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Blooming it Up with Bonnie Christine Stencils

Stencil a feature wall and furniture with adorable stencils from Royal Design Studio. Click the pic for details! 

With so many great new stencil patterns available now in the Bonnie Christine Stencil Collection it was a hard choice of what to do a stencil project with first! Fortunately, we found a way to work in "a few" new stencils on this stenciled feature wall and fab furniture facelift! We think this is such an adorable, colorful concept for a child's bed or play room. Don't you agree??

Great stencil project and stencil how-to using Royal Design Studio stencils by fabric designer Bonnie Christine 

We started by stenciling the feature wall with 2 sizes of the pretty Bloomers Zinnia Flower Stencils Sets: Big Bloomers and Medium Bloomers. You can read all about how to stencil and layer these bountiful beauties in this handy Bloomer Flower Stencils How-to!.

Stenciling furniture with Chalk Paint® decorative paint and stencils from Royal Design Studio 

Why stop your stenciling at the wall? We had this old oak chest hanging about just waiting for some painting/stencil inspiration to strike-and it was the perfect candidate for painting and stenciling with Chalk Paint® decorative paint. While we used latex paint for the roller stenciling on the wall, we chose to match similar colors of Chalk Paint for the chest for ease of use, coverage, and durability. We found that it was easy to create the perfect shade of turquoise blue by simply combine Florence Chalk Paint and Greek Blue Chalk Paint at about a 1:1 ratio (mix to YOUR taste!). Arles Chalk Paint and Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint seemed about perfect right from the can, and of course good old Old White Chalk Paint makes for the perfect background color.

Stencils on furniture. Cute stencil project with Bonnie Christine Stencils for Royal Design Studio and Chalk Paint® decorative paint 

As a nice contrast and counterpoint to the Zinnia Bloomers Flower Stencils we chose two smaller, geometric designs that are perfectly sized for furniture stenciling: the Small Wonderment Trellis Stencil and the retro-inspired Small Diamonds and Dots Stencil. To get some additional stencil pattern variety we changed up the background colors, introduced multiple colors within each stencil pattern using small 3/8" stencil brushes, and even flipped the Diamonds and Dots stencil in its side to get a completely different vibe.

Well, this should get some new stencil ideas blooming for you! Check out these links for even more pretty pattern goodness.....



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  • Violet, simply click on the Chalk Paint paint color you want and use the down arrow at the top to change from Quart size to 4oz. Sample Size. Chalk Paint is here

    Melanie Royals
  • How do I order small jars of chalk paint???

    violet wilkinson

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