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Pretty in Pink with Stencils!

Pink stencil decorating ideas with floral and lace stencils from Royal Design Studio


Think Pink! The color Pink is a great way to add style and panache to your home - it's not just for little girls any more! When paired with stencil patterns from Royal Design Studio, the charming color can take on a sophisticated feel and be perfect for both men and women. Pink is also closely associated with love and romance and it's a playful color that most respond to positively. There is a pink for every design scheme, from soft and subtle to full of verve and pop -- much like the versatile array of stencil patterns available! So get "in the pink" and see what these color-savvy stenciled rooms have in store for you!


Stencil Ideas for Pink Spaces

Dusty pinks in a tone-on-tone wall treatment is beautiful with the Butterfly Kisses Wall Stencil.  One of our newest patterns, this delicate allover damask stencil adds a romantic feel to any room!


Using Stencils and the Color Pink to Brighten a Room | Royal Design Studio

It's Spring all year long with our Falling Daises Stencil from the Bonnie Christine Collection. It was paired here with varying shades of pink for a custom wallpaper effect.  You can always alter the color of the flower itself as well for a nice variation of pinks or any combination of colors you'd like.


Pretty Ideas for Pink Stenciled Rooms | Royal Design Studio

This room makes us tickled pink! Judy from DIY by Design used the Fabric Damask Stencil from the Allover Damask Stencils Collection on a focal wall and paired it with a vibrant salmon pink and cream. We think the added poppy yellow in the bedding completes the happy color scheme. As to working with our stencils, Judy had this to say: "The Royal Design Studio stencil is awesome.  It is better than any other stencil I have used!".  Thanks, Judy!


Ideas for Pink Rooms | Royal Design Studio Stencils

Pink is also a great color for the shared areas of the home, such as a kitchen or dining room.  Here the wall is very soft and the stenciling with the Small Floral Stamp Stencil adds interest by incorporating other colors into the pattern. For added whimsy, a DIY stenciled canvas artwork was hung using our Clair Cameo Bari J Stencil. Who wouldn't love to spend time here surrounded by the pleasing colors and patterns?


Stenciling Ideas with the Color Pink | Royal Design Studio

If you'd like to add a bit of panache to your floors, pink is perfect! Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing decided to use an amaranth pink for her sewing room floor stenciled with the Skylar's Lace Floral Stencil. Imagine how fun and inspiring it must be to do your creative work in this space!


Using Pink for Walls, Floors and Furniture | Stencil Ideas

Second Betty also had a sweet alternate pink solution for walls: Furniture! They used Antoinette Chalk Paint® decorative paint paired with our versatile Skylar's Lace Floral Stencil for the drawers of a beautiful vanity and dresser set. So pretty!


Pink Room Ideas | Royal Design Studio Stencils

Hot Pink! We love the rich pink of these walls - they work so well balanced with white and the deep turquoise green. The feature wall is stenciled by creative customer Kim Burney with the popular Moorish Trellis Stencil from our Allover Ethnic Stencils Collection


Inspiring Ideas for Pink Color Schemes | Royal Design Studio

A little girl's room is always pretty in pink! The Snowflake Lace Stencil is über-versatile and works well on fabrics, furniture and floors for a gorgeous allover look. On these walls they look great with a cotton candy pink and white combination.


Great Room Ideas Using the Color Pink | Royal Design Studio Stencils

Of course, the stenciling doesn't always need to be the pink focal point! The stenciled surface can always be a wonderful counterpoint to the pink accent, such as the gray and cream stenciling on the tub against the pale pastel pink walls. Gorgeous!  The beautiful pattern is the Spanish Lace Scallop Stencil

Pink is a strong choice for interior design as it has a lot of personality! The right balance with other colors keeps it from becoming too girly and precious. In Feng Shui, the gentle vibrations of pink have a proven soothing effect and are recommended for creative offices and powder rooms, among other spaces. Paired with stencils, it can also make a wonderful backdrop or be a strong focal point. Tell us, would you do a pink room in your home?

Still in the Pink? Check out these other stencil-icious projects!

