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Finishing Furniture Touches with Stencil Designs

The finishing touches to a home are what make a space feel lived-in, tying the home to the personality of its owner. Finishing touches don’t need to be grand decorating gestures. They can simply be smaller pieces that show off your personal taste. For the easiest and most affordable route, add those finishing touches to furniture with Furniture Stencils. You can paint and stencil areas such as dresser drawers, table tops, or even the insides of cabinets! View full article →

Modern Farmhouse Style with Flower Wall Stencils

Kim Power Style wanted to give new life to her home office, a place where she spends her time almost daily. However, this room ended up being a ‘decor catch-all’ where a miss-match of left over decor pieces came to live when they were no longer being used in the rest of the house. Now Kim has officially “taken back” her office and masterfully redecorated it to match her Modern Coastal Farmhouse style with white, wood, and pops of blue and brass. View full article →

Before & After: Stenciling a Cottage Bedroom Makeover

Comfy, casual and cozy- cottage style is perfect for the way we really live (or want to!). Jenna Sue Design lives by this style, but her bedroom seemed to be more dated than cheerful and welcoming. It was dark and old-fashioned and desperately needed a cheery makeover. Here’s a look at how she freshened up this small bedroom while adding color and cozy textures to give the room the cottage feel she craved. She loved the idea that “stenciling is less of a commitment, is low cost, beginner friendly, and you can simply paint over it if you don’t like it.” View full article →

Decorating & Stencil Ideas for the Global Gypsy

Creative and artsy, unique and layered, the trending “Global Gyspy” look evokes an inspiring, adventurous lifestyle that’s been brought back home. For the ultimate bohemian escape, decorate by mixing and matching multiple patterns, textures, and colors. In fact, the more you mix in, the better they’ll all work together. Our new Spotlight Stencil Collection Global Gypsy Stencils is inspired by exotic countries, rich cultures, and the universal language of art and design. Check out these global-inspired stencils combined with lush color palettes that give a whole new meaning to living adventurously. View full article →

Name This Floral Stencil to WIN It

It's that time again... to NAME this stencil and WIN it! Floral pattern gets a refresh with a modern twist! You can stencil an accent wall or floor with this large graphic pattern. Use bold paint colors to mimic the trends we are seeing in today's colorful interiors. You can also tone it down by using different hues of the same color family. Either way, this flower stencil will grow on you! View full article →

5 Fabulously Easy Ways to Stencil with Metallic Royal Stencil Cremes

Stenciling is one of the fastest, easiest ways to add pretty pattern to almost any surface. But did you know that there is a special paint that is designed JUST for the sole purpose of making stenciling even faster, even easier, and even MORE beautiful?? Read on for some pretty stencil painting ideas that you can try for yourself using stencils and metallic cream paints from Royal Design Studio…
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Name It to Win This Fresh, Fun, Floral Stencil!

Our latest stencil that you can help us NAME to WIN is a new allover floral stencil that's perfect for spring time projects! This new floral stencil design brings the Art Nouveau look to your home with a flowing flower and vine motif. For the stenciled wall above, we used our Royal Stencil Cremes to highlight this retro-inspired design with shimmering metallic color. We can wait to see what YOU do with it! View full article →

24 Stencil Projects that Will Insta Inspire

We love when we’re on Instagram and we spot a girl or guy with some serious “gram game”! We are inspired day in and day out with what our talented customers create with our stencils, so we’ve gathered up some of our favorites to inspire you too. Do you have stencil projects of your own that you would love to see featured? Then tag us @royalstencils and use the hashtag #royaldesignstudio to share with the world what YOU can create and add to this beautiful world. Read on to see some stencil ideas that we’ve found recently and would love to try… View full article →

8 Upholstery Updates with Furniture Stencils and Chalk Paint

Were you aware that Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan can be used to paint upholstery? Did you know that you can also use it to stencil? If you are shaking your head in disbelief, stay tuned and we will share all. Read on to see how Chalk Paint® and stencils have transformed upholstered furniture from drab to FAB! Psst… make sure to check out each of the project tutorials we’ve linked to below for the details! View full article →

The Stylishly Stenciled Walls of Haneen’s Haven

Just because you have children doesn’t mean you have to give up sophisticated design. If truth be told, your little ones give you more reason to show off your personality! If you don’t believe us, then check out the stylishly stenciled walls of Haneen’s Haven. Haneen’s creative wheels are always turning, and her home has become her creative outlet while she raises her children. To create the space that shows off her personality and comforts her family, she frequently turns to Royal Design Studio for the latest design trends and wall stencils. View full article →
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