Welcome to the Royal Design Studio Blog Program

Thank you for your interest in our Blog Outreach Program!

Royal Design Studio is dedicated to helping  DIY & Design bloggers share easy and fun stenciling and wall decal projects with their readers. We're always creating beautiful new patterns in sync with the latest design trends. We support bloggers in their search for exciting and fun new projects and products to share with their design-savvy readers.

We look for blogs with a committed engagement, well-styled and lit photographs and a wonderful overall design. Please email nicole@royaldesignstudio.com with:

  • Your blog url, site stats and your blog focus
  • Links to your last two product reviews and two giveaways
  • Your chosen stencil or wall decal name & number
  • Your shipping address including contact number
  • A proposed date for the Stencil or Wall Decal Review and/or Giveaway 

We'll review your blog, writing style, photography, design and readership to determine if it's a good fit for our stencils or wall decals. If approved, we'll confirm the date so that only one review runs at a time.  

Of course, we are always open to new, creative ideas you may have for a fun post as well. We look forward to working with you!

As well as featuring/reviewing our stencils, you also have the opportunity to join our Affiliate Program! Scroll down for more info. 

Your Options:

We have four programs available - here are the details so you can choose which is best for your audience:


This is an example of a stencil feature
A Feature gives an overview of our company showcasing the designs you love the most.
1.  Use our Flickr page to choose images for your post.  We also have a HowTo Stencil section on our website covering several surfaces and techniques.

2.  Please credit and link to the Royal Design Studio home page, at least once within your post, for example:

"I was excited to find a wide selection of stencil design styles at Royal Design Studio"

3.  List and link to the specific stencil or wall decal you feature, and ideally, to the stencil or wall decal collection as well:

“There are a lot of patterns available from Royal Design Studio.  One of my favorite designs is the Zebra Stripes Allover stencil from the Modern Stencils Collection…”

4.  Share your blog post with your Facebook Friends & Fans, your Twitter Followers and on your Pinterest Boards!

5.  Please email nicole@royaldesignstudio.com when your blog post is live.  We will help promote your post through our social media networks and to our fans and followers.



stencil review example
This is an example of a stencil review article
A Stencil or Wall Decal Review provides your reader with a project showcasing your use of our products.  We're pleased to share a complimentary stencil or wall decal from our line to use for one of your DIY and/or project blog posts.
1.  Select any one stencil or wall decal priced at $60 or less and schedule a date for your blog post to run within 30 – 45 days.  Send the information for both to nicole@royaldesignstudio.com along with your full mailing address and contact phone. Please include the product number for your chosen stencil or wall decal.
2.  We will ship the stencil or wall decal to you for free, within the continental US, and add your proposed post date to our blog calendar.  
Please note that the Springtime in Paris, Moorish Trellis, Casablanca Trellis and Herringbone Shuffle stencils have been reviewed extensively and are not available at this time.  


We know how much readers like to see both the sources and step-by-step process you use in your project, so we ask that you:

3.  Please credit and link to the Royal Design Studio home page, at least once within your post, for example:

"I was excited to find a variety of styles of furniture stencils at Royal Design Studio to choose from for my project"

4.  List and link to the products you used:

"I completely transformed my thrift-store find dresser using the Zebra Stripes furniture stencil and Duck Egg Blue Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!

5. Well-lit and styled photographs work best to show off your work and project. We may include our own watermark of the stencil on your photograph if the photograph is shared. Your blog will be credited on the image. 

6. Once your blog post is live, share your blog post with your Facebook Fans, your Twitter Followers and on your Pinterest Boards!  Let us know each of the social networks you've used to help promote your blog post, and we'll pitch in and help with that, too!
Please contact us with any questions you may have.  We have a Flickr page with images available for your post as well as a HowTo Stencil section on our website covering several surfaces and techniques.



This is an example of a stencil giveaway
Everybody loves a contest! A Giveaway provides your blog readers a wonderful opportunity to win a prize or get some savings. It will keep your readers coming back for more!
Write an introductory article featuring your Stencil or Wall Decal Review or a Feature with your favorite Royal Design Studio products and images.  The Giveaways work best when they are a separate blog post referring back to the initial Feature or Review.  Make sure you let the readers know a Giveaway is coming up for them! 
1.  Invite your readers to browse our website, Royal Design Studio, and select a stencil or wall decal they’d like to use for a project.
2.  They return to your blog and comment on which stencil or wall decal they like and how/where they would use it. 
3.  Give your reader each 1 bonus entry each for:
Just have them return to your blog and comment to let you know what they did.  The extra bonus entries leads to enhanced reader engagement!
4.  Your lucky winner can select any stencil, wall decal, or stencil products at $50 or less with free shipping included, within the contiguous US. We suggest a period of 1 week to 10 days for the giveaway, but leave the timeline up to you, as you know your readers best.
5.  Please email nicole@royaldesignstudio.com to let us know when you've posted your giveaway, and how many days it runs, so we can share it on our social networks, too. Once the winner has been chosen, please send their name and e-mail address to the same address and we will take care to contact your winner and send them their gift card.


 By joining our affiliate team, you will be able to grow the Royal Design Studio movement while also being rewarded for your efforts. Affiliates will be able to earn 15% of sale commission on every sale you refer. For more information, go to our Affiliate Program Registration Page.



We'll provide social media support for your blog posts to help build your readership.

We have a great Flickr page with larger size images you can select from to feature in your posts.

Browse our How To Stencil section on our website for great tutorials and tips for a successful finish for your project and for your readers.  

Please see our Stencil Ideas Blog to see how other bloggers have used our stencils, so that you can offer your readers something new & different. 

Review blog posts may be included in our Royal Design Studio website’s blog Stencil Ideas, How to Stencil, or Paint + Pattern for further promotion and so our readers can see and discover your blog.  We look for projects with wonderful creativity and execution along with great writing, informative links and beautiful photography.

We are really enthusiastic about the artistry seen on the Blog Outreach Program posts. As a result, our PR team has been doing more extensive media outreach with lots of success. Recent blog projects* have been chosen for Casa Sugar (over 250,000,000 page views per month) and also magazine features such as Better Homes & Gardens, Food & Wine, Romantic Country and San Diego Home.

* If your blog / project images are featured, we’ll need a couple of things from you to help make it happen. Fantastic projects, good quality photographs and your permission to let us send the information and images to any member of the media, in return for a credit and a link to your blog or company. Please note most media outlets will require hi-res, non-watermarked images which can be provided to us privately and separately from the blog post.  We can’t always guarantee a credit but we will make sure that any journalist knows of the source and will try our best to make sure that link appears in any project reference, as it does on our blog.

Just select and copy the code below and paste into a text/html widget in your blog sidebar!

 Royal Design Studio wall stencils and furniture stencils for pattern home decor 

 Royal Design Studio wall stencils and furniture stencils for pattern home decor