How to Stencil using Multiple Paint Colors

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Stenciling is so popular because it is an easy way to add a wallpaper-like pattern ...

How to Stencil a Drop Shadow Effect

How To Stencil Video - Taking your stenciling to the next level actually quite easy! You can give visual dimension an...

How to Stencil with Shading & Highlighting

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Want to add more more dimension to your stencil designs? You can do that with some si...

How to Stencil into Corners, Ceiling Line, and Floor Line

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Stenciling into corners can seem a bit tricky, but once you know how to do it, it’s a...

How to Use Registration Marks to Repeat Stencil Designs

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - So you’re looking to create a gorgeous wallpaper look using wall stencils, aren’t you...

How to Clean Paint Off of Your Stencils & Brushes

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Our Royal Design Studio stencils and stencil brushes are designed for a lifetime of u...
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