Royal Stencil Size: Clear

Royal Stencil Size allows you to easily add metal leaf gilded accents to your stencil projects.Thick, creamy formula that resists stencil "bleed-under". It dries quickly, and comes "to tack" in 15 minutes.Use it with both Metal Leaf and Metallic Foils. Easy soap and water cleanup!


Black Royal Stencil Size


Basic Instructions:
Load the tips of a Stencil Brush with Royal Stencil Size. Offload excess on paper towels.
Apply through a stencil using either a swirling or stippling motion.
Use two thin coats for best results, allowing to dry 15 minutes (approx.) between coats and before gilding.
With stencil in place apply Metal Leaf or Metallic Foil through the stencil and burnish.


StSizeC2-2oz jar Approximate Coverage: 12 sq. ft.

StSizeC8-8oz jar Approximate Coverage: 48 sq. ft.


Stencil tutorials using Royal Stencil Size:

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