Golden Glass Bead Gel

Golden Glass Bead Gel can be brushed or troweled through both Royal Design Studio stencils and Modello Designs Decorative Masking Patterns to add extra dimension, shimmer and texture to your designs. It can also be used as part of a background finish. 

The gel base dries to a clear finish, allowing the small, round, clear glass beads to reflect back through to the color of the underlying surface. This product looks great over metallic backgrounds and can also be tinted by adding small amounts of colorant.

Apply thinly (just to the thickness of the glass beads within) for best results. Applying too thickly can result in a cloudy appearance. Our new Color Shaper tool works great for applying Golden Glass Bead Gel!

For stencils: Trowel on and remove stencil immediately. You can scrape off the excess gel from the stencil for reuse.

For Modello patterns: Trowel on and allow the Glass Bead Gel to set up for approximately 20 minutes before removing Modello for best results.



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