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Make it Modern with Stencils! DIY Bloggers Show You How


Scallops, Cheetah spots, Herringbone Shuffle and Rockin Roses, what is common among them all? Not only are they our best selling stencil patterns, but are also a part of our beautiful Modern Stencils Collection! These patterns are designed to give a fresh new look to all your stencil projects, including feature walls, furniture, floors and even fabrics.

We are about to share some fun projects by talented DIY bloggers who used our Modern Stencil patterns to transform their projects and spaces from boring and drab to fab! If you like what you see below, be sure to take advantage of the 20% OFF offered exclusively on this collection through June 22nd, 2014! Use promo code MOD20 at checkout!



With a little DIY know how Kara Pasley, an interior designer, window display artist, and a set decorator, gave this bathroom wall the look of beautiful iridescent tiles using our Moroccan Scallops Stencil. Kara told us that this project did not take her any more than six hours. Fast and fabulous, isn’t it? Our blog post, Making a Splash with the Moroccan Scallops Stencil, shows you a step by step tutorial on how you too can get the look. Also, hop onto Kara’s blog to see several of her latest fun interior projects.



Tiffany of Living Savvy fell in love with our Contempo Trellis Stencil pattern to give her entryway a bold new look! This is a large scale stencil pattern that works perfectly when looking to cover larger areas quickly. “Be sure to know exactly which walls you will be stenciling”, suggests Tiffany. This will help you chose a suitable stencil pattern and a color scheme more easily. Learn more about this project from Tiffany’s blog post: How-to Stencil on Textured Walls.



When it came time to pick a design for their own mid-century furniture makeover, ‘modern’ was the key word for Carrie and John Waller of Dream Green DIY. They chose the Herringbone Pattern Wall Stencil to pretty up this old dresser. It always amazes us how even just a small pop of stenciling can add so much interest to a DIY project! Don’t you think this dresser looks stunning? Check out their blog post A Modern Mid-Century Makeover to see how the original dresser looked and how Carrie turned it around with stencils.



Our Modern Stencil patterns can not only make walls and furniture pieces look stunning, but they can also be used to pretty up various pieces of fabric around the house. Jen of Tatertots and Jello did exactly that by using our Chain Link Stencil to give her napkin pillows a fun and easy upgrade so as to match her new kitchen décor. Learn more about how she did it on her blog post Stenciled Napkin Pillows DIY.



Speaking of fabrics, see how easily our Cheetah Spots Wall Stencil helped Kristin of The Hunted Interior take her home's chic, contemporary style to glittery, glam holiday sizzle. She used our stencil to give a unique and dramatic upgrade to the Ritva Drapery Panels from IKEA. Her blog post, DIY Spotted Drapery, has more images of the gorgeous space that Kristin has put together.

In another project, Pam of Simple Details used this same stencil to create an unexpected sassy foyer. Pam had always loved a particular wallpaper which was not only pricey but cumbersome to apply. She says, “I'm all about getting a high-end look for less and not having to remove wallpaper if I can avoid it!” Pam’s blog post Foyer Reveal shows how easily she was able to achieve all of the above and more using our Cheetah Spots stencil.



Our Modern Stencils Collection would be quite incomplete without one of our most popular and versatile stencil patterns - the beautiful Rockin Roses Damask Stencil. This stencil has been used to decorate dressers, ceilings, walls, countertops, dressing rooms and several other spaces by our customers and DIY bloggers. One such talented blogger, Chelsea of Two Twenty One, used this gorgeous pattern to simply accentuate her file cabinet. The Stenciled File Cabinet post on her blog shows a tutorial on how her boring old file cabinet is made pretty with this gorgeous stencil.



This modern stencil collection is filled with several such fabulous designs to help you get a chic and modern look for your projects. Haven’t these fun stencil DIYs inspired you to create something beautiful around the house yourself?! Well then wait no more, use promo code MOD20 right now and get a 20% discount on our entire Modern Stencils Collection through June 22nd, 2014. If you are seeking more inspiration, you can visit the Royal Design Studio Pinterest Page, which is full of such cool stencil projects! And if you have a question or a comment, feel free to leave it in our comments section here. We would love to hear from you!

