Metallic Damask Stencil Ideas

Damask fabrics originated in Damascus, hence the name. There are many different variations of Damask, but a common one is that in which the pattern is represented and created through the weave of the material. The pattern appears through the contrast of the flat and shiny areas created by the threads. Here are some simple techniques for producing this damask fabric look with paint.

Fabric Damask effects are very easy to achieve with Metallic Paints and our elegant allover pattern stencils.
For a true Damask effect, in which the pattern is represented through the differentiation between shiny and dull areas, simply employ the same shiny/dull concept to your painted pattern. The background could be shiny (metallic paint, gloss varnish, pearlescent paint), with the stencil pattern painted in a dull version of the same color (flat acrylic or latex paint, matte varnish), or vice versa.
The beautiful color samples shown below show use a very simple technique. Simply paint the background with 2 coats of Metallic Paint. For the stencil layer, add approximately 10% flat white latex paint to the Metallic Paint color. This will "kill" the metallic quality while maintaining a slightly lighter version of the color. Stencil solidly with a brush or roller.
modern masters plum damask
This small Lovely Lace stencil pattern was stenciled in whitened, dulled Plum over two coats of the metallic Plum  color.
modern masters sage damask brocade
The Small Allover Brocade was used above with the same painting technique and the color Sage.
modern masters shimmering sky damask scrollallover
Shimmering Sky with the Small Scrollallover pattern makes a beautiful blue damask treatment.

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