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Stencil an Elegant Tropical Bamboo Trellis Pattern for your next Home Decor Project

Our new Cabana Bamboo Trellis stencil is perfect for bringing a sultry island vibe into your home. This pretty Art Deco inspired design looks fabulous stenciled in fresh tropical hues, like we have done here, in shades of green, pink and golden yellow.

Stencil this gorgeous new pattern in a kitchen, bedroom, patio, or laundry room-anywhere you want to add a warm, tropical touch.

Watch our How to Stencil Video below to see how easy it is to stencil with multiple paint colors that bring this pattern to life!

Stencil supplies you need for this project:



Pro Stencil Tips:

Always remember to offload your stencil brush each time you reload onto paper towels to prevent any paint seeping under the stencil.

Use smaller stencil brushes that allow you to control the flow of paint just into the design areas you want them. Don’t worry if a little paint creeps into other areas because it’s easy to go back and cover later with the next stencil colors.

Stencil each element in the stencil repeat in the same color first, then switch to do the same with the second and third colors.

Clean the stencil as needed throughout your project to keep paint from building up too much on the stencil. We recommend Motsenbackers Paint Remover.

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