Nursery Decorating Ideas for Chic Stenciled Nurseries

When it comes to nursery decorating ideas, there is an amazing abundance of nursery pins, nursery themes and nursery decor inspiration when designing a space for your wee little one -- and can anything be more fun?? One of the most creative and cost-effective ideas for decorating a nursery is to stencil it - not only can you use any color scheme but there is also a wide variety of stencil pattern styles to choose from. Stencils from Royal Design Studio are also easy to use and perfect for any surface from the walls and ceiling to the fabrics and furniture. In fact, a few of our creative friends designed gorgeous stenciled nurseries and we thought they might inspire you to create the perfect magical space for your bundle of joy!


Stenciled Nursery Ideas by Royal Design Studio


Creative customer Andi Osiek used our Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil from our Allover Moroccan Stencils Collection to create a candy sweet stenciled feature wall for the nursery. We love the tone on tone coral pinks she chose as they are both soothing and energizing at the same time.


Stencil Ideas for Nurseries and Children's Rooms


The Ornamental Cartouche Stencil fits this nursery's regal design perfectly, don't you think?  The elegant pattern is from our Allover Damask Stencils Collection and is very versatile. Decorative artist Allyson Jones Wong used it as a repeating stenciled wall pattern here but you could also use it as a random motif or even as a singular stenciled focal point on a nursery dresser or canvas wall art. Allyson created the background wall finish with a crosshatch paint effect. Lovely!


Gorgeous Nursery Ideas for All Color Schemes | Stencil DIY Projects by Royal Design Studio


While there are endless color options for nurseries, a neutral color scheme can be striking as well -- especially when paired with a stencil pattern!  Sarah of the Cozy. Cottage. Cute. blog wanted a fresh and airy modern cottage vibe for her son Cooper's nursery.  She says that her friends comment the most about the "cool" stenciled wall with the Endless Circles Lattice Moroccan Stencil.  Her chic nursery DIY project was also featured in Apartment Therapy.


Nursery DIY Ideas | Royal Design Studio Stencils


Visual stimulation with colors and patterns helps a baby thrive and develop - and is there anything more precious than seeing your baby's eyes light up? Creative customer Taryn Palisano had this in mind while creating a happy balance of neutrals and vibrant colors with a gray, gold and white design scheme. She used the large size version of our Modern Chevron Wall Stencil for the stenciled focal wall with her twin's cribs. SO adorable!


Stenciled Nursery Room Floor
Stenciled Wood Floor | Nursery DIY Projects by Royal Design Studio


Stencils aren't just for walls! Decorative Artist Joanie Valenti stenciled fabulous patterns on the wood floor of her grandson's nursery.  Both the Curved Connection Moroccan Stencil and the Rockin' Roses Damask Stencil for the outer bands of the nursery's stenciled floor. It's really such an eye-catching, creative stencil project. Are you as "floored" by this project as we are?


Stenciled DIY Nursery Ideas for Walls, Floors and Canvas Art | Royal Design Studio


Royal Design Studio stencil customer Joan Chamberlain opted to create stenciled art for the nursery walls! The day and night themed nursery art canvases have beautiful mural work and you can spy our Kimono Allover Stencil adding a gentle pattern in the background. You can use this idea to create inexpensive and creative DIY canvas art! Simply stencil your desired nursery colors as the background art and then add your preferred foreground patterns like letters, numbers, silhouettes and more. Easy easy and made with love!


Sweet Nursery Ideas with Stencils | Royal Design Studio


Sweet tweets are anything but dull and our Flock of Birds Wall Stencil is perfect for a nursery.  These were stenciled twice in contrasting colors to create a glorious display of birds in flight but you can also use repeat them just once to create a simple and pretty allover wall design, too! Be sure to catch the entire Bonnie Christine Stencil Collection to see more patterns that are perfect for stenciling nurseries, children's rooms and anywhere you want to add a pretty vintage yet modern touch with stencils!


Stencils are a great way to add timeless style to the nursery as the patterns can shift easily with the decor as the child grows. We hope you have fun designing the perfect nursery for your little one and trying these affordable stenciled nursery decorating ideas!


Here are a few more Stencil Ideas for your wee little ones!

Add Fresh Style to a Room with a Stenciled Feature Wall

Pretty Damask stenciled feature wall in Fresh Style Magazine. Fabric Damask stencil from Royal Design Studio


Featured in the January-February, 2014 issue of the “Fresh Style” magazine, this pretty stenciled feature wall project illustrates how a simple Fabric Damask stencil can transform any boring and drab space into a gorgeous, artistic one of a kind dining room. Fresh Style shows how a wall stencil from Royal Design Studio gives this small dining room the look and feel of a tastefully decorated, spacious art gallery.


