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Stencil Your Way to a Gorgeous Wallpaper Look: How to Stencil a Wall with 2 Paint Colors

Painting an accent wall can look lush and dynamic with an easy technique that anyone can do. You can use just two paint colors to create a shaded and dimension wall pattern that looks like designer wallpaper or professionally painted! This easy DIY painting hack is beginner friendly and can make your wall stenciling POP! Watch this DIY tutorial video on how to paint an accent wall with Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils, two paint colors, and dimensional shading...

Brush up on Wall Stenciling: How to Stencil a Watercolor Look

Learn how to give your stenciled walls a pretty hand painted watercolor look by stenciling with a large flower stencil, acrylic paint, extender glaze, and a large stencil brush from Royal Design Studio. Adding extender glaze to the paint gives it a more translucent, watercolor look and stenciling with a stencil brush gives you more control over the finished look of your painted wall finish.

Better Than Wallpaper! How to Stencil Custom Wall Art

Stenciling with Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils is better than wallpaper because you can choose ANY color scheme yo...

How to Paint a Wall with Large Stencils FAST!

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils are the fast and easy way to decorate a wall! They come in many sizes, but if you select a large size stencil that has many repeats, you can paint a wall fast - woo hoo! This gives you a short and easy DIY project that you can enjoy immediately!

How to Align Your Tile Stencil Perfectly Everytime!

Tile Stencils from Royal Design Studio are great for walls, tile floors, concrete patios, kitchen backsplashes... basically everywhere! Just “butt up” the previous repeat to the next to match up the design. Watch this video tutorial to learn how to align / match up / line up your tile stencil designs.

Kitchen Confidential: The Secret to a Stenciled Backsplash

Save precious dollars by cutting down on costs while maintaining high style. We’ve been seeing a LOT of home decorators opting for Tile Stencils from Royal Design Studio to decorate their backsplash rather than pay for expensive tiles (plus the cost of installation and a professional!).

Stenciling Bathroom Floor Tiles: A DIY Decor Tutorial

The simplest changes can make the biggest impact. This is especially true when these easy DIY ideas are so simple and easy to change up if you change up your style. Thistle Harvest loves sharing her favorite interior styling ideas and simple DIY projects. She believes that it’s totally possible to balance design, lifestyle, and motherhood by adding touches of personality and character with easy-to-do hacks. Check out how she stenciled her bathroom tile floor with Bathroom Tile Stencils…

Painted Faux Brick Patio in Country Sampler Magazine!

We are thrilled to see yet another pretty porch get the attention it deserves! Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Magazine featured our brick stencils on a painted porch. Instead of the heavy work of laying brick, Molly decided the quicker, easier, and more affordable alternative would be to stencil a brick pattern onto the concrete with concrete paint and the Herringbone Brick Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils.

How to Stencil a Wall with Just Paint!

What is stenciling? Stenciling a wall is just like painting a wall… except stenciling adds that extra personal touch of pretty pattern, all while being beginner friendly and budget friendly.  Learn how to stencil a wall with just paint with this video DIY tutorial.

Best Idea! How to Paint Your Tile Floor with Painting Stencils

Use Royal Design Studio Floor Stencils and Tile Stencils to directly paint over your worn, torn, or just plain ugly floors. You can paint and stencil designs onto concrete floors, ceramic tile floors, linoleum floors, and more! Watch and learn how here...

How to Paint Your Bathroom Floors with Tile Stencils

Are you tired of your bathroom looking… well, blah? Britny Robinson was feeling the same way about her guest bathroom, which was a yellowy dated tile that was screaming for help. Want to know how she did it? Stenciling is actually quite simple and is beginner-friendly! It was Britny’s first time stenciling her bathroom floors. Even pregnant, she thought it was easy and totally worth it!

A Step Above the Rest: How to Paint Stair Riser Designs

Make sure you’re a step above the rest with the prettiest decor trend: stenciled stairs! Stair risers are stepping up their game and getting noticed with gorgeous patterns and unique designs. Royal Design Studio Stencils is a surefire way to make your stairs stand out and only require paint a little creativity. Watch this DIY tutorial to learn how to paint your stair risers with stencil designs…
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