Wrap it Up with Stencils

How to make a special gift even more special? Using a stencil pattern to stencil your own custom wrapping paper is a super easy and fun project that is perfect for stenciling beginners-and beyond. With the holidays fast approaching (uh huh, they SURE are!), take a tip from crafty Catherine at Hello, New Day Blog and use one of our many great stencil designs to create your own stenciled gift wrap!


How to stencil gift wrapping paper 

Stenciled Wrapping Paper Options

  • If you want to be super thrifty, like Catherine, use some leftover heavy white packing paper-the kind they wrap your breakable goodies in so you can get them home in one piece. 
  • Another good, inexpensive paper option for stenciling is brown kraft paper. If your gift is small, you can even use the inner side of a paper bag from the grocery store.
  • If you have some rolls of plain, colored wrapping paper around, you'll find that it can be ideal for further embellishing with stencils.

Stencil Paint Mediums

  • Acrylic paints and stencil brushes will work great on all types of paper stenciling projects. Use either tube artist's acrylics or craft acrylics-available in a multitude of colors
  • Our metallic Stencil Cremes are designed to be the ideal painting medium and are perfect for adding a touch of glimmer to holiday packages.
  • Spray paint can be a great option-especially for stenciled wrapping paper, as it is easy to take outside to spray.
  • Take a stenciled gift wrap tip from Catherine, who used water-based stamping ink and cosmetic sponges to create the gorgeous, modern orange and pink gift wrap above using our Small Hollywood Squares stencil.
  • Check out the paint aisle at your local craft store for more fun options: glitter paint, puff paint, etc.

Best Stencils for Gift Wrap

  • Of course, ANY wall or furniture stencil can be used for wrapping paper projects, and you can tailor the design to the occasion and the interests of the lucky recipient.
  • Allover stencils are perfect, because they can be seamlessly repeated and come in such a wide range of styles.
  • Motif stencils are fun to use as a single focal point, or to stenciling them randomly. You can even use multiple colors and layer them for interesting effects.
  • A thin border stencil could be used to create a fun ribbon effect.
Hopefully this gets your creative wheels turning and please share your stenciled gift wrap project with us if it does! If you love these types of ideas, please be sure to follow our DIY Craft and Stencil Projects board on Pinterest and subscribe to our stencil blog posts?



Melanie Royals
Melanie Royals

September 19, 2012

The fabric medium is more designed for use with acrylic paints. SOME latex wall paint do have a higher amount of acrylic in them-and these are generally more expensive. I would definitely think that it is worth a try!


September 19, 2012

Love these! I was wondering if you knew if you could mix the faribc medium with regular wall paint? I am all set to start this project, and came across your blog…the faribc medium is a great tip, and would love to use it to soften up the panels..Thanks!

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