Annie Sloan Sanding Sponge - 3 Pack

Annie Sloan has created these wonderful sanding pads to allow you to do your decorative sanding with ease. These pads are flexible allowing you to bend and flex as you sand, you can fold them for hard to reach areas , you can roll them for a padded sanding tool (no need for sanding blocks). They are not only flexible but they are re-usable, durable and washable!

There are 3 in each pack, each a different grade 1x fine 1x medium 1x coarse. The fine pad can be used for light distressing or flat finishes, and for a delicate worn effect you can use the medium grade pad. If you prefer a rustic heavily distressed look the coarse pad will help make stunning results easy to achieve. Like with any product with the Annie Sloan signature you can trust that you are purchasing quality.

More advanced wax techniques can be found in the book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations, or through a local hands-on Chalk Paint workshop!


 T-CP Sand Sponge                           


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