Dramatic Stenciled Feature Wall

For your feature wall, start with choosing one of the biggest walls in the room that preferably has no doors or windows. This will allow the stencil pattern to flow uninterruptedly. Then, select one of the bolder shades for the base paint from your favorite color palette for this wall, like the maxi teal by Sherwin Williams used for this project. Pick a favorite stencil from Royal Design Studio’s stencil collection, along with a lighter, more neutral choice of paint for the stencil to stand out when layered upon the bold base paint. Smoky grey was used for the Fabric Damask stencil in this project which gives the room a slightly more royal look. We highly recommend our metallic Royal Stencil Creme paints for any stencil project for their ease of use and awesome coverage!


Pretty Damask stenciled feature wall in Fresh Style Magazine. Fabric Damask stencil from Royal Design Studio


The stencil artist for this project not to stencil the pattern completely to the edges. Rather, the pattern fades off as it reaches the wall, adding a creative and unique touch that you can't get with wallpaper.


You can finish decorating by adding some accent tables around the room, a couple of contrast paintings from local artisans or maybe a few black n white family portraits with rustic frames around them. Even some cool artifacts bought from the nearest Pier 1 would turn on the magic for your space. Voilà! You are all done. What an easy way to decorate your room.


Follow this useful links for more stencil ideas for your home:


Herringbone Shuffle Stencil! A Classic Pattern with a Modern Twist

Great wall stencil projects using the Herringbone Shuffle Stencil from Royal Design Studio


A Classic with a Twist!  The historic and yet oh-so-contemporary herringbone pattern was given a unique vibe for the Bonnie Christine Stencil Collection.  The Herringbone Shuffle Stencil combines the geometric rectangular shapes with a fun feel that you can stencil with multiple colors of your choice.  The pattern is ideal for feature walls or as craft and furniture accents -- and many of you thought so, too, as it's become one of the best-selling stencils evah at Royal Design Studio.  We've gathered up some of our favorite projects with the stencil pattern and they may just inspire you to do the Herringbone Shuffle!


Herringbone stencil pattern for walls. Herringbone Shuffle Stencil from Royal Design Studio


This super pretty hallway wall makeover was by Jaimee of Craft Interrupted. She used seven colors with her stencil -- yes, it IS that versatile!  She accented it with an antique frame she found for free (score!) and a bench she re-upholstered. Our hearts were soaring when she said that our stencils have "sparked a fire for design in her heart because it's so exciting to see the changes happening in our house with these stencil projects"! If you're chomping at the bit to snag her look, don't miss her stenciled herringbone hallway post.


Herringbone stencil pattern on furniture. A colorful stenciled storage bench in and entryway


Jessica from Mad in Crafts decided to use her stencil on furniture!  She wanted to change the overall first impression her guests had of her home by updating her foyer. One of her key elements was stenciling a storage bench she bought for $10!  By using five of her fave colors, she created a light and bright space and added needed storage for her family. Win-win!


Use a stencil to create a painted headboard! The Herringbone Shuffle Stencil from Royal Design Studio


Abbey from The Cards We Drew zigged instead of zagged and decided to use her Herringbone Shuffle Stencil to create a painted headboard. How creative is that?? She stenciled it for her son's room using four colors (one a metallic) and hung a fab custom monogram she bought for him over it. The colors, furniture choices and pattern created a classy, preppy room that will remain fresh as he grows. Be sure not to miss her stenciled headboard blog post!


Stenciled pegboard project using Herringbone Shuffle stencil from Royal Design Studio


Creating a glam, girly DIY studio shop was a priority for Erin of DIY on the Cheap.  She took one look at the Herringbone Shuffle Stencil and knew that she could create a colorful, fun spot to hang all her brushes and tools.  To create her stenciled workshop pegboard, she used a stencil brush with the Bright Gold Stencil Creme (and three other happy colors).  Erin says, "I love Royal Design Studio stencils because they are really easy to work with. They’re not too flimsy and they’re just the right size. They’re big enough to cover a large surface, but not so big that they’re difficult to manage." Thanks, Erin!


Herrinbone stencil pattern stenciled on a feature wall. Herringbone Shuffle Stencil from Royal Design Studio


Both DIYers and pros have fallen in love with this stencil! Decorative Painter Tom Henman of Pennsylvania had a client who wanted to pull all the colors from the surrounding area into this transition space. Voila! Using the stencil was a perfect solution and Tom shares with us that his client loved it!


