Stenciled Slipcovers

stenciled chair slipcover

Stenciling on canvas or velvet slipcovers is an inexpensive way to update furniture and quickly change the look of a room. Slipcovers are available for everything from folding chairs to loveseats and couches. A good web-source for inexpensive slipcovers is You can even think of dressing your chairs up just for the holidays!

Our Extraordinary Stenciled Effects Video: Fabric and Glass  offers specific techniques for stenciling on these special surfaces.
Above, a green velvet slipcover gets the "Royal" treatment with metallic paints. The Medium Florence Tile stencil was centered on the back of the chair and stenciled with Metallic Gold, Rose, and Blue. A portion of the Large Florence Tile stencil was taped off and repeated around the chair skirt to create a border pattern.
Note: Add Textile Medium to the paint to make it more suitable for fabric painting.
Pre-wash the slipcover in cold water on a gentle cycle. Allow to air-dry by placing it over a chair. Hot iron to remove wrinkles. Paint as desired and heat-set by placing in the dryer on a high heat setting for one hour.
Add tassels, trims, lace or fringe to further "dress-up" and customize your new look!

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