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The Many Styles of Chalk Paint® and Furniture Stencils

Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan’s signature velvety, matte finish is unmistakable in the upcycle world. DIYers have used Chalk Paint® to convert tired furniture into amazing shabby chic delights since 1990. But did you know that Chalk Paint® projects can be something other than shabby chic? Danielle of Finding Silver Pennies loves that Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan and Furniture Stencils can create a variety of different styles on painted furniture. To show how versatile these products are, she painted and stenciled shabby chic and tribal inspired dressers. Let’s see how these furniture makeovers turned out.

7 Stylish Stenciled Concrete Floor Finishes within Your Budget!

When you think of concrete floors do you think boring, plain, and… blah? Think again! Stenciling concrete is an inexpensive way to add style to an otherwise utilitarian floor. A stenciled concrete floors can also help you hide imperfections, create a lovely focal point in your home, or just add a dose of beauty to your space for very little cost. Looking for some floor makeover inspiration? Here are 7 stenciled concrete floor finishes that will make your jaw drop!

Decorating Ideas with Wall Stencils for the Artistic Romantic

Mandy Fitzgerald is a lover of art and romantic patterns. A few rooms that she wanted to decorate had stark white walls, so she naturally had to do something about to make them appear softer and visually interesting. It was a no brainer that she would turn to Royal Design Studio’s vintage-inspired stencils to decorate a few her rooms. Let’s check out how our wall stencils transformed these 3 ordinary rooms into something extraordinarily beautiful.

Make Your Home Modern or Moroccan with this Lace Stencil

You can turn to the same stencil to create the exotic or contemporary look that you’ve always wanted. Our Modern Moroccan Lace Wall Stencil adds a bold lace pattern that can embody either global or modern design. Its design is very versatile too. You can easily adapt this intricate wall stencil from our Moroccan Stencils Collection to your own taste simply by stenciling it in a color palette that suits your personal decorating style.

Decorating a Little Girl’s Dream Room with Wall Stencils

Creating a dream bedroom for your daughter is a sweet way to show off her personality. But what if you only have a small space to work with? Well, we have a cute girl’s room decor idea for you! Rachel set out to decorate her daughter’s room. When she found our Esperanza Lace Wall Stencil from the Lace Stencils Collection, she immediately knew that it was the perfect punch of pretty for her sweet little girl.

Lovely Lace Stencils for Sweet Stenciled Spaces

Our lace pattern stencils offer something for every style and surface in your home. Fellow DIY’ers love the impact lace patterns create while still maintaining a delicate, romantic look. Whether you are looking for allover lace patterns, darling doily stencils, or whimsical bird stencils with a touch of delicate lace, we've got you covered so that you can paint and stencil your walls and furniture with exquisite lace designs and details.

Paint and Stencil Pretty Table Tops!

Topping off a table with stencils is a great weekend DIY furniture painting project! It's an easy design transformation for stencil newbies and the stenciling pros know it's a quick and effective way to add unexpected interest to table tops of any shape and size. We've rounded up some of the latest projects from some of our Royal Design Studio stenciling friends that showcase inspired ideas for your home!

DIY Stencil Décor For Your Next Fiesta!

Whenever a stretch of roadway is bedecked with lines of bright and colorful paper cutouts, you can expect to come across a fiesta somewhere nearby. Now how about adding your own handmade table napkins using our Talavera Tile Stencils to this very authentic décor. The steps for these are also very simple and quick. Let’s take a look. 

Light Up a Lampshade with Stenciling: Flea Market Style

Are you looking for a quick and colorful pick-me-up for a certain spot in your home? Something that won't cost a fortune yet will reward you for a very small investment of your time? Stenciling a drum lampshade is a super easy DIY project you can do to transform a lamp you may already have. Or, if you're the type who's on the hunt for adventure and bargains, consider a trip to your local thrift shop to find the perfect trash to treasure candidate.

Pretty in Pink with Stencils!

Think Pink! The color Pink is a great way to add style and panache to your home - it's not just for little girls any more! When paired with stencil patterns, the charming color can take on a sophisticated feel and be perfect for both men and women. Pink is also closely associated with love and romance and it's a playful color that most respond to positively. There is a pink for every design scheme, from soft and subtle to full of verve and pop - much like the versatile array of stencil patterns available!

Romance in the Closet: A Stenciled Dressing Room with Fortuny Style!

Creating the look of elegant and lovely linens or textile wallcoverings on any surface is possible with a stenciled fabric finish. The Damask Stencils Collection from Royal Design Studio has a myriad of stencil patterns to choose from for a designer wallpaper look and one of the most popular for this fabric technique is the Fortuny Stencil. The pattern is reminiscent of ones used in the famed Fortuny silks from Italy and its refined, graceful quality.

Embellishing Stencils with Glitz, Glass, and Glamour

Think Stencils can only be used with paint? Oh, no - they're much more versatile than that! Adding glitz and glamour to your stenciled surfaces is easy AND super fun! To make your stenciled project shimmer enticingly, you can use materials such as glitter, glass beads, rhinestones and crystals, to name a few.
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