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Stencil a Carpet on a Hardwood Floor

Our Chez Ali Moroccan stencil makes a lovely stenciled carpet on an old hardwood floor. Using an large allover wall stencil makes this project fast and easy. Read how Shannon Kaye of the DIY Network and the show "Fresh Coat" created this "magic carpet" below.

Stencil a hardwood floor carpet with paint and Moroccan stencil

You will need:

  Sherwin-Williams Floor & Patio Paint

  • Basecoat- 7012 Creamy
  • Stencil Colors- 7053 Adaptive Shade, 7051 Analytical Gray, 6356 Copper Mountain

Clean your floor area. Simple Green works well for cleaning most surfaces. 

Note: If you floor was previously waxed, that will need to be removed. You can paint directly over a floor that was sealed with a water-based polyurethane. Oil-based polyurethane should be primed first with an appropriate primer before painting.

-Determine the size of your stenciled "carpet" and measure and tape off with Blue Painter's tape. Roll on one or two coats of a satin finish floor paint in the background color of your choice. Allow this to dry completely.

-Use a string, tape measure, or laser level to determine the center of your rectangle and begin with the pattern centered there.

-Use a stippling or swirling motion with your stencil brush to apply the paint colors of your choice to the design areas. See our How to Stencil-Basics for more info. Using 1" stencil brushes means that you should be able to isolate the paint easily in the different design elements without having to tape off adjoining areas.

-Use the built-in stencil registration marks to help you align your stencil perfectly as you repeat it across the floor.

-For added protection apply several coats of a water-based polyurethane after allowing your stencil paint to dry and cure.

For more info and optional Copper Leaf accents, please check out the video How to Paint and Stencil a Hardwood Floor here.


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  • Hi Kimberly – the link is now fixed :)

    Royal Design Studio
  • The link to Shannon Kate diy is broken. Would it be possible to fix it?

    Kimberly O. Gadolin

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