Royal Stencil Cremes - Set of 10

Royal Stencil Cremes - Set of 10 Original Metallic Colors

This specially priced set of 10 includes one each of: Bright Gold, Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Copper Kettle, Pearl Oyster, Smoked Oyster, Renaissance Red, Bronze Age, Aged Nickel, Patina Green.


The ultimate stencil paint for experienced and beginning stencil artisans alike: The Metallic Color Collection, which introduces a sophisticated and classic metallic color palette. Royal Stencil Cremes feature a velvety, gel-based formula that makes stenciling a breeze from start to finish.

FREE 9-page Informational Booklet: Introduction to Royal Stencil Cremes

FREE DIY STENCIL PROJECT: Stenciled Jewelry Cork Board

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