New Damask Stencil: Name it to Win it!


We LOVE designing and introducing new stencil patterns and we are especially excited about this beautiful new damask pattern that is filled with fanciful birds and flowers. It is reminiscent of our folk-inspired Otomi patterns in our Latin American Stencils Collection.

The only problem is... we haven't quite come up with the perfect name. That's where YOU come in! From the awesome response to last week’s ‘Name it to Win it’ stencil contest, we figured that you guys could help us come up with the perfect name for this pretty allover pattern!

So here you go! Put your creative thinking cap on and leave your best stencil name suggestion in the Comments section here before midnight on Sunday, June 15.

If we chose your name we will send you the stencil with our compliments. Good luck!


Note: To prevent spam on our site, all comments need to be approved. Don’t worry if you don’t see your comment right away!

Patchwork Herringbone Stenciled Wall Mural


When we just about start to suspect that there are possibly no more creative ways left for us to see how people use our stencils, we find something new and amazingly creative out there!

Sawdust and Embryos’ is an awesome DIY blog that shares some of the coolest home improvement How-to's out there. They have a beautiful 113 year old house in rural Iowa that they are making their own, one little project at a time. They love to stencil and have used Royal Design Studio stencils on stairway landing walls, dining room area rug and several other projects. The one that particularly caught our eye and we think you will also love is this Herringbone Wall DIY that Beth and Nick designed for their twin girls’ room.




Royal Design Studio Stencils: Small Spanish LaceSmall Margarita LaceTeardrop TrellisRockin Rose Damask, and Step Up Triangles

Stencil Brush

Paints: Red Cedar, Silver Strawberry, Wool Tweed, and Crab Apple by Pittsburgh Paints and Martha Stewart metallic ‘Gold Pearl’

Wooden Moulding Strips/ Trim Pieces. The sizes for these will depend on the height of your mural and the width of herringbone cells. 



Step 1: Beth and Nick started out by measuring out 5 equal parts of their feature wall and then used chalk to create perfectly vertical lines to work with. This wall is paneled so they made sure that two of the four lines would fall on the trim lines of the panels. These trim lines would be eventually covered by wooden mouldings.



Step 2: Then they marked 12” intervals on each of these vertical lines. These marks were then connected diagonally using painters tape as shown in the image above so as to create the herringbone pattern on the wall. 





Step 3: Beth and Nick wanted this wall to look like a patchwork quilt. So they chose a bunch of mixed stencil patterns from the Royal Design Studio website (as listed under the supplies list). They also picked some fun colors by Pittsburg paints (also listed above). While stenciling, Beth ensured to place the colors as randomly as possible to get the quilted look they had in mind. She recommends using a stencil brush instead of a foam roller for smaller stencil patterns which will help to get crisp and clean stencil edges. Each cell took her only 10 minutes to stencil!

To mix things up a little, Beth used FrogTape’s wavy painters tape to create an abstract wavy pattern. (Very creative!!)



Step 4: Once all the cells were filled with beautiful colors and patterns, Beth removed all the painters tape that she had initially used to define the individual cells.  



Step 5: Then for the final stages, Nick made ‘trim’ pieces to frame each cell of the herringbone pattern for a more 3-D architectural effect. You could just buy the trim pieces instead of making your own, or make them at home to make the project more economic. To learn more about how Nick made these trim pieces along with the angled sections for each cell be sure to check out their post: Herringbone Patchwork Accent Wall {REVEAL!}





Step 6: To finish up, they started by first nailing up the vertical pieces and then nailing down the angled one’s one after the other. And finally, they filled the seams and nail holes with white latex caulk and did some minor white paint touch-ups. Voila! A stunning, one of a kind accent wall was all ready for the girls' room to play and create beautiful memories in!




Beth and Nick have slowly and steadily added several gorgeous accents to bring this room together for their little girls. They have shared step-by-step tutorials for each of these accents that they have made themselves. If you are impressed with this project, be sure to check out other fun ideas and accent DIYs on the Sawdust and Embryos’ Big Girl Room Archives.


