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Moroccan Stenciled Staircase

Danielle shared these two gorgeous stenciled floors ideas - stenciled staircases - on her blog, the style files

The yellow stenciled stairs were done by the talented Carol Leonesio in New York. This one is popular - it was also featured on Patternhound.

stencils for floors yellow stenciled staircase

The neutral colored stairs below were designed for, and stenciled on site at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech, Morocco, where Royal Design Studio has taken several teams to paint the boutique hotel Peacock Pavillions.

floor stenciling moroccan stenciled stairs

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  • Could I commission painted stair risers from you like the ones you did for Peacock Pavilions, have them stenciled by you? Since there is such a range of different stencils used it seems like it would be more cost effective, and since you all are professionals, they would turn out better looking to boot. They are beautifully done.

    Sarah Aday
  • Hello Heidi! Yes, indeed you can use stencils anywhere. These are from our Moroccan Stencil Collection. There are more details on the exact design in this blog post on our Stencil Ideas Blog.

  • Hi there,
    I love the pictured designs. Where did the stencils come from. I would like to purchase them. Are theses actually for stairs, or just stencils you can use anywhere? Thanks for the help.

    Heidi Mekjian

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