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Royal Design Studio Stencils on HGTV & DIY Network’s ‘Restored’

Guess what we spotted on DIY Network and HGTV! On the TV show “Restored” Season 4 Episode 7, Brett Waterman restored a 1926 Tudor Revival home by highlighting architectural features with Royal Design Studio Stencils. It makes all the difference!

Glitter Guide Loves Royal Design Studio Stencils!

We always love seeing all the fun home decor ideas that Glitter Guide fills its online articles and Instagram account with, and even better yet, we love seeing what they do with Royal Design Studio stencils! Here’s what they’ve had to say about these 4 room makeovers using our large Wall Stencils.

Jaw-Dropping Wall Plaster Finishes with Stencils & NovaColor

Royal Design Studio Stencils continues their exclusive stencil partnership with internationally renowned Italian decorative coatings company NovaColor™! Their exclusive stencil partnership stays strong with consistent artistic inspiration and collaboration. You can read more about their exclusive partnership here.

Sizzling Stencil Style: Paint Your Fireplace Tiles

Make your house a home with a fireplace that keeps you and your family cozy. Make your fireplace dreamy and decorated by painting it will Royal Design Studio Tile Stencils. Check out these red-hot fireplace tile stencil ideas to see why everyone loves this easy and affordable DIY decorating idea.

Top 3 Mandala Decorating and Stencil Ideas

Mandalas, those intricate, circular designs are a gorgeous symbol of an interconnected universe. These top 3 DIY crafts using Mandala Painting Stencils from Royal Design Studio will inspire you to start using decorating your home with more peace of mind…

Privacy Screens Made Pretty with Stencils, Paint & Etched Glass

Do you want more privacy in your home without losing your view or feeling boxed in? Painting or etching your doors or windows with Royal Design Studio Stencils is the perfect way to keep your light, view, privacy, AND your budget. Before you pull your shades down, check out these DIY solutions using stencils…

Do It Yourself: 16 Stenciled Wall Art Ideas

We all have times and spaces in our lives where we want to decorate with our latest style or color crush but we don’t want to make a long term commitment. Well, here’s your perfect solution: DIY Wall Art Stencils on canvas instantly give your home a dose of patterned artwork without stenciling an entire wall. And when your style and taste (or rental!) changes on a whim, it’s easy to remove and start over.

Open Up to Painting Your Door with Stencil Designs

Doors play a more important role than you might realize. While they are minor elements in the grand interior design scheme, they add architectural detail and style to a house. As something we use every day, doors create a tangible experience and even a first impression of a home. You can further enhance your home’s architecture with painted door designs using Royal Design Studio Stencils. Painting and stenciling a DIY design is more affordable than requesting a custom made door and can highlight the features that your doors already have.

12 Ideas to Paint a Decorative Focal Point with Medallion Stencils

Are you looking to create an interesting focal point on a ceiling or piece of furniture? Decorative medallions, well known for adding beautiful detail to the top of a hanging light fixture, are no longer just on the ceiling and no longer only done professional painters. You can decorate walls and furniture with these designs as well. And here’s the best part: You don’t have to be a pro to get the look in your own home! Case in point: 12 stencil ideas using medallions on ceilings, walls, and furniture.

Say It with Craft Stencils & Letter Wall Art Ideas

It’s time to get personal! We all love our home to say a little about ourselves, and what better way to do that than to say it (and stencil it)! The perfect combination of our NEW Letter Wall Art Wood Shapes and Mini Craft Stencils make wall art that’s both fun and completely customizable. Make your own DIY wall décor by spelling out your child’s name, your friend’s initials, your family’s last name, or your favorite wall quote or #hashtag!

Trendy Stencil Ideas with DIY Picture Frames

Picture frames are a great outlet for showing off your personality (and your personal life!), so how they are presented is important. You can customize your own with stencil pattern, paint color, and artistic finishes. No matter your style, we’ve got you covered with beautiful stencils that coordinate with a variety of interiors.We know there’s a lot of styles to choose from, so here are some ideas from our talented customers with strong “frame game” to get you inspired.

Captivating Wall Stencils from Ruby Rose Studio

Are you captivated by exceptionally distinctive artwork, artisan mirrors, and home décor? The artwork of Ruby Rose Studio features depth, dimension and dramatic texture. Their goal is to create a body of work that draws the viewer in, getting them up close and tempting them to touch. A key element of their designs is pattern so it’s a no brainer that our stencils are a focal point in a lot of their work.
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