Decorative artist Tony Stafki of Walls of Art also used the Herringbone Shuffle Stencil to great success.  He and designer Stephanie Goldfarb of The Divine Living Space collaborated on a fun and happy color scheme for the stenciling of a girl's room -- it adds just the right amount of interest and pattern without being overwhelming. What a super cute space!


Stenciled entryway using Herringbone Shuffle stencil pattern from Royal Design Studio


The lovely Myra from My Blessed Life created a calm and relaxing vibe with the colors she chose to use with the stencil. Good thing because it's an oft-used part of her home: the family's foyer and drop space area! Using a stencil brush and the ceiling filler stencil that comes with the pattern, she stenciled her chosen four colors before completing her stenciled wall with shelving and decor accents.

So, are you ready to do the Herringbone Shuffle?  We're dancing to that groove!  Of course, if you've already used it (or another other stencil!), send in your results to -- we always love to feature creative customers with their exciting new stenciled spaces!


Click in to see a few more beautiful stencil projects with geometric patterns!

Embellishing Stencils with Glitz, Glass, and Glamour



Think Stencils can only be used with paint? Oh, no - they're much more versatile than that! Adding glitz and glamour to your stenciled surfaces is easy AND super fun! To make your stenciled project shimmer enticingly, you can use materials such as glitter, glass beads, rhinestones and crystals, to name a few. But don't take our word for it - take a look at what some of our artist friends did to enhance and embellish their stencil projects.  Oh yeah, we're bringing the bling to ya!


Add glass beads through stencils for a glamourous wall treatment. Damask stencil from Royal Design Studio

Artist Tiffany Alexander has such a creative way with Stencils. We always love the new and innovative materials she uses with them and this powder bath project is no exception. On a metallic foil finish, she troweled a shimmery plaster through the Florentine Damask Stencil and embedded the glass beads on the plaster. The beads stay on the plaster as it dries and the results are not only rich and opulent, but also durable.  Bravo!   


Stencil some glamour! Add embellishments to stenciled wall art projects

Girls of all ages loved bejeweled surprises! Many little girls who have Arizona artist Carmen Benoit paint their rooms finds themselves tickled pink with the stenciled monogrammed custom canvas works she creates for them.  One of her favorite patterns to use is the Skylar's Lace Floral Stencil. "I absolutely love this pattern and find it quite versatile. You can use it as a classical lace treatment and also take a more whimsical approach to the stencil, which I did for the canvas works." She shares that she usually layers metallic paints with the stencils and then applies three-dimensional elements for depth and interest.  Do you know a little girl who'd love these?


 Art Deco wall stencil with rhinestones added. So pretty on gray metallic walls!


Portland-based artist Terry Leibenguth was happy to get a call to work on a client's home - in Hawaii! The client adores Art Deco and the Deco Pearls Damask Wall Stencil from the Allover Damask Stencils Collection was the perfect choice for this wall finish. Over metallic plastered walls, she used a metallic silver mixed with a gloss gel to trowel through the stencil and then "added around 3,000 rhinestones". Terry ordered four stencils so that she could not only speed up the process, but also have extra stencils on hand to work on the inside corners and around windows and doors. Great tip!

Embossed stenciling on gold columns wtih glass bead. Flourish damask stencil.

An award-winning collaboration between three artists brought this gold and glam stenciled column project to life! Ashlie Bickford and Kindra Benge worked with muralist Sharon Leichsenring on six columns in an open-spaced foyer.  The Flourish Allover Stencil was embossed with plaster in a spiral fashion down the columns and after priming and painting, all the stencil flowers were covered by Swarovski crystals colored in amber, silver and turquoise. "In case you’re wondering," Sharon explains, "there’s only one way to apply the crystals: one by one. The crystals were cemented to overlap each other for maximum Bling! effect." Be sure not to miss the step-by-step process for their glam stenciled column project!


Are you inspired to go with glam? All the stencils from Royal Design Studio can be embellished on any surface and these techniques can also be used for smaller projects such as furniture and crafts! Let us know what enchanting projects you dream up -- we'd love to feature YOU here, too! 

We've got a few more Stencil Ideas up our sequined sleeve for you!

