Peacock Feathers Wall Stencils


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Our Peacock Feathers wall stencils in four sizes for custom graphics and wallpaper looks. Stencil on pillows and furniture, or repeat randomly on walls or floor for a one-of-a-kind look. Small Peacock Feather stencil is perfectly sized for craft and furniture stenciling.
Medium Peacock Feather stencil on main image.
6106S Small Stencil is 6.25w x 9.75h
6106M Medium Stencil is 9.5w x 14.75h
6106L Large Stencil is 13.5w x 21h
6106G Grand Stencil is 20w x 29h
Single overlay, 10 mil reusable mylar
Also available! Set of our Large and Grande Peacock Feather stencils. Sold together at a $13 savings.