Stencil Ideas

Want to Win this Tile Stencil? Name It!

Tile is the hot, hot, HOT decor trend that can be found on walls, floors, and stairs! The key to pulling off this fresh new look on a budget is to incorporate easy-to-use DIY Tile Stencils on whatever surface you want tiled. And here's a BIG surprise: We've designed this NEW Tile Stencil just for you, but it doesn't have a name yet! This stencil design is the modern way to add character and artistic flair to any interior, while still retaining that sense of quality craftsmanship of a real tile design. What would you name this stencil? View full article →

It's Your Chance! Name & Win this Lace Stencil

Our lace pattern stencils offer something for every style and surface in your home. Fellow DIY’ers love the impact lace patterns create while still maintaining a delicate, romantic look. So, we thought it was a no-brainer that we create another Lace Stencil to grace this collection. This large stencil turns up the heat when it's stenciled onto walls and floors. Help us name this stencil - you can win it for your next stencil project! View full article →

Stencils Inspire Interiors on Instagram

Every time we open Instagram, it is like we’re opening a new edition of our favorite design magazine. However, unlike design magazines, ANYONE can publish their Insta-Inspiring interiors! Our talented customers show off their stencil projects from beginning to completion, no matter if they are a DIY’er or pro. You can find these Insta-inspiring projects by searching the hashtag #royaldesignstudio and checking out @royalstencils. Scroll down to see some of our recent favorites that we just HAD to share. View full article →

Stencil Pretty Holiday Decor with These DIY Tutorials

Holiday decor doesn’t have to come from a store… Maybe it can mean a little bit more. Want some more holiday-themed DIY fun? Click play on this festive video to see the stencil projects we've done! Holiday DIY Craft Stencils for every season! Create beautiful DIY holiday decorations with these wall, furniture, and craft stencils. Perfect for hand-made gifts, pillows, cards, table runners, and even gift wrapping paper. Celebrate the holidays with us by adding an extra personal touch to your party decor or gifts. View full article →

Make Old Floors New & Fabulous with Floor Stencils

Flooring is one of the most expensive changes to make in a home, so unfortunately more often than not, renovating a floor is last on everyone’s to-do list. Don’t be like everybody else! Get your floors in tiptop shape without breaking the bank. Here’s the BIG secret that will save you BIG bucks: Floor Stencils! You can paint Floor Stencils directly onto your floor without stripping or refinishing. The paint and pattern effectively hide wear and tear, plus gives the surface some much needed style! View full article →

Trendy Designer Interiors that Use Modern Wall Stencils

Use stencils to quickly turn a bare wall into a creative outlet with painted pattern! The FASTEST and EASIEST way to decorate your walls with allover patterns is with Wall Stencils. But don’t worry, these aren’t your grandmother’s rose and vine stencils! These Modern Wall Stencils are reinventing what it means to stencil and are all the rage in today’s interiors. They easily make a space look chic and designer-inspired. Check out these 12 designer interiors that use DIY Modern Wall Stencils. View full article →

Stencil Your Decor with Suzani Fabric Designs

Vintage Suzani textiles have been a go-to design staple for years now-especially for global-inspired décor. You can find this global chic pattern on almost any surface. And thanks to our Silk Road Suzani Stencil and Uzbek Suzani Stencils, you can paint these colorful patterns on your walls or floors. Check out these 16 stenciled room makeovers using these suzani designs that transcend both trends and tradition. View full article →

Name This Floral Stencil to WIN It

It's that time again... to NAME this stencil and WIN it! Floral pattern gets a refresh with a modern twist! You can stencil an accent wall or floor with this large graphic pattern. Use bold paint colors to mimic the trends we are seeing in today's colorful interiors. You can also tone it down by using different hues of the same color family. Either way, this flower stencil will grow on you! View full article →

Get the Project Nursery Look with Wall Stencils!

The good news is that Wall Stencils offer the opportunity to introduce dreamy patterns in your new nursery, and you don’t have to be an artist or spend a lot of money to achieve the look you want. Project Nursery loves this stenciling alternative so much that they have featured our stencils 11 times!! Wonder what they’ve been saying about our stencils? Sit back and kick up your feet because we are going to show you some money-saving and mommy-approved ideas using Nursery Wall Stencils. View full article →

12 Ideas to Paint a Decorative Focal Point with Medallion Stencils

Are you looking to create an interesting focal point on a ceiling or piece of furniture? Decorative medallions, well known for adding beautiful detail to the top of a hanging light fixture, are no longer just on the ceiling and no longer only done professional painters. You can decorate walls and furniture with these designs as well. And here’s the best part: You don’t have to be a pro to get the look in your own home! Case in point: 12 stencil ideas using medallions on ceilings, walls, and furniture. View full article →