Using Stencil Registration Marks

Royal Design Studio stencils utilize two different types of registration marks to aid in pinpoint accuracy of stencil repeats.

Stencil registration marks

Pinpoint Registration Marks

These are small triangles cut into the mylar at the points of the repeat registration. They will help you to accurately align the stencil for both repeat registration as well as aligning subsequent overlays that may be necessary to complete the design.
When you position your first overlay or repeat, transfer these marks to the surface by tracing the entire shape of the triangle. NOTE: Simply putting dots in the centers of the triangles will NOT create accurate registration. For repeat borders or patterns: Mark the registration on the first overly, stencil and move to the right. Position the left triangle (s) over what was previously the right triangle. For additional overlays of the design, simply line up all the triangles at the beginning point.
You will want these marks to be easily removed to use a soft lead pencil that will erase easily. Some alternatives to pencil marks are disappearing fabric marking pens or watercolor pencils in neutral colors. The watercolor pencil marks will disappear when wiped with a damp paper towel or sponge.
In instances when you don'­t want to place ANY marks on your surface, or want to be able to see them easier, simply place a small piece of blue tape on the surface under the registration mark and mark it with a pen or permanent marker. When the tape is removed, so is the mark! Use this method on fabric, wood, and sensitive faux finishes that may be damaged by erasers.

Laser Cut (Window) Registration Marks

Royal Design Studio uses these primarily on our free form stencils and allover patterns, where pinpoint registration is difficult or impossible. In this case, portions of the design are laser cut into the mylar at key points of registration. When stenciling, you will align these marks over the corresponding design elements that you have already stenciled to accurately complete your pattern.

Adding Your Own Registration Marks

You may find it very helpful to create your own hand printed registration marks on your stencils with an ultra fine point permanent marker, such as a Sharpie®. If your stencil comes with a cover sheet printed in full size, simply lay an overlay on top of it and trace the uncut portions of the design with solid or dashed lines. This can be done on either the dull or shiny side of the mylar.
If a full size print is not included, make a sample proof of the design on newsprint or scrap paper and use that for adding your own printed registration marks. You should always proof your designs first anyway to practice, become familiar with the design, and test colors and scale of the design. 

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