Mastering Modello Patterns & SkimStone Surfaces

Mastering Modello Patterns and SkimStone Surfaces

With Melanie Royals and Katrina Johnson

This informative and extensive Virtual Workshop video training course takes you step-by-step through the process of applying SkimStone® decorative concrete resurfacer to floors and countertops:
  • Proper Surface Prep
  • Custom Color Mixing
  • Troweling Large Surface Areas
  • Topcoating & Troubleshooting

Learn how to incorporate Modello Designs® Decorative Masking Stencils and Artistic Techniques:

  • Textural and Tile Treatments
  • Toning and Glazing
  • Stenciling and Special Effects
  • Multi-Layer Patterns

Melanie and Katrina lead you on a start to finish floor project featuring faux Saltillo Tile and an ornate Modello Designs® Concrete Carpet™ stencil pattern.

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