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How to Stencil into Corners, Ceiling Line, and Floor Line

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Stenciling into corners can seem a bit tricky, but once you know how to do it, it’s actually pretty easy! It signifies the end of a stenciled wall, and that your beautiful project is almost done – YAY! All Royal Design Studio stencils are made with durable, yet bendable 10mil Mylar®, making it the perfect material not just for flatter surfaces like walls, but also those crazy corners. Watch this Stencil Basics video below and learn how to stencil into corners, ceiling line, and floor line. Crisp stenciled edges are right around the corner! View full article →

How to Use Registration Marks to Repeat Stencil Designs

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - So you’re looking to create a gorgeous wallpaper look using wall stencils, aren’t you? But how do you continue an allover design with a single stencil sheet? We’ve got the answer for you… and the secret is right on your stencil! All Royal Design Studio stencils are repeatable patterns that include built-in registration marks to help you line up and repeat your design perfectly. Watch this Stencil Basics video below and learn how to use 3 different registration marks. These simple instructions help you create perfect patterns every time! 
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How to Clean Paint Off of Your Stencils & Brushes

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Our Royal Design Studio stencils and stencil brushes are designed for a lifetime of use… IF they are taken care of! The dirty little secret is that no one particularly enjoys cleaning their stencil and stencil brush, BUT it is necessary if you want to take care of these valuable design tools. You’ll want keep your stencils and stencil brushes in tip-top shape to reuse them for your future DIY projects. View full article →

Color Flip Feature Wall! How to Stencil a Two-Tone Textured Wall Finish

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Two soothing paint colors combine to create a technique to wrap up a wall with color, pattern, and soothing texture. This DIY painting technique looks especially awesome with a stencil pattern from our Woven Textures Stencils Spotlight Collection. These wall stencils emphasize the natural intricacy of woven textures and can help you turn your space into a restful retreat when painted with soft, calming colors. Add in a simple taping technique to create a unique accent wall that mimics the look of expensive wallpaper. It’s super easy when we show you how! View full article →

How to Emboss Macrame Knots Wall Stencils with Joint Compound

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - The handmade details of knitting, crocheting, and weaving can be time-consuming, especially for large areas like an entire wall covering. Instead, you can use our Macrame Knots Wall Stencil to create the same texture-inspired look. But what if you wanted the REAL DEAL with texture that you can touch? You CAN stencil a wall that feels as pretty as it looks by embossing the wall design with joint compound! View full article →

How to Stencil DIY Terracotta Wall Art Tiles

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Terracotta floor tiles are classic staple of interior decor that are enjoying a resurgence as a hot design trend. What if you want to add the look to your home but aren’t ready for a major remodel? Fortunately, aged terracotta is a beautiful natural surface that is very easy to recreate with multiple colors of matte Chalk Paint®. And, when you add an embossed stencil design to the surface first it takes the look to a whole different level!

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Ikea Hack: Cork Furniture Stencil Tutorial

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Cork is making a comeback and taking over home decor like wildfire… though ironically it’s pretty resilient to heat LOL! This durable and natural material is springing up in modern and contemporary interiors. It beautifully balances these spaces’ bold lines and polished accessories with warm and cozy texture. Watch this quick video and follow the instructions below to DIY one of the year’s hottest home decor trends with a custom stenciled tabletop.
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Top 5 Stencil Tutorials of 2016!

It’s time to set goals for 2017! This year, instead of chasing unrealistic resolutions, we suggest that you try your hand at a creative DIY projects using stencils. Not only can you give your room a revamp, the best part is that you will feel a sense of accomplishment and have something new in your home that you can enjoy all year long. To help you get started with inspiration and need-to-know instructions, we’ve compiled our Top 5 Stencil Tutorials of 2016… View full article →

How to Antique Furniture with Stencils the Easy Way

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Want to keep the warmth of your wood furniture while adding a custom decorative touch to dress it up a bit? Here is an easy solution. Simply stencil with Royal Design Studio Furniture Stencils directly over your existing wood surfaces using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. Then, seal and stain it with Dark Wax to give it more character with the added bonus of durability. The Dark Wax will even help to refresh a fading wood finish. Watch the video to see how to turn piece of plain wood furniture into something fabulous. View full article →

How to Stencil a Concrete Floor in 10 Easy Steps

How to Stencil Video Tutorial - Stenciling concrete is an inexpensive way to add style to an otherwise utilitarian floor. A stenciled concrete floor can also help you hide imperfections and wear and tear. And not to worry: Stenciling on concrete is actually quite easy! You just need the right paint for concrete, some patience, and a good pair of knee pads! Watch the video and follow the instructions below to see how you can transform your concrete floor in 10 easy steps. View full article →
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