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Whoa Baby! Sweet Nursery Stenciling

 Stenciling Your Nursery with Royal Design Studio Stencils 

Whoa, Baby! There are so many fun ways to incorporate stencils and pattern into a nursery that tie in with any color scheme, whether it be pink, blue or gender-neutral colors such as yellow or green.  A story or favorite piece of artwork might spark the idea for a beautiful theme and/or color scheme -- and stencils are a fantastic way to help add interest to the chosen design.  Stenciling is very versatile and you can incorporate the pattern on a feature wall, furniture piece, pillows, floor rugs and even the lampshades in a nursery. Royal Design Studio has a Children's & Nursery Stencil Collection but Kathryn of Do It On a Dime decided upon the Circling Allover Stencil from our Allover Modern Stencils Collection. It's an effervescent and contemporary design -- perfect for baby Carson!

Rolling Paint onto a Stencil | Nursery Project by Do It On a Dime | Royal Design Studio

   Circling Allover Stencil in Nursery | Project by Kathryn of Do It On a Dime | Royal Design Studio

Kathryn is currently expecting and so her husband Charlie pitched in to help, too!  She says the stenciling process was so easy that "even if you stink at painting like I do, you can totally stencil" -- just what we've been saying! Charlie enjoyed this DIY stenciling project and they thought the end result was cute, whimsical and created a great design statement. We think it's fantastic, too!  As to the time it took them to stencil the feature wall?  TWO hours! Time for that Happy Stencil Dance!



 Circling Allover Stencil on Nursery Feature Wall | Project by Do It On a Dime | Royal Design Studio Stencil


The super adorable Kathryn created a video stencil tutorial for her YouTube channel to showcase her entire process. The video is full of good stenciling tips for when you tackle your DIY stenciling project! She included the stencil supplies you will need and visuals on everything from prepwork to lining up the stencil to rolling the color in. Oh -- and there's a $50 Stencil Shopping Spree Giveaway, too! Be sure to click into her video to watch the how-to AND enter to win!  The deadline is March 31, 2013.

Did you know that studies show that adding color and pattern reflects as a calmer and happier nursery environment for a baby?  It's also a more relaxing and joyful space for both Mom and Dad to be in as well.  Have fun creating the best space for your baby with stencils, color and decor you picked out with love!  Many thanks to Kathryn for sharing hers!


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Have a Stencil-rific day!

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  • Thank you for the video. It did help answer some lingering questions I had about stencilling — especially how to keep from getting those runs under the stencil. (I’ve never thought of using a foam roller cover for this :)

    Wendy york

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