Annie Sloan Soft Wax - Black

Annie Sloan's Black Soft Wax (4 oz) is formulated to pair perfectly with Chalk Paint™ and provide a durable finish, rich color, and soft patina. This black, low odor wax is the consistency of soft margarine, making it very easy to apply with a brush or soft cloth.

Made from the finest grade mineral spirits, our wax does NOT contain dangerous quick-drying solvents, such a Toulene, and has excellent water-repellent properties when cured. 

Basic usage: Use a Furniture Wax Brush or cloth to apply a THIN layer of Black Wax over a surface painted with Chalk Paint™. Push the wax into the paint surface, and remove any excess immediately with a soft cloth. Allow to dry to the touch before sanding, distressing, or further antiquing (if desired) with Dark Wax. Allow to dry and apply a final layer of Clear Wax as before. Let dry and buff to a soft sheen.

More advanced wax techniques can be found in the book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations, or through a local hands-on Chalk Paint workshop!

P-CP Wax Black (4oz)                 



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