If accent walls are your thing, browse through the following posts to get some ideas:





Stencil Ideas for a Dream Nursery


Nurseries are always so much fun to decorate. It gives every parent an opportunity to bring out the child in themselves and make the space a warm and welcoming one for their newborn. It is a space where the baby starts identifying itself with, starts to feel secure and comfortable in. It is one area of the house where new parents will be spending several hours a day nurturing, teaching and playing with their little bundle of joy. So why not make it a unique reflection of you – the color, design and pattern loving parents?! And, what better way of giving your baby’s nursery its unique character than stenciling with some of our awesome stencils?


Let's take a look at some really cool nursery projects done by a few of our clients and blogger friends for their little one's. 




Although they knew they had a baby boy on the way, Silas’s parents wanted to create a gender neutral space that could grow with him over time. They wanted an accent wall as the focus and it all came together when they found the Herringbone Shuffle pattern from Royal Design Studio Stencils. They found the pattern to be traditional, but playful. The design and the color palette of the feature wall inspired the design for the rest of the space in baby Silas’s new room! Be sure to check out more knick knacks in this fun nursery on the Onto Baby Blog.




In another nursery project, Amy of Eat Sleep Decorate chose an animal theme for their baby to-be’s nursery. Amy wasn’t ready to commit to stenciling an entire wall just yet, but she certainly wanted to try something. So she decided to stencil the baby’s closet with our Cheetah Spots Stencil that would go perfectly well with the animal theme of the room. Amy says, “It was an easy process which only took a couple of hours one afternoon.” She goes on to explain how these stencils gave the look of an expensive wallpaper while costing a fraction of its price! Now, she is sold on to the idea of stenciling a whole room in the near future. Can you guess if this bedroom is for a boy or a girl? If it were not for the little pink onesies tucked behind on the hanger line, we certainly couldn't tell. 




Another classic nursery featuring our Herringbone shuffle stencil! The parents chose a beautiful coral, aqua and gray colored theme for their little baby Noelle’s nursery. One feature wall sets the tone for the entire room, don’t you think?




We just cannot get enough of the beautiful nurseries that our clients design using our stencils! Francis is a mother of three, a wife and an author of a beautiful blog called It's a Pink Life. She wanted to update this nursery where she and her little girls spend a lot of time during the day. Francis came across our stencils and knew at once that she had to have a stenciled feature wall. She chose the Acanthus Trellis Wall stencil for this room.

“The wall propelled the room into becoming the nursery of my dreams,” she says; “It's stunning and I can't stop looking at it and now I'm like let's stencil everything!” We say amen to that! We absolutely loved the way this nursery turned out for the pretty ladies that will make and cherish some fond memories for days to come. Francis has accessorized this room with pretty things, so be sure to visit her blog for the full Nursery Reveal

So, have you been able to pick a favorite so far? I bet, it is as hard for you as it was for us. All the nurseries turned out to look simply awesome for the little one’s to play, learn and dream in.

Rockin' a Space with the Rockin' Roses Damask Stencil



Bring the beauty of a rose garden indoors! Flower damask stencils from Royal Design Studio are all the rage and their patterns can range from sophisticated to whimsical to contemporary and modern - perfect for any stylish vibe your home has. Our Allover Floral Stencils Collection has a few popular patterns, but one of the most versatile is the Rockin' Roses Damask Stencil. It has a classic and yet oh-so-fresh spin and it's allover design is a great alternative to wallpaper. We're sharing some of our favorite projects from our friends and we hope they inspire you to look at your walls, ceilings, furniture and other surfaces with a renewed eye for florals!



The vibrant Angie from Angie's Roost had been drooling over our stencils for months when she decided to try stenciling an nook in her master bedroom.  Armed with the Rockin' Roses Damask Stencil, the Copper Kettle Stencil Creme and a stencil brush, she tackled this sweet beauty for one Sunday afternoon. Aren't her results so, so lovely? Catch all her tips and tricks in her stenciled wall post.



