Morocco Earthquake Relief-How you can help!

Morocco Earthquake Relief-How you can help!

In support of our founder Melanie Royals now-home country of Morocco, we are donating 20% of all September stencil sales to Morocco Earthquake Relief. Find out more...
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Melanie Royals

Hello, this is Melanie Royals, founder of Royal Design Studio. I’m writing to you from my home in Marrakech, Morocco the magical city I have lived in since 2020 after traveling here annually for many years prior. Marrakech and Morocco is a paradise for creative people and entrepreneurs and they are both my home and in my heart.


On Friday, September 8 at 11:11pm our paradise was rocked by a 6.8 earthquake centered about 40 miles away in the rugged Atlas Mountains.


While Marrakech experienced some random structural damage the most heavily impacted areas are in the local and remote Atlas Mountain villages nearby. There are actually over 300 villages that have been badly damaged. These areas were already underserved and struggling. Winter is coming and safe shelter is in short supply.

Morocco earthquake relief

There are many MANY people here that I know personally working tirelessly on the ground to fundraise and directly serve those who need it most, including supplying food, tents, warm clothing and life essentials. I have contributed on both a personal and business level already but really the need here is seemingly endless.

Morocco Earthquake relief 

Royal Design Studio is committed to donating 20% of all our stencil sales income this month to Morocco earthquake relief, so your stencil purchases will help in that effort. Specifically with this current initiative we are supporting-

Help morocco earthquake victims 

The Dar Bouidar/Atlas Kinder Village via Afak Foundation-an American non-profit that fundraises in the United States for the village just 47 Kilometers from Marrakech which is now taking in 50 newly orphaned children from surrounding villages, in addition to the 170 they were already serving.


Their Mission
The Atlas Kinder Foundation is a non profit organization based in Morocco that supports the lives of abandoned children. Their first village, Dar Bouidar is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains in the town of Tahanout. This village was built in 2015 and is now the home to 170 abandoned children. The foundation aims to provide these children with the very best care, a loving home, a good education, healthy food, and clothing. Most importantly, Atlas Kinder aims to instill a confidence in each child so that they can become valued members of society.
Support Morocco Earthquake Victims

If you are still reading this-thank you! I also highly encourage you to also donate directly to any of the following NGOs and private efforts. ALL of these are well known to me and 100% of your donation will go directly and quickly to aid Moroccan people who are suffering at this time.

Amal Non Profit Center
Navigating Morocco
Amis des Ecoles
Eva Branson Foundation in Morocco

With your help, Morocco will overcome this tragedy and come back stronger, more united, and more beautiful than ever.

Thank you for considering,

Melanie Royals