First Image Credits (from top right): Modello® Designs Stencil by Elizabeth Hastings, Avignon Ceiling Medallion Stencil by Faux Maison and Queen Crown Wall Art & Furniture Stencil sample by Rebecca Slaton.

Stencil Yourself a Creative Play Space

Stenciling a craft room is a great way to personalize your creative play space! 

Decorate your craft room with Royal Design Studio Stencils and turn your creative space into an amazing creative mecca to inspire your muses! Also, did you know that research shows that surrounding yourself with beautiful stencil patterns from Royal Design Studio can enhance one's ability to let their ideas run WILD?! See examples of our scientific study below....


Stenciled Chevron Stripes in Gray and White for a creative craft room space.


1: Check out the crisp, clean and simple beauty of our Modern Chevron Wall Stencil in this cozy craft room. Blogger, Michelle Scheibe and her pup, Ike, were so inspired by their new stenciled craft room, they had it featured in Good Housekeeping's article: DIY Wall Art: 8 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Space. Check out their fun and informative blog post on Decor and the Dog.


Amazing craft room space with stenciled walls and tons of storage


2: You may want to create a calm, quiet sanctuary for your hobby like the beautiful example above. Clear your thoughts with a neutral color palette, while our Endless Circles Moroccan Lattice Stencil provides the perfect amount of texture and inspiration.


Craft room stenciled feature wall with a Feather Damask Stencil

3: By hand-picking a stencil design, you are able to express yourself through both color and pattern. We love the vibrant personality in the art studio above! Our Feathered Damask Stencil really comes alive on a stenciled feature wall and the purple color adds just the right amount of punch.


Stenciled floor with Chalk Paint® decorative paint and Ribbon Damask Stencil | Royal Design Studio

4: Last but not least, we want to share a stenciled craft room floor with you. Never feel limited to walls, especially in a creative environment! Most surfaces gladly welcome stenciled pattern and in this case, our Large Ribbon Damask Stencil is pure proof! See even more pics of this sweetly stenciled floor from Sweet South Cottage.

As you can see, Royal Design Studio Stencils offer a wide range in stencil styles that can compliment any home or decorating style, but they most definitely lend themselves to customizing creative spaces. Make a craft room that inspires YOU in more ways than one! 

As creatives ourselves, Royal Design Studio is always collecting and sharing room inspiration. Here are a few of our favorite crafty posts:
Are you lucky enough to have your very own creative space? Which stencil would you use to decorate your dream craft room?

Stencil Spotlight: Polka Party Stencil

Polka Dot stencil patterns for wall and furniture stenciling | Royal Design Studio Stencils 
What's round and repeated and fun ALL over??  We've turned the perennial polka dot design into a large wall stencil that brings the party to any room. Our Polka Dot Party stencil comes perfectly sized for stenciling walls OR furniture and it's just waiting for you to invite it over to liven up your spaces. It really does get along well in any environment. After all, the polka dot pattern IS a classic! But it can have many personalities-depending on YOUR mood and paint color choices. Let's have a look today at just a few.....
Modern polka dot pattern stencil for walls. Polka Party stencil from Royal Design Studio  
This stenciled classic/modern tone-on-tone treatment says "take me seriously", but not TOO seriously. The pretty (shall we say slightly conservative?) and subtly different shades blue keep it toned down, while the dancing dots make it lighthearted, fresh, and young. 
Polka Dot pattern stencil perfect for nurseries. Shown in warm gray colors | Royal Design Studio Stencils
And speaking of young....isn't it amazing how polka dots can be ideal for wee girls and boys alike? That makes this pattern perfect for ANY nursery, These warm gray walls provide the perfect neutral backdrop that makes the bright yellow crib SING, but can you also imagine how pretty this room would be with shades of pink?? We sure can! And, this stencil CAN be done SO quickly (yeah!) with a can of good wall paint and our Foam Stencil Rollers. Be sure to check out our favorite post showing how to stencil with foam rollers for some awesome tips.
Polk dot pattern stencil in bright colors for a little girl's feature wall | Royal Design Studio Stencils 
NOW it's time to break out the bubbly side of our polka dot pattern stencil. When you REALLY want to party, go for a splashy color combo like this turquoise and lime green stenciled wall. Can you guess that this is a little girls' room?!? Keeping the stenciled pattern to just one feature wall will keep it from becoming overpowering, AND you can stencil this SO quickly. Of course polka dots are also the perfect pattern to pair with other patterns. Polka Dots just GO with everything, so don't be afraid to "mix it up" with other patterns in the room like chevrons, stripes, and florals. 
Polka dot furniture stencil in black and white on dresser drawers | Royal Design Studio Stencils  
Sweet and petite!! The scaled down version of the Polka Party stencil for furniture or craft projects loves to dance across dresser drawers, over tabletops, and up the backs of chairs. It also pairs well with stenciled pillows, placemats, and napkins! 
Multi-color polka dot pattern stencil for walls. Great modern look! | Royal Design Studio Stencils
An equally fun variation of the polka dot allover pattern is Polka Party's cousin, our Dot, Dot, Dot polka dot stencil. Get all your dots in a row, because in this pattern they all line up vertically and horizontally. Please feel free to steal our idea for inserting more color by stenciling the dots in 3 fun shades of paint!
Want MORE polka dot design options?? Check out these other "spot on" patterns for your walls and furniture!
 Add some love to your walls with our Polka Hearts stencil.