Want to stencil a glam wall? Sharon from Lillikoi Joy went from functional to fantastique when she decided to stencil her closet walls. She used the Bright Gold Stencil Creme for her project and says, "This paint is really creamy and doesn't leave much residue on the stencil so it doesn't gunk up on the stencil or on the edges like other paints. J'adore the metallic shimmer to it." Thanks Sharon -- we adore YOUR project right back!



Things look positively sunny in this bath!  Decorative painter Joannie Wooder used a warm yellow color and glitter on her bath countertops while stenciling with the Rockin' Roses Damask Stencil. Good prepwork and protective topcoats are the key to maintain this beautiful stenciled countertop finish.



We LOVE this nursery with the wall stenciled with our Rockin' Roses Damask Stencil.  We spied it in the fab Paula and Erika Stencil Shop.



Decorative artist Joannie Wooder of Olde World Finishes used a unique stenciled twist on her client's bath walls. After stenciling the allover design on the walls, she came back and added a single embossed and textured red rose with metallic plaster.  Lovely!



Beth and Nick are the dynamic and creative force behind Sawdust & Embryos. They envisioned a unique and wonderful stenciled patchwork wall for their girls' room and one of the stencils used was the Rockin' Roses Damask stenciled in a cheerful orange color.  The other stencil patterns used were the Small Spanish Lace Furniture Stencil, the Small Margarita Lace Furniture Stencil, the Teardrop Trellis Bari J. Stencil, and also the Small Step Up Triangles Stencil.  Click over to their blog to see their fab stencil how-to.


A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose, right? Not when you're using our Rockin' Roses Damask Stencil! The beautiful and unique stencil pattern will be sure to make your surfaces stand apart - and that's always a great result! Don't miss our Nature, Fruit, & Floral Stencils for more floral designs!


Love the Rockin' Roses Damask Stencil? Here are some MORE fab projects!

Hometalk Giveaway is Perfect for a Mom and her Princess

Do you remember our cool ‘Girl bedrooms inspired by Disney’s Frozen’ post? Well, it caught the eye of our friends at Hometalk. They are giving away the most delightful items to invigorate your home with color this Spring and invited us to join in the fun! 



Details on the Giveaway: For a chance to win our premium stencil kit, all you need to do to enter is to follow Royal Design Studio on Hometalk. It is that simple! The last day to enter is Saturday, April 12th by midnight, so don't wait too long!  


Girl Bedroom Stencil Frozen


Details of our Prize: We are giving away a premium stencil kit so you can replicate both girl bedrooms (see above) featured in our ‘Frozen’ post! The kit includes the Starry Moroccan Night Stencil, Large Flourish Allover Stencil, Royal Blue 2oz. Stencil Crème, Peacock Fancy 2oz. Stencil Crème, 1” stencil brush and our 1½” stencil brush!  Valued at $175, this fun kit could be all yours for FREE!


Think of all the magic you will create for your little princess just for following Royal Design Studio on Hometalk!  For more details, see Hometalk’s Giveaway Post. Good luck!

3 Easy Stencil Techniques Featuring Our Indian Stencils Collection

Whenever we come out with new stencil patterns, as we recently did when we added some beautiful new stencils to our Indian Stencils Collection, we always have fun putting them to the test with some simple stencil finishes to inspire you. Read on to see 3 easy (and one unusual) ways to use these pretty new designs!



The Annapakshi Indian Damask Stencil is an original stencil pattern based on India's mythological white bird that is believed to live in heaven. It represents purity, prosperity and beauty. We love it so much that we have it available in three sizes. The mystical Annapakshi resembles a peacock, so we decided to interpret the medium-sized version of this new stencil design in regal peacock blues!

As we carry the full line of Chalk Paint® decorative paint, we often use it in our studio projects. For the background color shown here, we mixed equal parts of Florence Chalk Paint and Provence Chalk Paint and rolled on two coats with a foam roller.

The stenciling itself was quickly done with Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint using our new 3" Super Large Stencil Brush. This stencil brush works amazingly well with both Chalk Paint® AND our Royal Stencil Creme paints. The brush allows you to stencil an allover pattern just a quickly as using a foam stencil roller, but with the advantage of more precision and less chance of stencil "bleed-under".

