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Want to Join the Club?

Royal Design Studio is dedicated to helping DIY & Design bloggers and influencers share easy and fun stenciling and wall decal projects with their readers. We're always creating beautiful new patterns in sync with the latest design trends. We support bloggers in their search for exciting and fun new projects and products to share with their design-savvy readers.

Want to join the club?

Royal Design Studio Club members get these Pattern Perks:

  • A Royal Design Studio stencil of your choice and stencil brush
  • Opportunity to earn 15% affiliate commission
  • Building your audience & showing off your project with credit/links/tag to our 400,000+ fans

We look for influencers and blogs with committed engagement, well-styled and lit photographs, and fun style. Please email with:

  • Your Instagram handle and/or blog URL, stats, and audience focus
  • Your favorite stencil that you would intend to use
  • Your proposed project and proposed date of post(s)

Ready to join the club? Email Nicole at to unlock your Pattern Perks today!


As well as featuring/reviewing our stencils, you also have the opportunity to join our Affiliate Program!

By joining our affiliate team, you will be able to grow the Royal Design Studio movement while also being rewarded for your efforts. Affiliates will be able to earn 15% of sale commission on every sale you refer. For more information, go to our Affiliate Program Registration Page.


* If your blog / project images are featured on our website or published media outlets, we’ll need a couple of things from you to help make it happen. Fantastic projects, good quality photographs and your permission to let us send the information and images to any member of the media, in return for a credit and a link to your blog or company. Please note most media outlets will require hi-res, non-watermarked images which can be provided to us privately and separately from the blog post.  We can’t always guarantee a credit but we will make sure that any journalist knows of the source and will try our best to make sure that link appears in any project reference, as it does on our blog.

Just select and copy the code below and paste into a text/html widget in your blog sidebar!

 Royal Design Studio wall stencils and furniture stencils for pattern home decor 

 Royal Design Studio wall stencils and furniture stencils for pattern home decor

Learn more about Royal Design Studio Stencils and entice your blog readers with our lookbook... Download it and share it on your website! 

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