10 Ideas for Organizing Your Paint Studio

Paint, stencil, and craft studio organizing ideas 

Did you know that besides amazing Royal Design Studio stencils for walls and furniture, we also have a well-stocked Paint and Create store full of tools and decorative paint mediums? With the start of a new year, we thought it would be a good time to round up ideas for better organizing your paint studio, craft room, or (if that's all you got) your paint or craft closet. Read on!

Magnetic racks for storing paint and stencil brushes

Tip 1: Baby, you've got a hold on me! The awesome blog The Cavender Diary featured this outstanding use of magnetic knife racks in a garage remodel. What a clean and perfect way to hang your not-too-heavy metal!

Martha Stewart paint colors on Royal Design Studio

Tip 2: Shaken and stirred. The queen of mean organizing and all things beautiful Martha Stewart shared an awesome idea for keeping a record of the different paint colors you use in your house. I think it's also a pretty sweet way to record what colors of paint are sitting on your shelf, making it easy to identify coordinating colors for a new project.

Stencil and paint brush storage and display from Royal Design Studio

Tip 3: Stash and separate your paint and stencil brushes into assorted flower pots-both plain and fancy. They all work! Extra credit awarded if you stencil your clay pots!

Wall and furniture stencil storage idea from Royal Design Studio

Tip 4: Stencil storage within easy reach. Unlike some other brands, Royal Design Studio stencils are cut from a sturdy 10-mil mylar which can be stored rolled up and yet will immediately lie flat and be ready to use! Other stencil storage ideas: hang large stencils from skirt hangers, roll and store in under the bed boxes, or in flat files.

Paint and pencil storage idea from Royal Design Studio Stencils

 Tip 5: A tisket, a tasket, everything in an Ikea basket. Visit Karen Jorgenson's Destashio Blog for this complete post on how she reorganized her whole home paint studio. It's full of great ideas and details!

 Paint chip idea for paint cans from Royal Design Studio stencils

Tip 6: Pretty up your paint cans (and easily identify what's inside) by taping large paint chips on the front of the can. Especially helpful before you've opened the cans and dripped paint all down the sides. *wink*

Craft and stencil paint storage idea on Royal Design Studio Stencils 

Tip 7: Mad in Crafts shared how to create easy color-coded craft paint storage with PVC pipe and wire shelving. Don't you wish the craft paints were THIS organized and easy to find at your local craft store?!

Paint and tool storage idea from Royal Design Studio stencils 

Tip 8: Rack it all up quickly, and keep everything within easy reach with rolling basket racks. This one has open basket storage on both sides and I scored it at a local store fixtures store. This baby rolls on 4 wheels-wherever I need it to go in my studio. That would be my studio was featured in a recent issue of Studios Magazine *smile*. Read more about my painting studio here.

Paint closet storage idea from Royal Design Studio stencils

Tip 9: Hide your mess (I mean paint stash) behind closed doors-and only YOU will know what lurks beyond. In my studio space here at Royal Design Studio I am lucky enough to have a 20', whole-wall closet filled with shelves overflowing with decorative paint finishing products. I love that I can close the doors and focus on my project at hand-yet have anything I might need within easy reach!

Chalk Paint for labeled storage idea on Royal Design Studio Stencils 

Tip 10: Chalk it up and mark it up. Did you know that you can paint 3 coats of Chalk Paint™ furniture paint from Annie Sloan on any furniture surface to turn it into a usable chalkboard?? Chalk Paint™ comes in 30 colors. What a colorful way to remind yourself where the heck you stashed those rulers-and when you reorganize, simply erase and relabel. Image via BHG.

Whether you work best in a well-organized space or "inspired chaos", I hope that you've enjoyed these tips and will have a very creative, inspired, and productive 2013!





February 27, 2015

hello..im carrie and i love this sight

Bernadette Forese`
Bernadette Forese`

January 08, 2013

These are terrific tips! Very clever and very useful. The paint chips on the cans is one of my favorites! I have oodles in my studio and I constantly look at the name and try to remember what the color is based on the drip marks! No more … I"m using the chips! Something so simple and such a time saver! I love these ideas! Thank you!!!

Lisa Moon
Lisa Moon

January 08, 2013

Great ideas, Melanie!! Perfect timing, with the start of the new year. Here’s to a clutter-free 2013!

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