Annie Sloan Soft Wax - Dark

Annie Sloan's Dark Soft Wax is great for adding an aged or antiqued look to furniture painting projects. Formulated to pair perfectly with Chalk Paint™ and provide a durable finish, rich color, and soft patina. This low odor wax is the consistency of soft margarine, making it very easy to apply with a brush or soft cloth.

Made from the finest grade mineral spirits, our wax does NOT contain dangerous quick-drying solvents, such a Toulene, and has excellent water-repellent properties.

Basic usage:

Over light colors-First apply a THIN layer of Annie Sloan Clear Wax over a surface painted with Chalk Paint and allow to dry to touch before sanding, distressing, or further antiquing with Dark Wax. The initial layer of Clear Wax will prevent the Dark Wax from penetrating and staining your surface too darkly. Allow to dry and apply a final layer of Clear Wax. Let dry and buff to a soft sheen.

Over dark colors-You can apply Dark Wax directly over deep, dark colors of Chalk Paint (Graphite, Emporers Silk, etc), but for the greatest color control, apply over a thin layer of Clear Wax as above.

More advanced wax techniques can be found in the book, Quick and Easy Paint Transformations, or through a local hands-on Chalk Paint workshop!

P-CP Wax Dk


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