3 Tips for Easy Furniture Updates

There you are driving along in your car when you spot a potential furniture piece on the side of the road. Your heart starts racing, you come to a complete stop, rush out to bring the newly loved piece home, all the while wondering how someone didn't see the potential it had for a wonderful transformation. Now as you look at it in your garage, you're stuck with how exactly to tackle this furniture makeover project. Does this sound familiar? Oh, it happens to all of us! We've rounded up three easy tips to get your creative juices flowing and get that piece on its way to Then and Wow!


Use Stencil Creme paint to update furniture hardware fast!


1) Hardware - You can change the hardware out but what if you can find the right fit and color?  Or, you really like the existing hardware but it just needs a little sprucing up?  Paint it! One of my fave products is Royal Design Studio's Stencil Creme Paints. Not only are they great for stenciling, but they are also fantastic to highlight furniture details and change the color of the hardware. The metallic colors shimmer enticingly, are durable and you can wash out your tools with soap and water. It's a win-win-win.



2) Adding + Subtracting - Take stock of what you need in your home and tackle the piece with these requirements. Want more shelf space? Take out the large bottom drawer and hardware and leave a now-open space to store books easily. Add a backing to an open bookshelf, like The Sagens did below, and create a more custom and structured bookcase.  Making minor adjustments can be an easy DIY project and help create a piece that looks great and works perfectly in your home.



3) Stencils - We all know paint can change a piece overnight. But stencils? Ohhh, stencil patterns can make a world of difference! They can be an unexpected splash of color and design on the back of a bookcase, on the drawers (and inside!) or take an overlooked piece like a blah black TV tray and make it a conversation piece. You can mix and match designs as well as play with scale and color combinations. The creative world is your oyster when it comes to stencil possibilities!


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