Super Large 3" Stencil/Wax Brush
Super LARGE stencil brush for stenciling allover wall stencils with speed and accuracy! | Royal Design Studio
Super Large 3" Stencil/Wax Brush
Super LARGE stencil brush for stenciling allover wall stencils with speed and accuracy! | Great for stenciling with Chalk Paint®Royal Design Studio

Super Large 3" Stencil/Wax Brush

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YOU WILL LOVE Our LARGE NEW 3" Stencil/Wax Brush! We think this may be the ultimate stencil brush for stenciling allover stencil patterns on walls, floors, and furniture. With a special round ferrule packed with lusciously long and supple bristles, this brush holds an AMAZING amount of paint. It will allow you to stencil large areas quickly AND with great control.

This brush is lightweight and the small handle makes it easy to hold, PLUS we've added a nice soft foam pad for even more comfort!

Use this stencil brush with any type of paint. Of course, WE LOVE to use it to stencil with our Royal Stencil Creme Paints and it works handsomely with Chalk Paint® decorative paint as well. You can also use it as a great wax brush for waxing Chalk Paint®.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Alice McLean Barnes

Great fit to the hand. Like the way it holds paint

What a difference

I previously used a sponge on a stick which worked but used way more paint. Took way more time and also resulted in less crisp lines. I bought this since I am going to be doing larger area and it’s so much faster and the results are amazing. I have not had any issues with loose bristles. I like the padding on the brush.

Hi Kate :) Glad you found your go-to supplies! Our stencil brushes make stenciling crisp clean lines way easier since you can have better control of the brush and how much paint to apply to the stencil. Can't wait to see your next project!


When she speaks, I listen!!! U ROCK SISTAAAA!!! This old Faux Bouy thinks u are the E.F Hutton of Stencil's!!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Thank you for such a wonderful review, MrFaux!!! So glad you are enjoying every bit of information our stencil Queen is providing :)

Teresa Kiech
You NEED this brush!

Ok so I'll admit I received this brush for a gift and didn't realize it cost $34.95. That price tag seems a bit steep when you first see it. That being said I would pay double that knowing now how well it works!

Nothing can ruin your project like a crummy brush and believe me I've used my fair share of cheap and less than awesome ones. I'm being honest with you, pay for a good one and $34.95 is a very very good price for a good brush!

This brush holds tons of creme/paint and helps spread it evenly and beautifully. The brush strokes were very minimal and when using the RDS stencil creme that came in my gift basket they smoothed right out! Another note is how quickly things went since this was a larger brush and it held so much creme and covered so nicely.

I saw the other review here and did NOT have the same trouble with bristles falling out. My brush was awesome from the start and I think they might have gotten a bad brush.

Thank you for your review, Teresa!!! What a great way to explain our 3' stencil/wax brush, it really makes a difference on your project. It's great to be able to get a large amount of paint on your brush but still be able to control how much you apply, makes your stencil project quick and easy!!!

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