great way to add fluidity and movement to a room however you see fit. View full article →

DIY Tutorial: Stencil Embossing a Raised Pattern

Are you ready to take stencils to new heights?? Stencil embossing, also known as dimensional stenciling, can be a bit more challenging, time consuming, and shall we say DARING than stenciling with paint. But, the end result is so eye-catching and unique that it is OH SO worth it. Stencil embossing is a fabulous finish for using an allover stencil pattern to highlight a special feature wall or niche. Read on to discover the basic steps for stencil embossing an allover pattern. View full article →

Stencil Tutorial: Encaustic Tile Wall Decor

How to Stencil VIDEO Tutorial: Patterned and Painted Encaustic Tile Wall DecorHow to Stencil Video Tutorial - The pretty patterned look of Encaustic cement tiles is trending all over design blogs and Pinterest! This DIY tutorial shows you how to get the look yourself using tile stencil patterns and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint from Royal Design Studio. Real Encaustic cement tiles have a unique look because the patterns are inlaid into the surface using molds and different colors of clay rather than being glazed on the surface. Now you can recreate the look yourself for walls, furniture and floors with ease. View full article →

How to Stencil an Accent Wall in Only an Hour!

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Wait!! Did we say you can stencil an accent wall in only any hour?? Yes we did, and yes you can! The mighty combination of our amazing Royal Stencil Crème paints and 3” Super Large Stencil Brush make this a super-fast project. Stencil it in minutes….enjoy it for years! Watch the video and follow the step by step instructions below to see how you can quickly create a custom wallpaper look in your home using a Damask Stencil Pattern from Royal Design Studio. View full article →

Stencil Tutorial: Painted Patina Wall Letters

You can literally show that your house is indeed your home with this outdoor HOME wall art stencil project! We are huge fans of Anthropologies’ monogram wall décor, but not their price tag. There’s a more affordable way to get the same look with stencils and Modern Masters patina products. This project is a sure fire way to save you money and gives you DIY bragging rights! Ali Kay of Positive Space loves this idea and decided to take on this project for her own home. Let’s see how she did it so you can make your space a little more “home”-y with wall letters. View full article →
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