Jacquard deColourant Discharge Paste

Discharging is the process of removing dye from fabric in a controlled manner. Our Jacquard deColourant Discharge Paste comes in 8 oz. and can be painted or stamped on dyed natural fiber fabric. Its thick viscosity makes it ideal for using on fabrics with Royal Design Studio Stencils. Discharge Paste will safely remove color from natural fibers and is also safe for use with silk. Unlike bleach, deColourant Discharge Paste will not weaken or deteriorate the fabric.


Basic Instructions: Stencil the deColourant Discharge Paste in one or two layers with a Stencil Brush. When the paste is dry, iron with steam on a setting that is appropriate for your fabric type until you achieve the desired amount of color removal.


Tips & Ideas for Using Jacquard deColourant Discharge Paste:

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