Stenciled Canvas Art for Your Walls!


How to Create Stenciled Canvas Art with Royal Design Studio

Stencils can transform surfaces such as walls, ceilings and furniture -- but did you know that stencils could also be used to create inexpensive yet great-looking custom works of art?  Stenciled canvas art pieces are easy to paint and can be a fantastic weekend DIY project!  Stenciled art is also a great option when you need to fill bare walls with color and pattern. Depending on your taste in artwork, you can easily use your stencils to create aged and vintage canvases, layered mixed media collages, or make a pop piece of modern and contemporary art!  Know what's BEST of all, though? Stenciling and hanging your own "fine art" gives the satisfaction of knowing YOU created art for the walls with your creativity. Deb from India pied-à-terre accomplished just that when taking paper, stencils and metallics to create her own cool artwork!

Creating Stenciled Canvas Art | Project by India Pied-à-terre | Moroccan Arches Furniture Stencil by Royal Design Studio

Deb had a "woeful-looking blank space on a wall" in her living room. She decided to primarily create her stenciled artwork with scrapbook paper, bronze paint and the Moroccan Arches Furniture Stencil. The stencil is part of our Allover Moroccan Stencils Collection but is perfectly sized for furniture and smaller projects, as is the entire Furniture Stencil Collection.  Her tutorial on how to stencil cool wall art is detailed fully on her blog but here are the basic points:

    1) Use an inexpensive framed art piece as your base. The artwork is sturdy for your work and it is already framed! 

    2) Find your favorite sheets of scrap paper that work with your decor and arrange them as you wish.

    3) Use Mod Podge to decoupage the papers onto your "canvas" base and a brayer to smooth the papers out. Let dry.

    4) Using metallic bronze paint (we suggest our Bronze Age Stencil Creme), stencil in your pattern over the paper collage.

    Moroccan Arches Furniture Stencil on Canvas Art | Royal Design Studio 

    Stenciled Canvas Art with Royal Design Studio's Moroccan Arches Furniture Stencil | Project via India pied-à-terre 


    Creating your own stenciled canvas art is a fun, personal way to decorate a small entry to a large living room wall.  It's also a great project to either do by yourself, with kids and even a group of crafty friends!  You can always use the suggested pre-framed wall art as your base but remember that wood is also a great surface for stenciling as well as canvas and even burlap!  We hope you've been inspired to become your own Picasso and fill your walls with stencil art you love! 

    Are you inspired to create your own stenciled masterpiece?



    Krist Hud
    Krist Hud

    July 19, 2013

    I didn’t know that stencils could also be used to create inexpensive yet great-looking custom works of art, i am very happy to found this stenciled canvas making idea, you have chosen beautiful pattern and color for making this awesome canvas art for wall decoration. I appreciate your work.

    canvas art a special delight for walls


    March 19, 2013

    Your canvas design is great and looks nice. absolutely looks nice your home. nice color combination. thanks for sharing your post.

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