Stencil Design Portfolio

This 40-page color update features the newest stencil designs added to our ever-growing stencil collection, including our New Moroccan Wall Stencils, and our Raven+Lily Stencil Collection. It includes an updated 32-page Wallpaper Pattern Stencil Design Portfolio filled with even more inspiring imagery to get your Stenciling ideas flowing!! This NEW Update also includes a separate Designer Stencil Catalog filled with visual stencil inspiration from our blogger and customer projects.
If you are in need of some new ideas and inspiration, but not yet ready to purchase a stencil, you can purchase the printed and bound update. NEW! Free e-Catalog Option

Please note that the Free e-Catalog is a web quality document. To receive a high-quality printed version of this catalog by mail, please order the printed version here. The $5 charge, which includes postage, will be applied whether the catalog is mailed separately, or included with your stencil order.


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