New Modern Global Stencil Patterns from Christine Joy Design!

Fresh, new, funky stencil fun for walls and furniture! Introducing our newest designer stencil collection based on the pretty patterns of Christine Joy Design! This stencil collection brings playful elegance and undeniable global flair to your home decor. These subtly hip prints and fun geometric shapes will add personality to any casual space. You'll love how her modern and minimalist take on African and Asian design transforms your room decor with hip style.  After checking out these ideas on how you can use her designs around your home, make sure to stop by her new stencil collection for wall, furniture, and crafts as well as her new removable wallpapers from Wallternatives.

 African Design and Tribal Pattern Decor Ideas - Wall Stencils, Designer Stencils from Royal Design Studio

The Stitched Arrows Wall Stencil is a minimalist take on African design. Pair it with natural colors like we did here for a tribal interior or bright colors for a modern look.

Asian Decor Ideas - Wall Stencils, Designer Stencils from Royal Design Studio

Are you infatuated by the pretty colors and delicate textures of Oriental fans and lanterns? The Fans Club Wall Stencil mimics the beautiful shapes of these Asian decor pieces and makes it easy to bring Asian design into your home.

Modern and Geometric Decor Ideas - Wall Stencils and Designer Stencils from Royal Design Studio

With whimsical geometric shapes and endless color scheme opportunities, the Shattered Allover Wall Stencil is the perfect addition to a lively room.

Our Shine Allover Furniture Stencil makes you see the sun in a whole new way on lampshades, dresser drawers, and table tops. This whimsical pattern would look great in a colorful kids' room!


Decorate your DIY projects with whimsical wall art stencils! Our Pinwhell Wall Art Stencils offer a cute design that can be painted and repeated any way your want on lampshades, pillows, or a wall. Oh the possibilities!


Christine Joy Design also has a line of removable wallpaper from Wallternatives! Removable wallpaper is another great way to decorate your walls with ease - especially knowing that these panels are easy to put up, and are removable and reusable!

Trendy and Modern Decor - Designer Wallpaper, Removable Wallpaper, Adhesive Wallpaper from Wallternaties

If you are decorating a trendy bedroom or colorful nursery, we have designs right up your alley! The Native Removable Wallpaper is a modern take on classic triangle and tribal patterns. This simplistic pattern pairs well with Scandinavian or Southwest design trends.

Nautical and Beach Decor - Designer Wallpaper, Removable Wallpaper, Adhesive Wallpaper from Wallternaties

The Perch Removable Wallpaper makes beach decor easy as peel, stick... and remove if you ever want to! The classic shell design of this designer wallpaper lets you enjoy the sea breeze where you live.

We are so excited to see how you use our new Christine Joy Design Stencil Collection and Removable Wallpaper Collection in your own way - send us your project pics to, post them on our Facebook page, and tag us @royalstencils and #royaldesignstudio on Instagram! We love sharing your creative stenciled decor!

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