Stencil Ideas

Stencil Your Way to Lovely French Furniture

Let your furniture do the talking with the help of a romantic, French accent. The way you decorate your home says a lot about you — but if you decorate with words, it can say even more. Rather than pay ridiculous prices at antique stores, you can make your own oh la la vintage-inspired décor with the help of our French Love Letters Furniture Stencil pattern. The French love quotes add an extra touch of amour on painted furniture such as dressers, doors, table tops, or even on the sides of drawers. View full article →

Cute & Creative Nursery Stencil Ideas

Nothing gives us more joy and creative inspiration than kids. They stare in wide eyed wonder at color and pattern, so we can definitely relate… That’s why we let down that adult wall and let our creative juices flow. We let our inner child take over our stencil designs and boy, can we tell you we are so excited about the results! Check out the adorable nurseries that we have stenciled with our 6 NEW Nursery, Baby & Kids Stencils! View full article →

Modern Foyer Decorating Idea with Wall Stencils

Looking for decorating change of pace? Tasha of Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body definitely was… Her foyer was beige, blah, and BORING. Can you relate? She finally said enough was enough and began planning out her foyer transformation. She wanted more color and bold pattern so a Modern Stencil from Royal Design Studio was the first choice that popped into her head. Her longtime love for Royal Design Studio stencils can also be seen in her kitchen where she stenciled a beautiful floor that she is crazy is love with. View full article →

Easy DIY Ideas with Moroccan Furniture Stencils

Furniture stencils are a great idea for adding pattern to a room without engulfing the entire space in a certain style. This way of decorating is the perfect way to introduce bold exotic patterns from Morocco into your home if you’re not so sure about stenciling an entire wall… just yet. Give your décor an exotic look minus the souk haggling, using these shortcuts to Moroccan furniture stencil style. View full article →

Color Trend: 8 Indigo Blue Stencil Décor Ideas

The color indigo is a timeless trend that can be seen in homes everywhere and on just about any surface. This indigo blue trend will never get old - we’ve been seeing it since denim jeans came out and it’s just as popular now as it was then. You know what else looks AMAZING on just about any surface? That’s right – stencil decor! You can decorate your home with gorgeous indigo blues and global chic stencil patterns to mimic the traditional indigo dyed fabric. Indigo blue stencil designs are great to either dress up or down your home decor, and are so easy to combine with different interior styles. Let’s check out these 8 ideas using the trendy indigo blue hue and exotic stencil designs. View full article →

Kids & Nursery Stencils Offer Big Style for Your Little Ones

Just because you’re decorating for a special little someone doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style points. In fact, a nursery or kid’s room is a great place to get super creative! Whether you’re adding fun pattern to their walls or furniture, the possibilities for a well-designed room with Kid’s Room & Nursery Stencils are surprisingly endless. Here are 20 ideas from creative parents that their kids love and you will too! View full article →

Stencil Ideas for a Dreamy Romantic Bedroom

11 DIY Wall Stencil Ideas for Dreamy Romantic Bedroom Decor - Royal Design StudioThe bedroom, for most, is a place where the pace of modern life is left behind and total relaxation takes its place. Take the time to decorate this overlooked space with you and your well-deserved sleep in mind. With the help of wall stencils, smoky grey or pastel pink color palettes, lace patterns, and metallic sheen, you can create a space that you can wind down and recharge. Let’s check out 11 bedroom makeovers with this romantic decorating style that will leave you in a dream-like state wishing you can hit the snooze button just one more time.

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Shabby Chic Nursery Idea with Lace Wall Stencils

Maison de Pax was excited for the opportunity to decorate her daughter’s new room, but was hesitant to spend a lot of money and effort on something that wouldn’t last past her nursery years. Do you have the same predicament? Look no further: a proven way to save some serious cash on bedroom decorating that grows with your child is Wall Stencils! With wall stencils, you can choose from a variety of trendy designs and paint colors that you know will grow with your child. Let’s see how she used wall stencils to make this nursery a shabby chic space that can adapt to her growing toddler’s needs. View full article →

Painting & Stenciling Decorative Books

Books are for reading, sure. But they are also for stacking, displaying, propping and arranging. A stack of thick coffee table books is as essential in decorating as a vase or a throw pillow. They also offer a chance to show off your personality, especially if you were the one to personally decorate them with just the look you want. Your books say as much about your interests, taste and personality as your art. So why not make your decorative books into art themselves? Let’s check out a few ideas on how you can paint your own artsy books with stencils. View full article →

Easy Stencil Ideas with Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™

Have you ever had the frustrating experience of trying to stencil a pretty pattern in an awkward space or recessed area? We feel you! We know how hard it is sometimes to push that stencil into a corner and get a clean look, or to try to twist your body into an uncomfortable position to paint. We’re always on the hunt to make our creative lives easier and we’re so happy to share our new Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™ to solve these and other stenciling dilemmas. This is a premium paintable canvas with a BIG plus! View full article →