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How to Paint a Wood Pallet with Mandala Stencils

Wood pallets are trending in so many different interiors from farmhouse to boho chic. Not only are they SUPER cheap (usually free!), they are also SUPER easy to repurpose. DIY beginners rejoice! Accessible to anyone street-side, this super easy DIY project only requires Mandala Stencils. Watch this video to see how easy it is to repurpose a wood pallet… View full article →

How to Stencil a DIY Watercolor Mural

Watercolor murals have been a popular trend in home decor. Their soft fluidity, ombre effects, and abstract look add a refreshing, lively, and organic design to walls. However, you don’t have to be a professional watercolor artist to channel the sweeps of color that flow from this painterly style. You can easily use Wall Stencils to paint your own floral watercolor mural (and we show you how!). View full article →

Fast & Fabulous: How to Stencil a Wall in Only 1 Hour!

But what if you want a fast and fabulous feature wall and you’re only a beginner with limited time? We’ve got the EASY (and by easy, we really mean easy) solution for you: Use Wall Stencils from Royal Design Studio to quickly create a custom wallpaper look on a feature wall… in ONLY 1 HOUR! Stencil it in minutes… enjoy it for years! View full article →

Paint Your Own Indigo Wallpaper Look with Wall Stencils

How To Stencil Video Tutorial - Amid our fleeting love affairs with bright and bold color, there's one old flame we’ve never abandoned: indigo blue. Classic and complex, it lends a dash of mystique to the comforting familiarity of blue. Indigo blue pattern made from Wall Stencils are great to either dress up or dress down your home decor because you can customize it with your favorite pattern and blue hues. View full article →

Everything You Need to Know How to Stencil a Kitchen Tile Backsplash

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - The overwhelming amount of materials needed for a new kitchen or a kitchen remodel can quickly make your costs skyrocket. Save precious dollars by cutting down on costs while maintaining high style. We’ve been seeing a LOT of home decorators opting for Tile Stencils to decorate their backsplash rather than pay for expensive tiles (plus the cost of installation!). View full article →

How to Stencil a Mermaid Fish Scales Wall

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Make a splash and dive head first into the decorating trend we can’t get enough of: mermaids! You can easily create your own custom mermaid paradise by painting a feature wall with a fish scale stencil design and enchanting metallic colors. View full article →

How to Stencil a Wallpaper Look for Less!

How To Stencil Video Tutorial - Unlike traditional wallpaper with set designs and set colorways, Wall Stencils allow you to use any color scheme you would like and even add personal finishing touches. Watch this DIY stencil tutorial to see how to stencil a custom wallpaper look of your own. View full article →

Paint Inspiration! Our Top 5 Stencil Tutorials of 2017

Royal Design Studio Stencils are a great way to change up your walls, furniture, and floors for a refreshed new year. To help you get started with your home redecorating resolutions, we’ve compiled our Top 5 Stencil Tutorials of 2017. These DIY project ideas are some of our most popular decorating tutorials from the last year. View full article →

How to Stencil an Accent Wall for Only $50!

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - The most affordable alternative to expensive wallpaper is Wall Stencils. Wall Stencils guarantee you with a wallpaper look, but without the price tag. Unlike wallpaper where you would need multiple costly panels, Wall Stencils from Royal Design Studio are reusable so you only need to use one to stencil an entire wall. You CAN have a beautiful room makeover on a small budget. View full article →

How to Stencil a Beautifully Embossed Wall with Joint Compound Plaster

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - This DIY decorating tutorial is easy as cake… or frosting a cake that is! If you can smear frosting on the top of a cake, you can trowel plaster onto a wall to create a raised design. The easiest way to do this technique for both beginners and professions is to use premixed joint compound plaster and Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils. Learn how to emboss wall designs from our Global Gypsy Stencil Collection, and raise your home decorating to the next level. View full article →
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