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Pretty as a Peacock: Strut Your Stencil Style

It’s time to feather your nest and decorate those boring white walls! There’s no reason to ruffle your feathers with expensive wallpaper that will damage your walls. Instead, strut your stuff by decorating with affordable and wall-friendly Peacock Feather Stencils from Royal Design Studio. Scroll on down to see the endless ways to make your home as pretty as a peacock! View full article →

Fresh Start: Nursery Makeovers with Wall Stencils

Give your child a fresh start with a creative space that they can call home. Their nursery or bedroom should reflect their personality, which is anything but boring and bare! A good way to jumpstart decorating your child’s room is with patterns from our Nursery & Kids Wall Stencils collection.These designs can be painted on walls to create the look of wallpaper – but they offer you more creative freedom to use the colors and pattern your child loves! Check out some colorful nurseries to help you (and your mini me) get inspired! View full article →

Get the Project Nursery Look with Wall Stencils!

The good news is that Wall Stencils offer the opportunity to introduce dreamy patterns in your new nursery, and you don’t have to be an artist or spend a lot of money to achieve the look you want. Project Nursery loves this stenciling alternative so much that they have featured our stencils 11 times!! Wonder what they’ve been saying about our stencils? Sit back and kick up your feet because we are going to show you some money-saving and mommy-approved ideas using Nursery Wall Stencils. View full article →

Spotted: Animal Print Ceiling Stencils

Stephanie of The Divine Living Space loves showing off her creative DIY talents, as well as explaining to everyone what a six week room makeover can do. She wanted to create a sweet bedroom for her daughter that she can grow into. She used our Cheetah Spots Stencil to add a fun pop of animal print. But instead of stenciling a wall, she opted for a surprising ceiling treatment to add even more impact. View full article →

Looking for Insta-Inspiration for Your Next Stencil Project?

We’ve got you covered from floor to ceiling!!! We don’t have to look any further than our Instagram feed to find stencil projects with Royal Design Studio stencils that make our hearts flutter. We love that you’re tagging us @royalstencils and #royaldesignstudio and we couldn’t be more happy to pass the insta-inspiration on to the world in this blog post. It’s like a big never-ending circle of stencil LOVE. Are you Insta-Inspired by these stencil projects? The next time you stencil your own wall or furniture piece with Royal Design Studio stencils don’t forget to show it off! Tag us with @royalstencils and #royaldesignstudio View full article →

Cute & Creative Nursery Stencil Ideas

Nothing gives us more joy and creative inspiration than kids. They stare in wide eyed wonder at color and pattern, so we can definitely relate… That’s why we let down that adult wall and let our creative juices flow. We let our inner child take over our stencil designs and boy, can we tell you we are so excited about the results! Check out the adorable nurseries that we have stenciled with our 6 NEW Nursery, Baby & Kids Stencils! View full article →

Kids & Nursery Stencils Offer Big Style for Your Little Ones

Just because you’re decorating for a special little someone doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style points. In fact, a nursery or kid’s room is a great place to get super creative! Whether you’re adding fun pattern to their walls or furniture, the possibilities for a well-designed room with Kid’s Room & Nursery Stencils are surprisingly endless. Here are 20 ideas from creative parents that their kids love and you will too! View full article →

Shabby Chic Nursery Idea with Lace Wall Stencils

Maison de Pax was excited for the opportunity to decorate her daughter’s new room, but was hesitant to spend a lot of money and effort on something that wouldn’t last past her nursery years. Do you have the same predicament? Look no further: a proven way to save some serious cash on bedroom decorating that grows with your child is Wall Stencils! With wall stencils, you can choose from a variety of trendy designs and paint colors that you know will grow with your child. Let’s see how she used wall stencils to make this nursery a shabby chic space that can adapt to her growing toddler’s needs. View full article →

Say It with Craft Stencils & Letter Wall Art Ideas

It’s time to get personal! We all love our home to say a little about ourselves, and what better way to do that than to say it (and stencil it)! The perfect combination of our NEW Letter Wall Art Wood Shapes and Mini Craft Stencils make wall art that’s both fun and completely customizable. Make your own DIY wall décor by spelling out your child’s name, your friend’s initials, your family’s last name, or your favorite wall quote or #hashtag! View full article →

Decorating with Colorful Otomi Pattern Stencils

The indigenous Otomi people of Mexico pride themselves in their beautiful Otomi patterns that are traditionally found on embroidery. The pattern features colorful and crisp designs of flowers, rabbits, deer, and trees on a clean white background, making it perfect for global chic and contemporary styles alike. We love this pattern so much that we want to see it everywhere, so we decided to create a gorgeous Otomi pattern stencil that can used on walls, furniture, and any other surface you’d like to decorate! Bonus – you can choose what colors to paint for your very own Otomi pattern!
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