OOPS Rani Paisley Indian Damask Stencil 6194

OOPS stencils are FINAL SALE. We have a limited supply of OOPS! Stencils at 35% off. What are OOPS!? They're stencils that might have some minor laser burn or yellowing on the plastic. They're perfectly fine to use and only have cosmetic imperfections... we're just VERY picky about what we sell! Our Bad=Your Good!

The Paisley is the most significant of all Indian motifs, is the central element in our Rani Paisley Damask Allover Stencil. Meaning royal queen in Hindi, our Paisley Damask Stencil was designed to personify the idea of a royal motif.

Stencil Pattern Size: 18.5"w x 32.75"h
Stencil Sheet Size: 20.5"w x 34.75"h
Single Layer Design
SKU#: 6194

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