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Floor Stencils Decorate a Vintage Farmhouse

No matter what your decorating styly is, you can finish off the look beautifully with Royal Design Studio Stencils. In Natalie of My Vintage Porch’s case, she wanted her laundry room and outdoor porch to complement the rest of her vintage farmhouse style home. In most homes, it’s common to find these two spaces left undecorated and distinct from the rest of the house’s style. However, Natalie took the DIY challenge and used Floor Stencils to carry her vintage farmhouse style into these previously unloved spaces. View full article →

12 Clever Craft DIY's: Creating Custom Fabric with Stencils

Even with a bazillion fabric offering out there, sometimes you just cant find the right combination of color and pattern to complete a room makeover. If you take the DIY route, though, it's easy to make your own fabric design with Stencils! Stenciling plain fabric with pattern helps you create any look you want for your pillows, curtains, clothing, and more. Check out the following stenciled fabric projects for inspiration. Then, grab some plain fabric, paint and a stencil and start creating your own. View full article →

Stencil Pretty Holiday Decor with These DIY Tutorials

Holiday decor doesn’t have to come from a store… Maybe it can mean a little bit more. Want some more holiday-themed DIY fun? Click play on this festive video to see the stencil projects we've done! Holiday DIY Craft Stencils for every season! Create beautiful DIY holiday decorations with these wall, furniture, and craft stencils. Perfect for hand-made gifts, pillows, cards, table runners, and even gift wrapping paper. Celebrate the holidays with us by adding an extra personal touch to your party decor or gifts. View full article →

15 DIY Stylish Stenciled Rug Projects

Rugs cover a lot of area, so they can definitely set the tone for the entire room. But oh my, they sure can be pricey! No matter how hard you look, it can be hard to find an affordable AND stylish rug that compliments your decor. We’ll let you in on a little secret… You can have the rug of your dreams by using stencils! Stencils make decorating cost-effective, creative, and customizable. Need to see to believe? Scroll down for 15 stenciled floor rug ideas that you will be floored by…
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6 DIY Stenciled Headboard Ideas

You can invest so much effort in bringing home the perfect mattress that fits your physical needs, but if it’s not matched with a headboard that meets your aesthetic wants, even the most comfortable bed in the world won’t be totally dreamy. But what if those headboard price tags or specific styles are not what you are looking for? That’s where we come in! With our stencils, you can easily and affordably create a DIY headboard that fits your style and budget. View full article →

16 Decorating Ideas using Ikat Pattern Stencils

You may have noticed that you are still seeing Ikat patterns everywhere - from fabrics to walls to rugs and everything in between! Ikat is a dyeing technique used to create patterned textiles that utilizes specific methods of weaving (the word means "to tie" or "to bind" in Indonesian) and a resist dying method. Because its creation was so time consuming, it was often a status symbol of wealth and power in day's past. Now, you can get this sought-after exotic look on your walls and furniture with easy-to-use Ikat stencils! View full article →

Affordable Bedroom Style with Paisley Stencils

If you want to makeover your bedroom with instant style and little effort, stencils are your best bet for making it affordable AND gorgeous. Ursula of Home Made by Carmona is a fan of DIY decorating and says, “You get a truly custom look for less in the space, not to mention the DIY bragging rights!” When she heard how great stencils were for easy DIY decorating, she sprung head first into stenciling to transform her daughter’s bedroom. This was her first time stenciling, and now she has become “obsessed”! View full article →

8 Upholstery Updates with Furniture Stencils and Chalk Paint

Were you aware that Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan can be used to paint upholstery? Did you know that you can also use it to stencil? If you are shaking your head in disbelief, stay tuned and we will share all. Read on to see how Chalk Paint® and stencils have transformed upholstered furniture from drab to FAB! Psst… make sure to check out each of the project tutorials we’ve linked to below for the details! View full article →

Stenciled Pillows for Every Style

Looking for a quick and easy DIY project that you can get done in an afternoon, then sit back and relax the rest of the day? Look no further! DIY stenciled pillows are a quick home décor project that are a great alternative to store bought pillows. Painted pillows with stenciled patterns are the perfect accessory to any room with any style and on any budget. Whether your space is Moroccan, Tribal, Floral, or Contemporary, stenciled pillows offer you the ability to choose your pattern and color for an affordable price. View full article →

The Creatively Stenciled World of a Nomadic Decorator

Deb Trombley of Nomadic Decorator has a special knack for super creative DIY craft projects using our Royal Design Studio stencils! She creates quick and easy stencil tutorials that are perfect for those who don’t want to take the plunge and stencil an entire wall. Bonus! Her DIY projects look like they came straight off the shelves of Cost Pier 1 Imports, Plus World Market, or Home Goods! Let’s take a look at how she uses our patterns for her crafty stencil projects. View full article →
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