To stencil a feature wall like this, first measure and mark the center of the wall so that you can begin by centering and stenciling a full repeat of the pattern there. The Annapakshi Damask Stencil is a "half drop" pattern, meaning that the repeat of the pattern drops down halfway from one vertical repeat of the pattern to the next. In order to repeat this pattern correctly, you need to skip back and forth from one vertical row to the next. The registration "windows" in the stencil make it easy to get perfect alignment, and you can double check with a small level periodically to make sure that you keep your pattern repeating correctly.



Our new Rani Indian Paisley Damask Stencil pulls it's iconic motif from a vintage sari pattern. For this pattern we wanted to interpret the intricate and delicate look of henna (known as mehndi in India). Henna patterns are traditionally drawn on a woman's hands or feet using a temporary plant-based dye.

The steps for using a stencil for this technique couldn't be more simple or straightforward; simply trace the pattern with a brown Sharpie!

We CAN pass on some words of wisdom for this stencil tracing process though...

Tracing a detailed pattern like this can be very time consuming, so we recommend limiting this stencil technique to a smaller wall space. You could also stencil with a Sharpie, or other type of permanent ink pen, on fabric or even furniture for a very cool, unique look. In fact, we recently shared a fun Henna Inspired Tee Shirt project on our Paint + Pattern design blog here that uses specialty fabric markers called Tee Juice Pens.



To showcase our Large Annapakshi Indian Damask Stencil we turned to one of our favorite stencil techniques, the Drop Shadow effect. Rather than stencil the Annapakshi Damask here as an allover pattern, we used this large-scale design as a single focal point motif on a bright pink wall. 

This is an easy stencil technique that just LOOKS complicated. To achieve it, you simply stencil the design first using Flat Black Royal Stencil Creme. Then, shift the stencil up and to the right diagonally about 1/8". Stencil it again with a 1:1 mix of Antique Gold Stencil Creme and Bright Gold Stencil Creme. The result is a cool dimensional look where a black "shadow" drops under the pattern and gives it a large dose of POP!

Please feel free to browse the entire Indian Stencils Collection for more ideas and ways to use these designs on walls and furniture. Remember that we always welcome YOU to share your Royal Design Studio stencil projects with us (and the world!). You can email pictures to, or better yet, post them on our Royal Design Studio Facebook Page!

Polka Party from Project Nursery


Kids rooms are always so much fun to decorate with stencils, especially if you are itching to experiment with bold colors that your growing kids would just love! Haneen, a stay at home mom of 3 girls and one baby boy did exactly that to decorate a transitional bedroom of her baby girl gone tween. She has an art degree, so while not working, she tends to pour all her creative energy into decorating her beautiful home for her family. 



Using a dreamy color palette, Haneen created a bold and fun room that any tween girl would die for! Haneen’s daughter picked her current color “loves” of sea-green and bright pink for her mother to create with. We think it’s a great color combination for a tween girl’s room, as it seems to reflect both her childlike and preadolescent stage at the same time. Haneen added a touch of whimsy to the wall by stenciling a polka dot pattern in light green using Royal Design Studio’s Medium Polka Party Allover Stencil. The feature wall turned out quite stunning, don’t you think?

For furniture, she used the dresser that belonged to her husband as a child, and the desk that belonged to Haneen herself when she was a kid. She further accentuated the room by gathering knick knacks from Hobby Lobby, Etsy, Ebay, Pottery Barn, Ikea, Home Goods and Target, to create an ideal dream room for her little girl. 



Haneen scouted a beautiful quote for the bathroom wall from etsy. It reads:

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”

– Roald Dahl


Haneen’s big girl room was chosen as the reader’s favorite on Project Nursery and we are proud to be a part of this fabulous project through our beautiful Polka Party Stencil. This stencil is as versatile as it can get and can be used to decorate for kids and adults alike. Don’t believe us? 



Take a look at this glamorous Gold Polka Dot Hat Boxes DIY by Polka Dot Chair.

Looking for more décor ideas for your little girl’s bedroom? Here are some other fun projects: