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Paint, Peel, & Stick Your Stairs with Stencil Designs

We’re always on the hunt to make our creative lives easier and we’re so happy to share our Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™ to solve these and other stenciling dilemmas. Our Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™ is the perfect way to make painting pattern and stenciled style on stair risers easy, affordable, and removable!

Top 3 Mandala Decorating and Stencil Ideas

Mandalas, those intricate, circular designs are a gorgeous symbol of an interconnected universe. These top 3 DIY crafts using Mandala Painting Stencils from Royal Design Studio will inspire you to start using decorating your home with more peace of mind…

Privacy Screens Made Pretty with Stencils, Paint & Etched Glass

Do you want more privacy in your home without losing your view or feeling boxed in? Painting or etching your doors or windows with Royal Design Studio Stencils is the perfect way to keep your light, view, privacy, AND your budget. Before you pull your shades down, check out these DIY solutions using stencils…

Do It Yourself: 16 Stenciled Wall Art Ideas

We all have times and spaces in our lives where we want to decorate with our latest style or color crush but we don’t want to make a long term commitment. Well, here’s your perfect solution: DIY Wall Art Stencils on canvas instantly give your home a dose of patterned artwork without stenciling an entire wall. And when your style and taste (or rental!) changes on a whim, it’s easy to remove and start over.

12 Clever Craft DIY's: Creating Custom Fabric with Stencils

Even with a bazillion fabric offering out there, sometimes you just cant find the right combination of color and pattern to complete a room makeover. If you take the DIY route, though, it's easy to make your own fabric design with Stencils! Stenciling plain fabric with pattern helps you create any look you want for your pillows, curtains, clothing, and more. Check out the following stenciled fabric projects for inspiration. Then, grab some plain fabric, paint and a stencil and start creating your own.

Stencil Pretty Holiday Decor with These DIY Tutorials

Holiday decor doesn’t have to come from a store… Maybe it can mean a little bit more. Want some more holiday-themed DIY fun? Click play on this festive video to see the stencil projects we've done! Holiday DIY Craft Stencils for every season! Create beautiful DIY holiday decorations with these wall, furniture, and craft stencils. Perfect for hand-made gifts, pillows, cards, table runners, and even gift wrapping paper. Celebrate the holidays with us by adding an extra personal touch to your party decor or gifts.

15 DIY Stylish Stenciled Rug Projects

Rugs cover a lot of area, so they can definitely set the tone for the entire room. But oh my, they sure can be pricey! No matter how hard you look, it can be hard to find an affordable AND stylish rug that compliments your decor. We’ll let you in on a little secret… You can have the rug of your dreams by using stencils! Stencils make decorating cost-effective, creative, and customizable. Need to see to believe? Scroll down for 15 stenciled floor rug ideas that you will be floored by…

Color Trend: 8 Indigo Blue Stencil Decor Ideas

The color indigo is a timeless trend that can be seen in homes everywhere and on just about any surface. This indigo blue trend will never get old - we’ve been seeing it since denim jeans came out and it’s just as popular now as it was then. You know what else looks AMAZING on just about any surface? That’s right – stencil decor! You can decorate your home with gorgeous indigo blues and global chic stencil patterns to mimic the traditional indigo dyed fabric.

Painting & Stenciling Decorative Books

Books are for reading, sure. But they are also for stacking, displaying, propping and arranging. A stack of thick coffee table books is as essential in decorating as a vase or a throw pillow. They also offer a chance to show off your personality, especially if you were the one to personally decorate them with just the look you want. Your books say as much about your interests, taste and personality as your art. So why not make your decorative books into art themselves? Let’s check out a few ideas on how you can paint your own artsy books with stencils.

Easy Stencil Ideas with Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™

Have you ever had the frustrating experience of trying to stencil a pretty pattern in an awkward space or recessed area? We feel you! We know how hard it is sometimes to push that stencil into a corner and get a clean look, or to try to twist your body into an uncomfortable position to paint. We’re always on the hunt to make our creative lives easier and we’re so happy to share our new Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™ to solve these and other stenciling dilemmas. This is a premium paintable canvas with a BIG plus!

Say It with Craft Stencils & Letter Wall Art Ideas

It’s time to get personal! We all love our home to say a little about ourselves, and what better way to do that than to say it (and stencil it)! The perfect combination of our NEW Letter Wall Art Wood Shapes and Mini Craft Stencils make wall art that’s both fun and completely customizable. Make your own DIY wall décor by spelling out your child’s name, your friend’s initials, your family’s last name, or your favorite wall quote or #hashtag!

Trendy Stencil Ideas with DIY Picture Frames

Picture frames are a great outlet for showing off your personality (and your personal life!), so how they are presented is important. You can customize your own with stencil pattern, paint color, and artistic finishes. No matter your style, we’ve got you covered with beautiful stencils that coordinate with a variety of interiors.We know there’s a lot of styles to choose from, so here are some ideas from our talented customers with strong “frame game” to get you inspired.
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