Stencil Ideas

Stencil Your Decor with Suzani Fabric Designs

Vintage Suzani textiles have been a go-to design staple for years now-especially for global-inspired décor. You can find this global chic pattern on almost any surface. And thanks to our Silk Road Suzani Stencil and Uzbek Suzani Stencils, you can paint these colorful patterns on your walls or floors. Check out these 16 stenciled room makeovers using these suzani designs that transcend both trends and tradition. View full article →

Name This Floral Stencil to WIN It

It's that time again... to NAME this stencil and WIN it! Floral pattern gets a refresh with a modern twist! You can stencil an accent wall or floor with this large graphic pattern. Use bold paint colors to mimic the trends we are seeing in today's colorful interiors. You can also tone it down by using different hues of the same color family. Either way, this flower stencil will grow on you! View full article →

Get the Project Nursery Look with Wall Stencils!

The good news is that Wall Stencils offer the opportunity to introduce dreamy patterns in your new nursery, and you don’t have to be an artist or spend a lot of money to achieve the look you want. Project Nursery loves this stenciling alternative so much that they have featured our stencils 11 times!! Wonder what they’ve been saying about our stencils? Sit back and kick up your feet because we are going to show you some money-saving and mommy-approved ideas using Nursery Wall Stencils. View full article →

12 Ideas to Paint a Decorative Focal Point with Medallion Stencils

Are you looking to create an interesting focal point on a ceiling or piece of furniture? Decorative medallions, well known for adding beautiful detail to the top of a hanging light fixture, are no longer just on the ceiling and no longer only done professional painters. You can decorate walls and furniture with these designs as well. And here’s the best part: You don’t have to be a pro to get the look in your own home! Case in point: 12 stencil ideas using medallions on ceilings, walls, and furniture. View full article →

15 DIY Stylish Stenciled Rug Projects

Rugs cover a lot of area, so they can definitely set the tone for the entire room. But oh my, they sure can be pricey! No matter how hard you look, it can be hard to find an affordable AND stylish rug that compliments your decor. We’ll let you in on a little secret… You can have the rug of your dreams by using stencils! Stencils make decorating cost-effective, creative, and customizable. Need to see to believe? Scroll down for 15 stenciled floor rug ideas that you will be floored by…
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Stencils at Large: Using Wall Stencils for Painted Furniture Facelifts

There is no such thing as being pigeonholed when it comes to creativity, especially when stenciling is involved. In addition to our fabulous Furniture Stencil Collection, we also have a large collection of Wall Stencils that can be the perfect addition to painted furniture pieces as well. So, if you’re not up for painting an entire wall, consider introducing pattern to your next furniture painting project with a large scale stencil. Here are 15 stencil ideas that highlight how you can make a big impact on a small surface with wall stencils. View full article →

Spotted: Animal Print Ceiling Stencils

Stephanie of The Divine Living Space loves showing off her creative DIY talents, as well as explaining to everyone what a six week room makeover can do. She wanted to create a sweet bedroom for her daughter that she can grow into. She used our Cheetah Spots Stencil to add a fun pop of animal print. But instead of stenciling a wall, she opted for a surprising ceiling treatment to add even more impact. View full article →

Stenciling with Southwest Style

Rustle up some desert-style design by decorating your home with Southwestern style! Earthy color palettes and geometric patterns are essential to Southwest style, and you can easily combine these two elements with stenciled walls and furniture. Typical color palettes seen with this interior style is rich hues such as salmon, terra-cotta, brick red, turquoise, and squash gold. These colors come straight from the desert sky and landscape. You can pepper a mostly neutral room with saturated spice and jewel tones. View full article →

Stencil Design Challenge: 12 Bloggers Tackle Custom Decor, and Win!

Who doesn’t love a challenge?? Especially if it’s fun and creative! 12 talented DIY bloggerss teamed up for their Monthly DIY Challenge featuring Royal Design Studio stencils. They each used a different stencil with a different vision in mind, and the results are amazing! From walls, to tile, to fabric, these DIYers thoroughly put these stencils to the test! Let’s see how their projects turned out... View full article →

Global Chic Stenciling: A Tribal Furniture Transformation

Do you often find yourself rooting for the underdog? So do we at Royal Design Studio, and that’s why we love seeing the JAW-DROPPING stencil transformations that our customers do with neglected décor. It’s fascinating to see how talented DIY’ers take on a worn piece of furniture and give it new life with a little TLC and Furniture Stencils. A great underdog example is the $5 cabinet that Kristine from The Painted Hive bought. She bought it for a charity donation project because she loves the large mid-century shape, but it needed some serious work. View full article →