Coming Attractions: A Stencil Collection Designed to Make a Difference

A Stencil Collection Designed to Make a Difference: Raven & Lily | Royal Design Studio

Question: What do you get when you combine a passion for design, a chic design aesthetic, and a desire to create products that have a positive impact in the world? 

Answer: Raven + Lily: Empowering Women Through Design, a socially conscious lifestyle brand.

Founding partners Kirsten Dickerson and Sophia Lin share a close friendship and passion for fashion and ethical design. They created Raven + Lily as a platform to help to alleviate poverty among marginalized women around the world through an artful collection of “on trend” fashionable accessories that are designed to make a difference in lives of the women who craft them.

Each stylish piece of jewelry, article of clothing or chic home décor item created for Raven + Lily is not only handmade, fair trade, and eco-friendly, it is created with passion and purpose!

Seeking out partnerships with global women’s groups (currently Ethiopia, India, Cambodia, and the United States) to create employment opportunities for marginalized women, they identify not only the women’s potential skill sets, but also what local materials are available to them that can be easily resourced:

    • Their Ethiopia Collection features statement jewelry pieces crafted from beads made from melted bullet casings and vintage silver coins.
    • Their Cambodia Collection includes eco-friendly bags and apparel made with hand-loomed, natural-dyed, and remnant materials.
    • Their India Collection features gorgeous recycled cotton papers, hand-carved wood journals, metallic leather jewelry, and hand-milled natural soaps
    • Their USA Collection currently features hand-poured soy candles, infused with incredible scents of the woodsy outdoors or tropical fruits, empowering formerly homeless women in Los Angeles.

    Through these efforts, the women and their families receive access to a safe job, sustainable income, healthcare, education, and a chance to break the cycle of poverty for themselves, their families, and their communities.

    Now, through an exciting design partnership, Royal Design Studio introduces our latest exclusive Designer Stencil Collection: Raven + Lily. We are very excited that we can collaborate in this way-not only to introduce Raven and Lily’s chic design aesthetic to our own customers, but more importantly to promote their mission to create a positive impact on the lives of marginalized women and children around the globe.

    A Stencil Collection Designed to Make a Difference: Raven & Lily | Royal Design Studio

    Inspired by the Romantic African themes, patterns, and color palette of Raven + Lily’s forthcoming Spring 2014 new product product release, the collection introduces 8 new patterns that have been re-imagined to create stencils that highlight the natural beauty that is common to Africa: tribal motifs, stylized plumes, organic geometric shapes, and delicate feathers. These new ‘Afro-chic’ stencils have a decidedly Art Deco vibe that makes them perfect for both feminine and masculine wall pattern looks depending on the chosen color application. Several of the stencil designs are also offered in a smaller scale making them ideal for furniture and home accessory projects.

    The Raven + Lily stencil collection will be sold exclusively via the Royal Design Studio website and 20% percent of the net sales will be donated to Raven + Lily which they will use toward the Tirzah International initiatives in Africa


    This is only the beginning of this creative partnership between the two companies! Look for more new products, stencils and collaborations in 2014!


    Shop the Raven + Lily Stencil Collection now and let us know what Raven + Lily stencil is most inspiring to you? Tribal motifs, stylized plumes, organic geometric shapes, or delicate feathers? All of them is also a great response!