Wood Icing Textura Paste

Wood Icing Textura Paste is a heavy bodied, water-based acrylic product that is ideal for stencil embossing and for adding textural effects to crackle finish furniture and cabinetry. You can easily incorporate pressed lace or different types of mesh into your project to create truly unique effects and finishes.
Combine with Wood Icing Fissure Size to create subtle to dramatic crackle finish effects.
Use over any painted surface. Allow to dry overnight, then sand to remove high spots and clean up your surface. Use Stain and Seal, glaze, or paint to complete your finish. Topcoat with 2-3 coats of any water or oil-based polyurethane for added protection.  Once fully cured, Wood Icing provides a very hard, durable finish!
Quart size covers approximately 14 sq. ft. depending on thickness of application. Soap and water cleanup.


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