Stencil Ideas

The Secret to a Faux Brick Wall: Wall Mural Stencils

Have you ever wanted an urban style loft bedroom, but didn’t live anywhere close to the city? Jessica of Designer’s Sweet Spot didn’t let that stop her! She created a faux brick wall for her son’s bedroom with our Brick Wall Trompe L’oeil Stencil. Can you believe that it’s not real brick?? We’ll share how she did it, so you can surprise your house guests too! View full article →

Name This Tile Stencil to Win It!!

NAME IT TO WIN IT returns with another new stencil pattern! Our latest stencil that you can help us NAME to WIN is a new tile stencil that can be stenciled once as a focal point, around a surface to create a border, or repeated easily to create a gorgeous allover pattern. The large square size is perfect for stenciling a gorgeous faux tile pattern on walls, floors, or even ceilings! The circular element we included makes the design chic and elegant, don't you think? It will definitely be a popular addition to our Tile Stencils Collection. View full article →

Royal Design Studio Stencils on FOX’s Home Free with Mike Holmes!

“Go big or go Holmes!” We are so excited that one of our favorite stencils was featured on FOX’s Home Free with Mike Holmes! The show’s premise features couples competing to win their dream home. Each week the couples will renovate a home that will go to a deserving family, and each week a couple will be eliminated after inspection. But just when they think they've lost it all, comes the surprise of a lifetime. They were the deserving families they were actually building for. In this competition, everyone is already a winner. But the best part is they don't know it yet. So how did the episode “Go Big or Go Holmes” turn out? View full article →

13 Floor to Ceiling Transformations with Lisboa Tile Stencils

When it comes to home decorating, you really can’t beat stencils for their versatility and ability to be used to decorate surfaces in your home from the floor to the ceiling. To prove this point we present pattern filled post featuring our popular Lisboa Tile Stencil. View full article →

Walls, Floors, Furniture, Oh My! Tile Stencils are Everywhere!

Move on over plain white walls, plain furniture, and beige floors! Tile Stencils feature bold patterns and are being used in fresh new ways to create stunning home décor. Whether you opt for traditional European designs, Latin American designs, or geometric patterns, these tile stencils will give your home character and artistic flair. Still need some inspiration? Make sure to check out these 17 DIY ideas that transform anything from floor to wall to anything in between. View full article →

Update Your Home with Trendy Stenciled Walls

Stenciled walls are becoming quite the trend! And for a good reason, this trendy technique offers an easy, inexpensive way to turn any accent wall into a fashion-forward statement. But don't worry: Even if you tend to be a fickle decision maker, changing it up is as easy as a fresh coat of paint. Let these 6 trendy stenciled wall ideas kick-start your next stenciled stroke of genius. View full article →

New Designer Stencils: Italian Stencils by Alison Woolley

From her Florence-based studio, Alison creates hand painted works of art using traditional Florentine furniture painting techniques. Her inspiration? Years of training in a traditional Italian Bottega under master artisans and the rich art and design history of Italy that surround her in her every day life. Royal Design Studio stencils is proud to introduce some of her rich, historically based designs in a new Italian Stencil Collection.
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On the Up and Up: Decorate Your Home with Ceiling Stencils

Make sure to keep your chin up to look at all the beautiful stenciled ceilings out there! A ceiling shouldn’t be left unpainted while the walls get all the attention. With the help of ceiling stencils, your entire room from top to bottom can be decorated with style. These ceiling stencils feature medallions and corners that help create a traditional ceiling design. If you’re looking for something less traditional, you can also use any of our stencils to paint and allover ceiling design. View full article →

Weave Together Some Style with Trendy Trellis Stencils

Personal style is created by weaving together well-loved pieces of furniture, accessories, paint, and pattern. Trellis Stencils from Royal Design Studio, with their own graceful, interwoven designs can be the perfect addition to weave your home décor projects. Trendy trellis designs are so popular today because they can intertwine fluidly (much like the pattern itself) with a variety of interior styles. This leaves lots of room for the imagination! We especially love all of the different ways our creative customers used the 6 Trellis Stencils below to convey their unique personalities. View full article →

Hallway Makeover Idea: Change it Up with Wall Stencils Again and Again!

Decorating a hallway with stencils is a great way to add a dose of allover pattern in a small area. And, it has the added benefit of visually connecting the rest of the rooms that lead off of it. Gabbi of Retro Ranch Renovation planned for a major remodel that led her to create her dream hallway. She knocked down a few walls which created a more desirable open floor plan for her home. Once that happened, though, she felt she needed to spice up and connect her new blank hallway walls with a stenciled wallpaper look. View full article →